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Welcome,  Authors, Avid Readers, and Visitors,



We currently have 2 Slots Open For Book Promo Authors ~ please Email me as they Go Fast”   LyonMedia@aol.com or Call (602) 795-6345  ~ Catherine Lyon, Author~ 



Authors ~ Here is where the “Magic of Promoting your Books happens!”
Readers ~ Meet some fine authors and their new books and novels.


Let me start as to what I do is help teach authors if they are proactive in promoting their books about how and where they should focus their efforts throughout social media. I do the in-depth work if needed in setting up your accounts on social media, add your book to many free and low-cost book sites with a large readership, social media following and subscribers other than my own here and help build your social media following.

All of this is an important part of an overall strong book promotion plan. Engaging and interacting with your readers throughout social media hopefully, will sell your books and get book reviews. But, I DO NOT Guarantee that, nor do most book promoting sites. I can not as there is more that goes to selling and marketing your books.

I was hearing however, many new authors complain about publishing firms promising them help to promote their books through social media, but sadly never happens. And new authors may not know where or how to start. I decided to branch out on my own after 3 years of promoting all 32  TKG Publishings authors for a couple of years. I want to help and guide new authors with promoting their new books and novels throughout social media and share add them to free book listing sites.

I hope to show authors the best places to promote your books throughout social media, free and low-cost book promo sites to list your books and place low-cost book ads as well as learn a little to promote on your own when I am done helping and teaching you. Or, just hire me to “do it all” while you continue to write. Either way, I  do this at the lowest affordable price. I am an author as well and know how hard and costly it can be it to promote our books.  It takes many hours, days and months to build up a readership and social media following to get your books noticed through the ever-growing sea of new published and self-published books.

I start by researching all the social media & book listing sites an author is on, learn about their books and see if you have an author or writer blog or website. After research? I build you a custom and unique promo plan that will hopefully get you more sales and book review results while I help build your readership. That is why I don’t lock an author in a long-term promo plan as I want to see if my promoting efforts are getting you results.

The research is so I know where I need to set up your accounts on social media, add bio’s, author and book content and guide you while you learn to promote.

Readers love to know what you are up to as a writer, so interacting and engaging on a more personal level with readers throughout social media GROWS sales, readership and book reviews.


The Big Story from the Publishing World,Kim Carter is back!(2)


Authors? Do you have a new book coming out or one released?

Need help reaching your readership & Social Media Following?

Readers? Looking for interesting reads and new authors?

Then you all are in the right place!

I handle that and much more. I am a bit different than other Literary Book Promoters as I help you with all your social media needs. Want to be featured on my Book Blog by doing a nice Guest Author Spotlight to introduce your new/current books to all my readers and visitors?  Need someone to help book promote your books while you write? You need to hire me so I can accomplish all that and more for you in a plan or custom fit package for your goals, needs, and budget, as I book promote through ALL forms of Social Media for you!

Send me an email: LyonMedia@aol.com

Let’s see if I can help you reach your literary goals for your books so you can focus on writing the next ‘New York Times Best Selling book.’
I start with 3 unique plans, separate services, or I can build your own unique custom book promotion plan that won’t break the bank. What? YOU don’t have social media sites yet?

Not sure where to get the best exposure?
Well, I can help with that by setting them up for! And you always get exceptional personal service by email, or by phone. Besides, who better to market your books than another author right?  Here are some of the plans and prices I offer, and again, I can create a plan that is unique to your needs as well as your budget.

“I also build professional Author Bio’s & Profiles, clean and add content to the ones you have, and add content to your current social media accounts. I have over 4000 blog readers who follow my blog, and combined following of 12,000 on all my social media sites on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and LinkedIn.

I also share your posts to many Facebook & LinkedIn reader & book clubs and groups as well. My Twitter has a couple thousand of organic reader & author followers and the same on Google+ Facebook. I use those to promote your books through.

My clients and I are “Authors Helping Authors” helping each other get more exposure to readers and give readers different genres of fabulous books to choose from. We do this by following each other on social media sites and sharing each others posts, RT on Twitter and More!


