We Welcome Author, Harvey Castro MD, His New Release Titled “Success Reinvention” and a Book Review Spotlight.

Meet Author & Dr. Harvey Castro who’s been voted “Best Doctor” in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas of Texas. His new book release is garnishing ‘Rave Reviews’ on Amazon and GoodReads from readers while they are learning just how to reinvent their lives and career within SUCCESS!

So, who is this Medical Media Expert, Amazing Writer, and Business Entrepreneur? Let’s Meet Dr. Castro and learn more…

About The Author:

Dr. Harvey Castro is a critically acclaimed author and writer as well as a sought after medical media expert & speaker who shares his experiences and knowledge nationally and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Born in Patterson, NJ, raised in Queens, NY, his first job was delivering the New York Times. At the young age of 16, Dr. Castro started his first business selling vitamins. Later he joined the US Army and became a dental assistant to help pay for his college education.

He attended Texas A&M and graduated with a BS/BA in Biomedical Science and Political Science. Castro went to Medical School at UTMB, Galveston, Texas. He began writing books for other medical students as a way to pay for his medical books. He went to Emergency Medicine Residency in Bethlehem, Pa., and started his own Heart vitamin company.

When arriving in Dallas/Fort Worth TX area, his first job was to create over 30 iPhone Andriod apps in health care, a speaker for ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) for health care applications. Then as a consultant for health care companies, he founded the ‘Trusted ER in DFW.’ Dr. Castro has always had a passion for helping others and is currently working on his MBA and looks to graduate in December 2020.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, the author has released a new self-help book titled ‘Success Reinvention,’ July 2020, and is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads and shares many of his struggles and business lessons on how to be successful in both life and within one’s professional career.

When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling, cooking, reading true stories, non-medical books about business, and self-help improvement books as he’s intense about learning. He loves spending time with his family, especially with his four beautiful children, and his new pup, a french bulldog. He resides in the Dallas/FW area.

About The New Book “Success Reinvention”

No matter where you are in life, or what obstacle you are facing… Now Is The Time To Reinvent Yourself Within SUCCESS!

Success Reinvention will take you behind the scenes of one of the foremost thought leaders of our time. As an innovative entrepreneur, brilliant medical physician and visionary leader, Dr. Castro’s recipe for success will allow you to break through even the most difficult obstacles and set backs in life.

When you read this book and take action, you will find that your dreams manifest into reality, and your success is always in your control to invent and reinvent at every stage of your life.

Harvey Castro MD

Success Reinvention Coming Soon In AudioBook

Amazing Amazon Book Reviews: Now with 16 100% all 5-STARS, you know this book is well worth a read!

5000 years of wisdom / direction – get a copy immediately
Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2020
Verified Purchase — Fantastic book by a real person who had to achieve success without it being handed to him. He acknowledges the wonderful blessing he had of a determined mother and their faith in the Lord to shape his life. This book can help you get on ,or back on track, help you find what’s important to you, and hopefully leave a legacy you will be proud of.

Don’t hesitate- buy this book kindle or better yet hard copy now – you will not regret it.
Dr Barry Ungerleider
Emergency Physician
Inventor / Developer – Healthcare Products For Human Safety (USA)


 Remarkable Lessons with Impeccable Timing
Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2020
Verified Purchase
The timing of the book launch was impeccable. It came at a time when I was feeling the effects of a series of life altering events. The tears flowed as I read through the chapters that unveiled the trials that Dr. Castro and his mother experienced.

I was intrigued as I learned how they both persevered using their struggles as the driving force to find and fulfill their purpose. This to me is the true definition of success. Reading this book and working through the lessons taught me to dig deep revealing my “why”. I now feel that I can infuse my goals with passion providing clarity for my vision.


Now Cat’s Review!

 An Inspiring and Moving Read!
Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2020
Was happy to Beta-read the ebook for the author and was very moved by his stories …Don’t let the MD behind the author’s name fool you as this is not a medical book, but a beautifully written and well laid out step by step guide to living authentically and gain confidence while you accomplish your goals.

From humble beginnings, Dr. Castro shares his personal experiences and, at times, heartbreaking obstacles to overcome to get where he is today. Sharing some of the lessons learned and the wisdom gained, Castro has it all in this gem of a book for anyone to be motivated in reinventing your life! He shares the strategies and plans to attain them while achieving success!

