Meet “Twine Social” They Make Your Media Content Look Good! And My Friends At “Pro Writing Aid” Too!

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When I come across tools for Social Media, and ones that can not only make us Look Good across the Web, but save time and keep our media content in order, I enjoy sharing them with you. I recently signed up at; because it seemed all my BFF’s & some of my supporters all seem to be there! Like my girls on Twitter; @SixBrownChicks  @ZondraHughes  @blackissocial, and @TwineSocial too! Here is a little more of “What & How” they can make you “Look Good” across the Web!


Get your Twine Social Hub On!
Twine Social collects your brand’s social media content, and arranges it in a beautiful and dynamic view.
What Is Twine Social?
Twine Social collects your social media content, and arranges it in a beautiful and dynamic view. It provides the tools you need to grow and engage your social audience. Display any social media content on your digital properties, and drive massive social engagement.
Connect any combination of social media feeds, including hashtags, from any social media network and Twine Social will aggregate your content onto one stunning destination on your website, TV, video wall, or display.
Your customers see your brand in action, making Twine the perfect social media hub.Twine is richly interactive and engaging. Get beautiful presentation of your photos, videos, and other social media elements on your digital properties.
Watch your user engagement skyrocket.
Award winning social aggregation. We bring a personal and effective approach to social media. Bring your brand alive with Twine.

+215% visit duration. +60% average page views per visit. Twine is the ideal tool to drive higher social media engagement.

Twine Features
Twine is a powerful social platform, bringing together your social media content and streams from around the web. Our easy-to-use user interface enables you to quickly connect your social media profiles, moderate content, and promote your social media profiles in real time.
Supported Networks ~Twine supports every major social media platform. Connect your brand social media profiles, and your social content will appear – beautifully presented – in near real time.
Pricing. All of it. No Hidden fees. (Really.) Each plan allows you to display social media from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and more.
So what are you waiting for? Go visit them here; and get stared today! I did!
I’m going to go add the rest of my Media Links.
Everyone’s there, so why not come JOIN in the Social Media FUN!



OK Writers, Bloggers, and Authors, this ones for YOU! Meet the team at “Pro Writing Aid”
My next share is of a wonderful and helpful writing & editing tool offered by; “Pro Writing Aid”… They have a free editing tool you can go try for yourself with a copy & paste sample of a post, then it will analyze it for you and tell you what needs fixed. You can download the software to use as well. So here is a little bit more of what they offer!
Improve and edit your writing
ProWritingAid is your free online writing editor and personal writing coach. Of course it checks your grammar but it does much more to help you improve your writing:
Online grammar and spelling checker;
  • Online plagiarism checker;
  • Improve readability;
  • Find overused words;
  • Improve dull paragraph structure;
  • Find repeated words and phrases;
  • Check for consistency of spelling, hyphenation, and capitalization;
  • Eliminate clichés and redundancies;
  • Create a word cloud of your text;
Eliminate vague, abstract, and complex words from your writing. 19 free reports to improve your writing comes with service.
Our premium version makes editing even simpler…
If you’re a professional then time is money. ProWritingAid premium will significantly reduce the amount of time that you need to allocate for editing your work.
The premium edition of ProWritingAid combines our reports with a powerful document editor, allowing you to edit as you go and choose from a list of suggested replacements for grammar and spelling issues.
The premium edition costs as little as $35 for 1-year with significant discounts on multi-year, and multi-person licenses. Many people find that using the premium edition significantly speeds up their editing.
Premium subscribers can also access our premium WordPress plugin that brings the power of ProWritingAid into the world’s most popular blogging platform. Whether you’re a professional writer, a student, an academic, a civil servant, or a businessperson ProWritingAid will help you to improve your writing! .

Authors & Writers

For many professional writers ProWritingAid is the perfect way to save money on professional copyediting services. ProWritingAid will catch many of the same things as a professional copyeditor but without the cost.
A good professional copyeditor will cost at least $40 an hour. Using ProWritingAid before sending your work to a copyeditor will save you money and leave the editor free to concentrate on more important stylistic issues.
ProWritingAid has a number of reports specifically designed for the professional novelists, such as the pacing report that will highlight areas of slow pacing (e.g. back-story), allowing you to easily spot areas with too much back-story and not enough action.
*So go give “Pro Writing Aid” a visit and test your writing in their free editor tool and see the difference in your writing today. The have competitive prices for the “Premium Services” they offer too!
I hope these tools will help you as much as they help me. I really enjoy both. These are my own opinions and they are not advertising, it is from my own personal use and experience with both these Websites & Services…
Author Of “Addicted To Dimes”




Some Writers News And Ramblings…..

Welcome Everyone!

I just wanted to share some news and clear a few things off my “SHARE” list today. A few friends of mine have some happenings and goings on that might be of interest. I’ll start with my good friend and Author, Barrett Stites. His current book: “High Speed Travel In Mexico”

High Speed Travels Through Mexico(Link)  2013 London, U.K.

“True story of jail escape and survival south of the border.”

See, Barrett lives and works in the “Tour Guide” industry in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and does his own Private Tours. He is also a fantastic writer! His blog is here: and find him on FB:  Go by and say Hello! Better yet, go grab a copy of his Book!

MY NEXT friend is a great gal who I met on Twitter @SerniaHartwell And she is a wonderful author.  & http://www.WorldCastlePublishingauthor-serina-hartwell.html
And she has wonderful Blogs too!

Welcome to my website.
My name is Serina Hartwell, I am the author of The Hidden Saga.  In setting this website up, I have tried to put together an overall story about me and my work through my pages. I have used my blogs, photographs and links to my other space on the web to describe my journey.

I hope to show you the things that inspire me as a writer and take you along for the ride. I’m still new to all this, but like you, I am learning every day.

Please follow me and tell your friends all about me. I look forward to sharing with you.

Serina Hartwell – Author of The Hidden Saga

“I live with my better-half of 18 years, Macius, and I’m the mother of two wonderful children, who grew up when I blinked. I always write with my writing companion, my cat Tilly, and I come from an average size town in West Yorkshire, England. The same place where the Bronte sisters were born and I am from the village in the mill town I write about.”


The Hidden Saga Book 1

Author: Serina Hartwell

Print ISBN:


Genre: Urban Fantasy

Release Date to be determined
AND I Can Not Wait! So keep checking back to see when she is Released!
AND lastly, I’d like to share an Awesome Blog Tip with You! I found a Wonderful place to get your BLOG NOTICED! It’s called: “Blogionaire”
Blogionaire forwards all traffic to todays blogionaire and tomorrow’s blogionaire is picked from the blogs added today. All unique blogs added by unique users will be stored in our database for tomorrow’s pick of a blogionaire. A user can add or love a blog one time per day. A user can add or love multiple blogs per day.

Can I add any blog?

The blog needs to be written in english. The blog must also comply with our terms.

How do you pick?

Our database picks a random blog and our crew controls so that the blog content comply with our terms of service. If the blog doesn’t comply with the terms the database will pick another random blog. The more unique visitors that has added your blog or loved your blog the greater the chance of becoming tomorrow’s blogionaire.

Is tomorrow the day after today?

The blogionaire that is picked from blogs added today will be blogionaire the day after tomorrow. If you love your blog on Friday and you become our blogionaire you will be presented as blogionaire on Sunday.

Visit today’s blogionaire
Once you add your BLOG, go and get your *BLOGIONAIRE* Button to add to your Blog like this!

Well, that’s all for today everyone! I hope sharing this will be helpful to Someone?
Have a Great Week All! *Cat*