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Cat sure hopes you have come to find a fabulous new E-book to read or even listen to a new audiobook while you are here! I’d like you to meet some amazing author friends and what I am reading or have finished reading…

Most are new or might be current clients who have become friends and my fellow authors and recovery advocates too! I know you will enjoy learning more about them and by getting up close and personal with these fine authors and their BOOKS!

Some are traditionally published, some are indie or self-published authors, but either way, you are going to love reading all their books …

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In the next few months, I will be sharing what I have been Reading & As You May Want To Read as “Cat Enjoys Bringing Readers & Authors Together”…



Cat’s New Client and Newest Release! A Memoir By Advocate & Four-time International Best-Selling Author, Darren Prince and Aiming High: How a Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom at the Top



ABOUT THE MEMOIR & Author, DARREN PRINCE, with Kristen McGuiness(Author), Earvin “Magic” Johnson(Foreword)

Aiming High is the astonishing story of sports and celebrity agent Darren Prince, who battled addiction while representing some of the most iconic figures in the world. After a drug overdose, many demoralizing nights, and mornings where he couldn’t get out of bed without a prescription in hand, Darren hit rock bottom at the top–and in the process discovered the true meaning of success.

Darren Prince is the International Best-Selling Author of his debut memoir “Aiming High” and a prominent sports and celebrity agent and global advocate for recovery from addiction. As Founder of his “Aiming High Foundation,” Darren shares hope through his advocacy and helps many heal from the grip of addiction. His book is available on Amazon Kindle, Amazon Audible, Barnes & Noble, My Book Orders, and many fine book stores.

Through his agency, Prince Marketing Group, Darren represents many icons of professional sports and movies. Sports icons like Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman Hulk Hogan, the late Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, & Evel Knievel. Star Celeb’s like Charlie Sheen, Chevy Chase, Denise Richards, Carmen Electra, to name a few.

As a leading authority in advocacy and new cause, Darren’s work and insights have featured in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, and a guest on CNN, Fox and Friends, Tucker Carlson, and The Dr. Oz Show. From selling his first business at the age of nineteen to building a multimillion-dollar talent agency, Darren has experienced what life is like in the celebrity world.

Unfortunately, he also experienced the dark reality of addiction through his struggle and experiences. Today, Darren has maintained over 11-years of sobriety. His mission, purpose, and drive are to help others who suffer in silence and help them end the cycle of addiction to freedom.

Through his advocacy and foundation, he has become a sought after speaker for recovery from addiction and mental health. He specializes in helping high functioning addicts and at-risk executives to identify and avoid the pitfalls of addiction, including his work with teens, to help them build self-esteem and be confident within their self-worth. When he is not traveling, writing, or speaking, he enjoys spending time with family and friends as he resides in Southern, California.





New Release By Author Kyra Radcliff ~ Released With Dawn Hill Publications
E-book now released on Amazon Kindle and Read Free with KU!


,,,,, Brand New RELEASE By Advocate & Author, Brittany L. Shelton 

Discovering Barriers: Navigating the Long-Term Effects of Complex Childhood Trauma (Life after Childhood Trauma) PaperbackTrauma Queen: A Little Bit of Hope for Doubt-Filled Days PaperbackDiscovering Beautiful: Finding Freedom from Childhood Trauma and Self-Destruction (Life after Childhood Trauma) Paperback

Brittany’s “Discovering Series” are amazing reads! Each one has messages and HOPE from different topics as she maintains her recovery journey and some of the roots and underlying issues she has overcome and some of her roots of the WHY many turn addictions for solace …


“Hi, I’m Brittany. I’ve spent thirteen years living a sober life, and thirteen years healing from the devastation left from years of childhood trauma and my own methodical self-destruction. I am a wife, a mom, and an encourager.

I want you to know that healing and freedom are possible for you too.

We might be scarred and damaged by our experiences, but we are capable of change and growth and are worthy of healing.

Let’s stick together as we boldly work to care for ourselves.

Find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram
Brittany L. Shelton / Life after Complex Childhood Trauma”
My Blog: Discovering Beautiful: Life after Complex Childhood Trauma



Our Special Featured Author, Joe Siccardi with his newest title and A Release of  “My Name Is Sam: … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through” (Kindle Edition” &   Wisdom From a Father.”



About Joe Siccardi and HIS Three BEST-SELLING TITLES


Best-selling writer and Author, Joe Siccardi is a prolific storyteller of inspirational wisdom-filled books about life. His latest offering is a fictional memoir, “My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through”, an extension of his debut novella “Heaven Shining Through” (released March 2018). The novella claimed rave reviews by book reviewers and book bloggers alike and the novel is receiving like attention.

The author released his second book in November 2018 tilted “Wisdom From A Father: One dad’s thoughts about life.” A beautiful collection of essays about love, life, marriage and raising his children. With a dash of wit and fatherly life lessons. Both books are available on Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and many fine online bookstores.

He is a graduate of Dominican College of Blauvelt (NY) and holds a BA degree in Liberal Arts. Joe began his career with Paterson (NJ) News and continued for the next 52 years in a variety of positions as editorial writer, editor, and publisher. He now writes and publishes his works as a new Indie Author. He has an official website he called wisdomfromafather.com and shares all about life and fatherhood.

