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“We are honored to share a brand new author and his new book with all our friends and readers! Please meet Author, Aaron Emerson, and his new book release, “To Hell and Back: Heroin and Recovery” . . .his personal story.”


I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania but have lived in Mason, Michigan since I was two. Mason is a small town outside of Lansing and is a place I have grown to love. I have a dog named Charlie that is around 11 or 12 years old and I love sports and reading. I have a girlfriend named Alison, a five-year-old daughter, and a wonderful, supportive family.

My fascination with books began about five years ago, actually. I started out reading a lot of mystery books, mainly James Patterson. I really got interested in them and now I am an avid reader. It was around that time that I started journaling, as well. I really fell in love with the ability to put my thoughts on paper and it became a positive outlet for everything I felt and thought. My interests are all Michigan sports, again, reading and all about Recovery.

A lot of people don’t understand that addiction to drugs is a disease, and the person that’s addicted turns into someone different and almost unrecognizable. Though the decisions to take drugs in the first place are usually horrible, life changing mistakes, no addict goes into experimenting with drugs thinking they would become addicted.

My addiction took me to jails, rehabs, and almost killed me several times with overdoses and accidents. I lived a life of regret, but I finally turned to God and made the decision to do whatever was necessary to get sober. It was a very long, intense, and hard journey, but I pulled through. I really hope my new book will help people not make the same decisions I made, raise awareness on addiction, and show readers that if you are alive, hope is alive, as well.


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Aaron Emerson grew up as the son of a successful minister in Mason, Michigan. Blessed with a loving, caring family, he had the makings of a great life. At 14, however, his dad was unexpectedly fired from the church he helped build, right after the tragic passing of his cousin.

Aaron turned to marijuana and alcohol, finding pleasure in covering up the pain he was experiencing. A year later, he was introduced to prescription pills and eventually became addicted to oxycontin. Once oxycontin became too expensive and hard to find, he made the decision to switch to a cheaper, more potent drug: heroin.

Heroin would take Aaron through a life of hardcore addiction, lengthy jail stints, and several near-death experiences. After years of addiction that saw a once middle-class teenager turn into a felon and become homeless, a journey to find recovery transpired.

That journey took Aaron to several rehabs and through many heartbreaking relapses. However, recovery from his addiction was ultimately found, and now he shares his story around the state to raise awareness and spread hope.

Throughout his addiction and recovery, Aaron journaled and wrote about all of his experiences. He has now published his journal entries full of addiction, jail, rehab, overdose, relapse, and recovery. This book is the collection of all of those writings that shaped his life for several years . . . .

AAron Emerson

So, many of my readers know I just ask all my authors a few questions about them and about their writing, and here is what Aaron had to tell us.

1) How did you become a writer, and made you decide to write, publish, and share your testimony of addiction and recovery in written form?
“About four or five months into my recovery from addiction, I got an overwhelming desire to share my story with people. I have always loved writing so I came up with the idea to start a recovery blog. The main goal in all of this was to simply let others know that recovery from addiction is a reality and a possibility. I wanted to spread hope and raise awareness. People seemed to get a lot out of it so I have been doing it ever since.”

2) What do YOU think is the most important “Skill or Tool” that aids you in recovery?
“I think my most important skill or trait in recovery is my ability to lean on my support system. That was so crucial when I first got sober and I’m certain that without my recovery coach, my family, and my girlfriend, I would not be sober today. I also was heavily involved in 12-Step groups. I still do all of those today, but in early recovery, support groups and my support system were pretty much my whole life. Being able to open up and know when and how to ask for help was vital.”

3) Now I know you are a brand new Author, has there been one thing you can share exciting that has happened to you as an Author?
“Yes, I am a very new author. “To Hell And Back” is my first book and it has definitely been the most exciting thing to happen in my writing career. However, getting a significant amount of positive feedback on my blog has been the next best thing. It really makes my day to read, or hear someone tell me that they got something out of my posts.”

4) And lastly, what ONE word in ‘recovery terms’ is your Favorite to use?
“I’m not sure if this will technically count as a “recovery term,” but the phrase ~ “let go and let God” has always inspired me. Leaning on God throughout my recovery has been overwhelmingly comforting. Hearing or seeing that phrase always reminds me that, no matter what, things will be okay if I just let God take over my life.”

Aaron’s book is available on Amazon Kindle Store. Where can you connect with Aaron on social media? Most everywhere! LOL. I am sure he would like you to visit and connect with him.

His E-book: E-book of “To Hell And Back”
His Blog: Sharing Hope And Spreading Positivity
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“Welcome Rod Ballard To Lyon Book Promotions.” A New Indie Author With A Fantastic New Romance Novel.

Hello And Welcome Friends, Readers and New Visitors,

HD Author Profile

Lyon Book Promotions is proud to Welcome Author, Rod Ballard to our book promotions line-up of fine reads!