Award Winning Author & Novel Series _Hidden Motives_ by A. Gavazzoni Available on Amazon(13)


“Once your book(s) are published,

Lyon Literary Book Services steps in as your personal book promoter, effectively marketing your book throughout the world via all manner of social media”

~ Owner, Steve Laible of TKG

**Cat’s Book Promo Plans and Services Offered as

a Monthly Fee Two Month Min.**






***Plan Package: $150.00 First Month Only and $75.00 Monthly Thereafter and Includes****


*Set up 3 social media accounts and /or add bio, profile or content on existing accounts* (Goodreads, Amazon Author Page, Twitter, Facebook etc.)

Promote and list your book on my free book promo site list.. (Social Media sites, FB, Twitter, Google+ – Goodreads, and Instagram)

*A Guest Author & Book Spotlight on my Book Blog*

Add your book to my “Hot Book Picks Page and Photo Gallery*

*SEO – Add your NEW social media links, blog or website links into Search Engines. (Google, Bing, Aol, etc., so readers find you and about your books)*

*Place THREE low-cost book ads for book blast throughout social media other than my own posts (price included in Monthly Plan)*

*Order front cover promotional photo’s, Book Teaser Poster & one comes with a little video Trailer teaser (price include in plan)*

*Read and Review your book, place reviews on Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble*

**EMAIL YOU other low-cost, affordable and discounts from book sites to place the book and do free author interviews.  Most are free or low-cost ads that get results besides Facebook and Twitter for promos and they send Email and/or Newsletters to large membership of readers & book groups.

An example? ( Awesomegang Books & Readers allows you to submit and list your book free on their site, AND … submit a FREE Author Interview as well which you are on already. I have lots more.

*Email Suggested Book Reviewers and Author book marketing who will read and place book reviews on Amazon & Goodreads for free.*



*The Plans Are A Monthly Service Fee ~With a Two Month Min. or If you have social media accounts already, I can build a custom plan for a lower price or pick from other affordable services you need below or ask for a Unique Custom Plan and Quote!*


~ Ala carte Services ~ Pick one or All as One Time Fee for 30 days ~

$8.00 ~ *List your book on my ‘Monthly Hot Book Picks List’* ~ Limited Space Available*

$20.00  ~ *Author/Book Featured Spotlight on my Blog*
$15.00 ~ *Place an Ad for a 30 day Book Blast throughout Social Media*
$10.00 per site ~ *Author page or profile bio content added to your social media sites on places: Amazon Author profile, Goodreads Author profile, Author FB “Like” Page, Google+ profile, Twitter & more.

$8.00 ~ *Set-up your Amazon Author page with author bio, photo and add all your to be attached to your page.*

$35.00 *Read & Review Your Book & Get a Blog Post Review Spotlight of your book review on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes & Noble.
$10 ~*Book added to 5 Free Book Promotional Sites to gain Readership*
$7.00 ~*ADD all your social media sites into Search Engines like Google, Bing, AOL so readers can find you, your books and on connect on social media with you*
*Don’t see what you need? Just ask me and I can do just about anything you need*
*AGAIN, I can custom make a Package Request or can be considered & price quoted for a ‘Unique and Custom Plan all your own*


Here Is What Clients Have To Say About The Service here at “Lyon Media & Literary Services” by Author, Catherine Lyon” . . . .



Author, Ellie Pulikonda So. Oregon ~ Book: Split Second
  ~ Email for Reference


Lyon Book Promotions is an extremely low cost-effective way for authors to market their books. Catherine will go above and beyond to ensure you get everything you need to effectively promote your book.  She is very responsive, easy to work with, and really goes the extra mile for her clients. I like her unique style of promoting and posting about my new book!


“Cat has been a huge help in promoting both my books. She also went outside the realm of her services to build me a beautiful, but easy to use WordPress blog.  I’ve seen very good results in readers visiting my blog: http://SelfHelpByMarilyn.wordpress.com and in my book sales and book reviews!