The storyteller says it well. Joe states, “I’m the ordinary Joe walking along this journey called life and sharing it with you.” And he has the life experience to back this statement as a proud father of five children, 18 grandchildren, and three — soon to be four — great-granddaughters.

He has gathered all his life and work experiences from living in many places on East Coast and Midwest like Paterson, Totowa, Newton and Ogdensburg, NJ; Belvidere, IL; Toledo, OH; Washington, DC; Laurel, MD; Seneca Falls and Willard (Romulus), NY and currently traveling visiting all his grown kids and loving those grand and great-grandkids at each stop!

When not writing, Joe enjoys travel, cooking, and now spending more time with all his grown children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He also enjoys pleasure reading some of his favorite authors and writers like James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and his literary wish is a meeting with icon author Mr. Stephen King.



Joe Siccardi

HOT Ebook SALE E-Book .99 CENTS!  on Amazon Kindle ~ ABOUT: “Wisdom From A Father: One dad’s thoughts on life”


I’m just that ordinary Joe walking on the path of life … and sharing it with you. There are joys. There are tribulations. There are reflections. There is everyday life. In each essay, I try to convey the recognition of a greater Power who colors my perspective. My comments are always filtered through the lens of my Judeo-Christian values and largely based on 40 years of marriage raising five children. “Heart-tugging and a delightful book to read!”







CAT Promotes Addiction/Recovery Books Too! Like My Own “Addicted To Dimes” A Memoir and in-depth and interesting read of the ‘WHY and HOW’ one may turn to a Gambling Addiction …By Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon.


My Life In Memoirs:

How does a good girl go bad? Read and you’ll learn “we can overcome.”
Based on the author’s true-life story and experiences told in her own words, without polish or prose, a haunting tale of gambling addiction, dark family secrets, living with undiagnosed PTSD, and much more. She has overcome, she has triumphed in recovery one day at a time helping others one book and one page at a time …


“Learn about this woman’s remarkable and brave story.”


About The Author:

Author, Catherine Lyon has fast become well known in the addiction & recovery communities. Her book shares her raw, unedited and haunting past of gambling addiction, living with mental health challenges, a childhood trauma, and sexual abuse survivor, as she helps many in recovery and advocates about these important issues to Shatter Stigma, Raise Awareness, and Educate the public, and those who have been ‘touched’ by the same. Her mission is to spread HOPE to others looking to recover and warn that suicide is not an option or answer for someone with a gambling addiction.

Catherine has been featured on many radio shows most recently on ‘Mental Health News Radio Network’ as a guest author and advocate. Catherine has been interviewed and written into major media and health article releases. One by, Columbia University titled, “Gambling With America’s Health” on Sept. 2016, and recently an article in Time.com and Nautilus.us …titled; “Addicted to Anticipation” – http://nautil.us/issue/40/learning/addicted-to-anticipation

She was featured in a 4 part interview series by, http://www.Addiction.com “My Addiction” about her story of gambling addiction and recovery. Her story was picked and featured in “Heroes In Recovery and Facing Addiction.” She is a former columnist from “In Recovery Magazine ~ The Author’s Cafe'” and now writes a column titled; ‘Quit to Win’ for one of the largest recovery resource newspapers nationally, “Keys to Recovery.” She is a speaker and Sponsors many maintaining recovery. She, her husband of 30 years and three cats reside in Arizona.




New Release on Amazon & Barnes & Noble by Author, Deb Morgan Chapter Contributing Writer Within Simply Amazing Women” Book Two ~ Series




About The Book:

“Life After Heartbreak: 13 inspiring examples to encourage and inspire you”…

Simply Amazing Women continues celebrity radio host K. C. Armstrong’s theme of human resiliency. Each of his 13 interviews showcases a woman who courageously faced severe challenges and ultimately used the experience for the benefit of others. It’s not just about being a survivor; it’s about surviving to ease the path of people facing their own life challenges: addiction, discrimination, poverty, violence, and more.

Armstrong (formerly of the Howard Stern Show) uses his own background of self-destruction and poor choices to weave together excerpts of aired interviews taken from his WMAP Radio station. The diverse chapters and Armstrong’s commentary offer examples of hope, compassion, and forgiveness.

Armstrong himself has turned his life around and has dedicated his remaining years to encouraging others to make whatever adjustments are necessary to obtain their own redemption, understanding, and inner peace. The upbeat message is one of belief in one’s own power to handle whatever life brings-with dignity and resolve.

Following his best-seller Simply Amazing, Special Author’s Edition (2019) Simply Amazing Women is published to celebrate and honor our mothers and grandmothers: women of strength, passion, and wisdom. It is an upbeat and inspirational reminder of the power and goodness within each of us.











“Spring and Summer Reading Hot Book Picks By ~ Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author of “Cat Lyon’s Reading Den” and LyonMediaServices.com . . .


DUE TO The Pandemic of COVID-19 We Are Closed To New Authors Until July 1st, 2020.






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