Rod is a new fresh indie author who has just released his brand new romance book titled; The Confessions of a True Womanizer now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. And for a new release, he is already getting Rave 5 Star Reviews on Amazon! From what I have read, ladies you are going to enjoy this read…

About The Book:
Romeo Roosevelt was raised in a household where he witnessed his father abuse and cheat on his mother. After Romeo’s mother left his father— Romeo grew up taking on one characteristic of his father—being a “Womanizer!” Blessed with his father’s good looks and deceiving ways— Romeo’s sexy swagger and enticing demeanor makes him irresistible to women. Jumping from woman to woman was all Romeo knew. When Romeo reunites with his first love—he finds himself wanting to change for the better. Can Romeo’s first love make him give up his lust for women or will she just be another Confession of a True Womanizer?
–  –  –  –  – –
Ok ladies, now we all know single men can be a wee bit shady when it comes to being a womanizer and player, but as the book reviews claim, it seems a man can have a change of heart. So let me share more about Rod Ballard and learn just how interesting he is as a ‘Romance Writer and Author.’

One book reviewer said:

“The Confessions of a True Womanizer was everything and more!
Be prepared to laugh out loud, cry silently and hold tight to your pillow. I’m in love with this book.
I can’t wait to read what’s next from Mr. Rod Ballard. . .  A Highly Suggested Read!

Rod Ballard Logan
Rod Ballard on The Logan Power Show.)

About The Author and Writer:
Rod is a new indie author that is a native of South Carolina. He started writing in 2012 and enjoys writing stories and decided in spite of coming from a place where it seemed few people dared to dream big, he would fulfill his dream to be a published author. So he finished his first published novel, “The Confessions of a True Womanizer,” earlier 2015 and immediately sought ways to spread the word of his first Romance Novel.

Rod was featured on the talk show, “The Logan Power Show,” in September 2015. He talked about his childhood growing up and how he was introduced into writing. You can listen & watch that show on Youtube.com here “Author Rod Ballard on The Logan Power Show.”  Author Rod Ballard on The Logan Power Show  Rod has already been featured on several Blog Talk Radio Shows—so he is no stranger to guest author interviews and appearances, he welcomes them!

( Author, Rod Ballard )

Rod is committed to health and fitness and living a positive life. It is his personal belief that the way you keep yourself up on the outside reflects who you are on the inside. In his spare time he enjoys reading, writing and listening to music of various styles, but favors Smooth Jazz and R&B. He also commits to motivational speaking and anything that has a positive role in his life and the lives of others.

What are Rod Ballard’s future aspirations and goals? To be a best-selling author and to see his novels in screen plays and on movie screens.
–  –  –  –  –  –

Now Rod is very proactive with promoting his new novel, so you may see him everywhere on social media. And Lyon Book promotions is proud to be part of sharing his new book with our readers here! I also asked Rod a few questions to see if I could get a wee bit more out about him. And sorry ladies, his committed, . . . to his two little daughters. LOL.

1.) How did you decided to become a writer and publish your work?
Well, when I was a little kid, I had always written short stories in Comic Book form. As I got older in my teenage years, I wrote music. Eventually I got back into writing stories and didn’t publish my first Novel until May 2015.

2.) What is the most challenging part of writing books as a writer?
My most challenging part from personal experiences, is trying my best to get the reader to vision what they are reading.  My writing style is different from others.  I’m so cautious on producing the best work that I critic myself so hard on making sure my readers are visualizing and enjoying what the novel.

3.) Have any advice or words of “wisdom” to share with new authors? My word of advice to any new authors is to NEVER give up on what you are doing. I have felt like giving up plenty of times, but I kept going hard. Your book sales are not going to happen over night,  but it will come if you stay working hard. Success isn’t handed to you. It’s all about staying consistent and working hard. Your time will come. Only the strong survive as writers.

4.) What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you since becoming a published author?
Well, one of the most exciting things that has happened for me is being apart of a book club that featured my book.
I was a host at their book club meeting, signed books, took pictures and all. That was the first time in my life I experienced something like that so that’s the most exciting so far! It was fun.
–  –  –  –  –  –

As I wrote earlier, Rod enjoys interacting and engaging readers! And you can catch often on Twitter and Facebook, so go connect with him through his social media sites, and you can even go ask him a question Goodreads to as he is a Goodreads Author . . . I hope you enjoyed learning more about this new indie author, Rod Ballard!

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Happy Reading!

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A Special Guest Author Spotlight~I Welcome Award Winning Writer, Clancy Tucker.

Hello and Welcome Readers, Friends, and New Visitors,


We are all in for a very special treat today, as I have the Honor and Welcome a prolific writer, and award-winning Author, Clancy Tucker. Now one of my favorite things about being a book promoter is, besides getting to read great books of my clients, I get to meet so many wonderful talented authors and writers, and Clancy fits right into this category! We met a short time ago as he inquired about my book promoting services. But he really didn’t need me, OH NO, he needed a real literary agent or publicist, as he has many awesome award-winning short stories and many books under his belt. How about to the tune of 90 short stories, and several published books. WOW!

