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Many of you may know me from my Recovery Blog ~ “Gambling Recovery Starts Here!”

One of my passions as a young teen was writing poems. Now as a freestyle & ghostwriter, and published author, (I still can not believe that! LOL), the best advice I ever received was, “write about what you know.” So that’s what I have done. I am proud that I have been successful in long-term recovery 11+years!  And cannot count how many blessings and opened doors that have come my way since I entered recovery. You can read more about that side of me on my recovery blog.




“Today my life in Recovery is FABULOUS!”

Recovery will always be my #1 passion and priority as I know GOD has given me my purpose in life, a vision, and blessing from so much negativity, which can happen from BAD situations as addiction. I have learned many life lessons along the way. Now my life mission is to be of recovery service to others, continue to share my recovery journey, and to share my message of HOPE to others who still suffer from these same issues.

Now, my other Passions have always been writing, journaling, and reading great books! So I decided to turn it into a way to “Pay It Forward” as an author to help all authors learn how and where throughout social media to book promote all their wonderful reads.

IT ALL Started with One Little Book ~ Cats Back Story & Life Today …


Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat)            Product Details
Addicted to Dimes (Confessions…Catherine Townsend-Lyon


About My Book/Memoir:

How does a good girl go bad? Based on a true story, told in the author’s own words, without polish or prose, this haunting tale of addiction, family secrets, abuse, sexual misconduct, destruction, crime and…. recovery! One day at a time, one page at a time. Learn this remarkable and brave story!

 ** What Book reviewers and Readers Are Saying **
5.0 out of 5 stars Brave and Honest, June 19, 2016 ~ By Vicki Goodwin

This review is for: “Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat) (Kindle Edition)”
Addicted to Dimes was a very real and painful history of what it is like to lose yourself in an addiction. The hard road of recovery and finding out what caused her to be broken in the first place. I felt sad for the ‘criticized daughter’ that had lost her self-worth. The story is not a chance to blame other people for the addiction but a chance to explain that all of the internal and outer conflicts worked together to cause what she called the “perfect storm” and turned to addiction to cope with her past, escape and as she said; “Numb out.”

Catherine is quick to offer helpful advice to those suffering from this type of addiction or any addiction at all. I felt for Catherine and Tom, for their marriage that struggled during this time and for the strength they had to work through it.

The writing was obviously painful to rehash the history that led to the bad decisions and the hurtful deterioration of her family life. It is a brave thing to put this out there for strangers to read and hopefully not judge too harshly her honesty.

I give the writing a 5-star rating because the story does draw you in and allows you into the most private moments and feelings of a dysfunctional family and the lasting effects of that past. I am glad that when Catherine wrote this she was in a stable part of her recovery and is an outgoing champion for others that are on the road to recovery.
An Outstanding Read for Everyone!


A Challenging but Worthwhile read, September 19, 2017
By Ste to the J (Mansfield England)

“It is easy these days to dismiss an addict without any real thought as to the contributing factors and the struggles they face each day when coping in a world that actively encourages habit-forming pursuits.

Catherine Townsend-Lyon is a recovering gambling addict who guides us through her journey, reliving the most heartbreaking of times up to today, where the lessons hard learned are put forward in their stark honesty.

“It’s a stark warning, a forthright exposé, nothing is held back for readers sensitivities and it is something perhaps few of us stop to consider in our own busy lives. It is hard to say I enjoyed the book in the traditional sense of the word but the insights and the overcoming of adversity made it a worthwhile read. In a world of ‘celebrity’ addiction, this is one book that rings true, means something and will ultimately give context to the darker side of gambling”.


A MUST Read!!,  June 7 2016,  By Ulrica Guevara (Sherman Oaks, CA)

“It was amazing how similar our stories are. The only difference is that I am a recovering drug addict. But we went through the same trial and tribulations. Childhood traumas, death, feelings of hopelessness, etc. If you are suffering from ANY type of addiction. You should read this”!


“Gripping story that helps us to Understand”!  January 5, 2015
By Cortina Jackson

“This is a very intriguing story that truly exposes Catherine’s struggle. She shares her pain and her frustrations, and the reader feels the impact that gambling has on one’s life. Her shared experiences will truly help others who may be facing addictions in life, to expose it, and seek help to overcome it”. . .



About The Author and Writer:

Catherine has fast become well-known in the gambling addiction & recovery communities. She shares her raw, unedited haunting past of gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, dark family secrets, recovery and living with mental/emotional disorders. She is a childhood trauma and abuse survivor. She helps many in recovery, advocates for all these important issues to help Shatter Stigma around those who are ‘touched’ with the same. She is a loud advocate of addicted compulsive gambling recovery and those stuck on this diseases never-ending “cycle.”

Her E-book released May 13th, 2014 on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Walmart Books online, and Books-A-Million and has received mostly 4 & 5-Star reviews. Catherine has carried her message on many Internet & Mainstream Recovery Radio shows as a guest author/advocate, and was recently interviewed and written about in two media publications and were major media article releases.

One by, Elaine Meyer, of Columbia University Dept.of Epidemiology titled; “Gambling With America’s Health”  and the other just this Sept 2016 by award-winning and New York Times best-selling Author & Journalist, Maia SZALAVITZ titled;  Addiction Is a Learning Disorder – Nautilus and Time.com.