It is the perfect time for this book during a pandemic as many may not be going back to the same jobs they had, so now is the time to use this book to make the changes necessary to move forward into something better.

If you read and follow what’s in this book? I’m sure Success Reinvention will GET THERE!


Another Special Book if you are a Med Student also by Dr. Castro MD and Jeffrey Gould MD now on Amazon!

Neurology for the Non-neurologist: Rediscovering Neurology
Are You a Med Student?

This book is intended to be a fun, short read of neurology, with the goal to present the many facts of the subject in an easy and relatable manner. The idea came to me during my morning rounds as a medical student, whereby I envisioned the ability to utilize a quick reference guide for neurologic exams and differentials.

The book points out some great pearls and unlikely “zebras” that we may not have heard of since medical school. It is basically cliff notes for fun and not for diagnosis, and a great review for medical students, residents or physicians. Medicine changes so often that this book should not be used for medical reference but rather as a medical review of the amusing facts from medical school days.

You can connect with Author, Harvey Castro, MD on social media and a visit to his website is must for all!

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Glowing BookLife Critic’s Report for “My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am” by Our Featured Award-Winning Author, Maureen Scanlon, and More News!


“Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den and Lyon Media Services are Excited to Announce Our Featured Self-Help Author and Popular Life and Happiness Coach, Maureen Scanlon will be appearing at the Barnes and Noble in Tempe, Arizona!”

Barnes and Noble be hosting a book signing event for our award-winning author who is the founder and CEO of  Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. Not only is Maureen a multi-award-winning author, but she is also an expert life coach, a motivational speaker for both business and recovery events and conferences, while she successfully helps many become comfortable with change, learn personal growth, and gain a positive outlook for a better, happier, and more fulfilling life.

One way she accomplishes this is through here unique and fun book release of “My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am” which just received an amazing BookLife Prize Entry Critic’s Report! Maureen does this through her speaking events and on her informational blog on her Official Website of Life Coach Maureen…


COME MEET MAUREEN AT BARNES & NOBLE, Tempe Marketplace! March 21st, 2020, 1PM

The book event will be held on:
Saturday, March 21st, 2020. Begins at 1 PM till 3:30 PM
Location: B&N / Tempe Marketplace #2243
2000 East Rio Salado Pkwy. Ste 1032. Tempe, AZ
Books will be available for purchase at this event and signed by the author!
Maureen looks forward to seeing readers in Tempe and even avid readers from ASU!



GLOWING CRITIC’S REPORT By BookLife ~ “My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am”

Title: My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am

Author: Maureen Scanlon

Genre: Nonfiction/Self-Help & Relationship

Audience: Adult

Word Count: 29522


Idea/Concept: This charming guide to living joyfully and fully, posits that readers might learn a great deal from closely observing the lives of dogs. In the process of studying the behavior of dogs, Scanlon advises readers to reflect meaningfully on their lives and personal priorities.

Prose: Scanlon writes with warmth, compassion, and enthusiasm, comparing and contrasting the (often flawed) human responses to outside circumstances, with those of canines.

Originality: Adoring books about furry companions are abundant and popular, but few fall into the self-help category. Scanlon takes an uncommon approach to singing the praises of our pets, while offering effective advice for their humans.

Execution: Though the advice Scanlon provides is more Self-help in nature–readers will value her unique approach. Though humorous in nature, readers will also detect a strong undercurrent of sincerity and truth in her arguments. Delightful and informative read.

Score: Out of a 10

  • Plot/Idea: 7
  • Originality: 8
  • Prose: 7
  • Character/Execution: 7
  • Overall: 7.25

Report Submitted: February 28, 2020


Maureen is currently working on and writing book two as I know she has taken ner BookLife report to heart, as she shared with me. Her next book about “relationships,” and yes, some of it through the eyes of her furry pets too. She said it will be packed with more advice than the first as I know avid readers will enjoy it book two when it releases just as much as her current book.

The Cat will let you know when this HAPPENS … Another way Life Coach Maureen helps people wanting to live a happier life is by sharing informative advice through her blog. So here is a little share of some of her most recent posts and I encourage you to visit her Official Website of Life Coach Maureen… for more sound advice? You can set a session with her and see how Maureen can re-charge your personal and career goals!

Like Maureen always say;

“It’s never too late to dream a new dream. Love yourself, show compassion, and become the person you want to meet.”





We Are All Saying the Same Thing!