Also, the book buzz I’m hearing on the literary streets about Clancy? Well,  as a gifted writer and published author, he is SO good that his books and stories should be made into featured films! Well, that’s what I’m hearing on the street anyway…LOL.
So, who is this Australian Man of Mystery? 
Well let me share a wee bit more about Author, Clancy Tucker  . . . .

Award winning writer & author, Clancy Tucker . . .

About The Author:

Clancy Tucker is an award-winning author with three awards in the Australian National Literary Awards. He writes young adult fiction for reluctant readers, but has also achieved success as a poet and photographer. Clancy has lived in four countries, speaks three languages, has photography accepted and published in books in the USA, Australia and the UK (Innocent Dreams, Endless Journeys & A Trip Down Memory Lane), used as covers for magazines (‘The Australian Writer’ – 2008 and ‘Victorian Writer’ – 2008), has work registered with the International Library of Photography, been published in literary magazines and he’s written more than 146 short stories and swags of poetry.

Clancy’s been short-listed, ‘Commended’ and ‘Highly Commended’ in writing contests: 2006, 2007& 2011 Australian National Literary Awards, Raspberry & Vine (twice), Positive words, Australian Writers On-Line, Shaggy Sheep Tale, The Cancer Council Arts Awards (2005 & 2008), The Dusty Swag Awards (2010) and had twelve short stories published in literary magazines (Page Seventeen, Branching Out, Positive Words and The Australian Writer), newspapers (The Standard, Mountain Views & The Advocate), written articles for Kid Magazine in the USA and won a poetry prize to name a life-size statue designed by renowned Belgian sculptor, Bruno Torfs.

He is a full-time writer but has been a speechwriter, public servant, farmer and small business operator. Clancy teaches students at the University of the Third Age (U3A), has worked with street kids and draws on life’s experiences to write entertaining stories for kids.

‘Gunnedah Hero’ has been published as a paperback and also in e-Book format via www.morrispublishingaustralia.com This book has won two of three awards he has claimed in the Australian National Literary Awards: ‘Highly Commended’ in the FAW Jim Hamilton Award – 2007 and ‘Commended’ in the Christina Stead Award – 2011. It also has a seal of approval from IndiePENdendents.org – having been passed by three peer judges.

Clancy also writes a daily blog which includes top guests from around the world: human rights lawyers, authors, musicians, artists, illustrators, senior diplomats, young adults and many more: www.clancytucker.blogspot.com.au Check it out.
He has also been a guest on dozens of blogs, writes a monthly editorial for a newspaper, contributes articles for literary magazines, and mentors young writers. Clancy has also been a contributing guest editor for the Australian Prostate Magazine.
Not only, Clancy has been a human rights activist and social justice campaigner for decades. Don’t forget to check out his book reviews too! They are very impressive, especially the one on Morris Publishing! www.morrispublishingaustralia.com

Now as my readers know, I only ask 2 questions of all my author friends when I spotlight them here on my blog. So here are the 2 questions I asked of Clancy, and the answers he kindly shared with me.

1.) What do you enjoy most about being a writer and published author?

Mm … Interesting question, because it is a lot of hard work. I guess the biggest enjoyment is the challenge. Having been a fulltime author for more than 16 years, I’ve learnt heaps about the entire industry. However, as a self-published author, one has to learn about technical things, and how to achieve them: ISBN numbers, book cover design, fonts, paper etc.
Thus, it is very satisfying when it all comes together in the shape of a book. I’m also a photographer, so I use my own photographs for my covers. As a daily blogger who features guests from around the world, I’ve managed to hook up with some amazing people. We support each other and promote our own work. The absolute enjoyment as a writer is to write a story, involving characters that I have invented. However, no matter what you write, we as authors must wait for reviews from those who have read our work. They are the real judges.

2.) Now that you have won many awards for your craft of writing, what is the one amazing thing that has happened to you as an author?
Mm … Another tricky question. I guess the big plus for me is that I find writing so easy. It is an adrenalin rush; from start to finish. I don’t plan any story. No, I have an idea and run with it. Then, when finished, it is a buzz to read the entire document and learn how cleverly, or otherwise, I’ve tried to keep the interest of my readers.
Sometimes, it is so easy to slip up and tell the reader too much too early.The secret is to keep them on their toes, flipping pages to find out what happens next. I guess writing is a gift. If you’ve got it, use it!

I want to thank Author,Clancy Tucker for allowing me to share a little of what he does as an award-winning writer and author, and to make sure you grab a copy of his latest book available on Amazon Books online today. Also, take some time and visit his website here: http://clancytucker.com.au/ as he also enjoys photography too!
You can connect with Clancy on Twitter @ClancyTucker
On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/clancy.tucker.5
And also on GoodReads here: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5231844.clancy_tucker

Thanks for your visit readers! Hope you enjoyed your stay.
Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Lyon Book Promotions
Clancy’s most current book is now out on Amazon!