“No, I’m not rich, famous, or even a reality star, I am just a regular woman who wanted to share my personal story about a very big addiction. Gambling Addiction.”  ~Author, Catherine Lyon

wanted to share what I’ve been through and share my own experiences so others can have more understanding of problem & addicted gambling. How devastating it is to one’s life.  12-step programs tell us that, “we can recover without knowing why we turned to gambling addiction. My story is the opposite, as I learned many of the underlying issues of “the why’s.”

“My Passion of Book Promoting through Social Media & Book Promo sites ~ Formerly: “Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions” ~ Now  “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” Supporting ALL Indie Authors.”

I was hearing many writers and authors complaining about how they were “promised” by publishers that they would promote their books when released. Sadly, if the publisher doesn’t put that in writing as part of your contract or agreement? The authors are left to do it themselves at their own cost. And if you are lucky, you may receive a Press Release for your book by your publisher.

So that is why I had started my former venture of “Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions” to be able to help others promote their books at affordable prices. And I was successful with it for almost 3 1/2-years. I chose to change some things around instead of closing my book blog down. WHY?  First, because I am an Avid Reader myself, and second, because it is a way for me to continue Helping and Supporting All my Author Friends and Love my Readers and Visitors!

What I am Doing Today?

I write as a freelancer for many publications about gambling addiction like for, Keys To Recovery Newspaper, a free publication, articles for The Sober World Magazine and wrote a four-part series for My Addiction Treatment Services.

I am a former Recovery Columnist at In Recovery MagazineIt is a fantastic premier recovery magazine who celebrate people in recovery with exceptional articles, features, news.

Today? I am working on my first co-writing project and book with a former NFL Denver Bronco who is an Interventionist and in recovery. 
So grab a cup of coffee or some tea, and come explore “The Magic of Written Words” by new authors and their fabulous books.

I hope you find something exceptional to read while you are here


*** Thank You for coming to visit and leave a comment if wish. I love to hear what authors and readers have to say! ***

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“Authors, never worry how old your book is or when it was published. If a reader hasn’t read yet? It is still a New Book!”


“Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” ~ Author & Writer, Catherine Townsend-Lyon”



31 thoughts on “Who Is This Cat? She is an author, writer, recovery blogger, advocate, former columnist and Avid Reader!

  1. Thank you so much for the follow CaT – it is truly remarkable that some people can turn such devastation into a success. Recovery is not an easy journey. It takes resilience, courage, motivation and sheer pig-headedness at times. Congratulations, first and foremost for your recovery, and secondly, for turning it into a success story by helping others. I wish you well in your journey forward 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, if you’re interested in trading reads, which can turn into reviews if we like each other’s books, get in touch with me here: https://cathleentownsend.com/about/contact-cathleen-townsend/. Your book sounds interesting, and I’m getting ready to start a cross-promotion blitz when I’m done with my social media conference. Not attached to this in any way, but could possibly be used in concert with it, I also offer author interviews. 🙂 Cathleen

    Liked by 1 person

  3. hi again, Cat – want to mention that I’d looove if you guest-posted on my blog. If it interests you, just type ‘call for writers’ into the search box on the upper right of my blog. Have always found guest posting to be win-win – where each other’s readers get crossed over 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I was the one attracted to addicts! This not only led to writing my novel, but gave me a great compassion for addicts and their loved ones. There is hope, but sometimes it’s slow going! Congrats on your book!



  5. Hi Catherine, I had decided not to follow any more blogs. What with baby sitting any one (or two, or five) of my nine grandchildren, gardening, reading, posting on my blog, not to mention editing my MS while jotting down ideas for another two novels I just don’t have the time. Then I read SteJ’s review of your book and decided to visit your web page. Oh well, what’s one more blog in the scheme of things 😉
    You might like to have a look at my friend Tony’s blog – “A Way With Words” http://awaywithwordsblog.com/bringing-delight-in-disorder-to-life/ I think you might find it interesting.
    Blessings always,


    • LOL… I did follow and visit yours. I’m in the middle of a new recovery blog post, I think you’ll find interesting. I should have it up later tonight. I appreciate the follow and support! I do know what you mean though of finding time! Not only to I run my recovery blog, I have a book and social media blog and business too! I have 12 Authors I’m book promoting for, so I hardly have time to go visit all my friends blogs. So I set Sunday after church is MY DAY of reading books & Blogs! Now I got to go see what Mr. Steve Johnson is up too!! LOL. He wanted to read my book and review it, so I gifted him the e-book version! He is a DOll!! I just love Tony Roberts blog!! He is out here strongly helping to shatter the Stigma of mental health! He’s a sweetheart!
      Thanks again Lyn, and I will come explore and read more of your blog this Sunday! XO Catherine 🙂


  6. […] I am extremely  pleased to share this insightful interview conducted this past week by up and coming writer/author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon, author of ‘Addicted to Dimes: Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat’  http://www.amazon.com/dp/0984478485, and informative Blog, ‘Just a Recovery Author Learning to be a Better Writer’  https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com/home-about-me/. […]


    • Thanks Rusty!
      I know my readers will surely *Enjoy* your wonderful Author Website as I do! Thanks again for letting me share you with all my readers,

      Hugs & Blessings,
      Author Catherine Lyon 🙂


    • Thank You Clara!

      Today is “Visit” friends blogs so I will go check out the link first thing! And thank you for the encouraging support! I’m ALMOST done with my next to books, I’ll keep you posted on my Release dates!

      Hugs & Blessings,


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