She took on my older book and generated new excitement for it, as to have readers ready for my new book just released, “Me and Granmama in the Hill Country” Now Amazon.  And since I just turned 82, I couldn’t have done all this without her. “You can still teach an old dog new blogging tricks!”  And worth every monthly Penny!

Thank you, Catherine!

Email for reference: mgraf9@yahoo.ca
“Marilyn Fowler, Author of  “Silent Echoes & Me and Granmama in the Hill Country”


My Photo


“Catherine Lyon is our best-selling TKG author, and she operates tirelessly and now independently from The Kodel Group as I urged her to. Her sole purpose is to put your book on the map helping you find your readership, hopefully, generate sales, ergo royalties and more book reviews as she has done for my authors.” ( visit us http://kodelempire.com/about/  she is on our team!)

“Marketing one’s book is a daunting and continuing task. And getting your book noticed does NOT happen over night! If you lack the time and experience, this is a perfect solution. She tailors her rates to be affordable for any marketing budget and is highly reasonable. She had done an outstanding job for my authors here at TKG.  Her service to you is invaluable and while she cannot guarantee sales results, she can help distinguish your book from the obvious and endless competition”… She can be contacted by Email at LyonMedia@aol.com

~Steve Laible, Owner TKG Publishing

“Catherine has been instrumental in helping me learn the in and outs of how to market and promote my Akira and Deane Thriller Novel series! She did a fantastic job promoting while continued writing my next books in the series. She set up all my social media accounts to look clean and professional as an author and writer.

She helped my books increase book reviews on Amazon and made sure all my media address links were added to all search engines like Google and Yahoo so readers could connect with me. If you need help knowing someone is out promoting your book everywhere while you write?

Don’t hesitate to hire Catherine.”

My Email of Reference:  tim.jopling@gmail.com

~”Tim Jopling, UK Independent Author of  The Akira and Deane Thriller Series”



What can I say that I’m sure other authors haven’t already said about Catherine’s book promoting services. I had just told her in an email the other day how I couldn’t have done all the writing on my next novel series without her hard work of promoting my books as I write. She has opened and put me up as Author, and my books on all the proper Social Media sites where readers are, and effectively promotes all three of my novels through them flawlessly! I can’t believe how she does all that she does as a one person business.

She never lacks in any area returns emails & phone calls promptly even when I have questions or need help, she is prompt and funny how she always has the right answer, LOL.  I know we will have a lasting business relationship and friendship.”

Email for Reference: wandrewartha@xtra.co.nz
“Author and Crime Writer, ~Wayne Andrewartha, New Zealand”



“I maybe a one woman show, but I work hard for my author clients to get their books noticed and purchased and teach them a wee bit along the way”

~Catherine Townsend-Lyon


Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author and former columnist for InRecovery.com Magazine, freelance, ghost or co-writing services are now AVAILABLE!

Currently co-writing a memoir with former NFL Denver Bronco pro athlete Vance Johnson…





“Hey, Authors & Readers! While you are here check out my “Monthly Hot Book Picks List” Page here and meet your next great book.”
*My clients now can pay through PayPal Invoicing with Bank/Credit or Debit card!
Safe, Secure and Convenient* . . . .


“I look forward to serving all you book, social media promotion, and writing NEEDS!

Thank you for visiting me & *Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den!*




6 thoughts on “Welcome Authors & Readers To Lyon Literary Media and Consulting Services. Here is Where Literary Magic Happens!

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing your work with me. I think your prices are reasonable I’ll be back to explore more. I want to publish a book but Its only in the 1st re-write stage.So we shall see what comes of it..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Krissy,

      Thanks for dropping by. I do book promote for some wonderful authors and poets. I just loved visiting
      your blog. Your very talented. 🙂 I’m here when you need me. I really try to keep my prices down in order
      to help many who are on a budget, but can get the help in book promoting. It takes a long while to locate and find the readers who will enjoy your work the most! 🙂 XO


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