All About The HOW’S To Use Book Bub Partner Book Ads. Authors, Are You Listed Yet on Book Bub? Great Place For Readers Too!

Now we know how difficult it is to promote and market our books to the right “niche” of genres and target who our book readership is. I know, as I do it for a job! Lol. One way is to place yourself on as many book sites that have and target readers of all genres as possible. Next, keep a couple book ads running on some different book sites like here on Book Bub For Authors.

Authors can set themselves a nice author profile with photo, bio, and more. Then you can list your books. Now there are two ways you can advertise your books to Book Bub’s large readership. You can apply and submit your book for a “Featured Deal,” but sadly, they only chose 20% out of 100% of new books submitted. But, below, is an article that walks you through the HOW’s on how to use their other book advertising through their Book Bub Partner Ad network from your author dashboard. Now many are not as computer savvy or know how to do or set “Budget Ads.”

So I found this Exceptional Article on Book Bub’s Blog written by Carlyn Robertson who works in product marketing on BookBub’s Partners Team, where she ensures all authors & publishers know how to use all BookBub’s tools to achieve their marketing goals. She writes content for the partners’ blog & website, speaks at conferences, & conducts market research. So make sure you follow her on Twitter at @CarlynAtBookBub.

Here is what she shares about how to effectively use Boob Bub Partner Book Ads!

Carlyn Robertson

How an Author Doubled First-in-Series Sales Using BookBub Ads

How an Author Doubled First-in-Series Sales Using BookBub Ads

Many partners use BookBub Ads to continuously promote first-in-series books. Because you can run ads on an ongoing basis, you can introduce a consistent stream of new readers to book #1 and drive sales for the whole series.

Eva Pohler doubled daily sales for her $3.99 first-in-series supernatural suspense by running a continuous BookBub Ads campaign. She increased sales across different retailers and regions, and over the past month, her campaign has been ROI positive. Here’s how she did it!

Campaign Goals

Eva’s primary goal for this ad campaign was to drive sales of book #1 in her Mystery House series in the lead-up to the launch of book #3.

Series Image


My goal for this campaign was increased sales. I began the campaign for Secrets of the Greek Revival a month before the release of the third book in the series, French Quarter Clues, with the hope of prepping new readers for the third book. I immediately saw an increase in sales of book #1 and #2, and I believe my release was positively affected by both the ad campaign for book #1 and a Featured New Release for French Quarter Clues.

Campaign Execution


Eva designed her ad image using tips she’d seen on our Partners Blog.


BookBub Ad Creative

My mistake in past graphics was trying to fit a one-line synopsis, which cluttered the visual. I learned from a Partners Blog post that I could help readers know what the book was about with images rather than cluttered text. I also used to make the book cover the most prominent part of the ad — taking up at least half of the graphic. After viewing images in the blog post, I learned that the book cover could be made smaller so that a line of text could fit along the top or bottom of the ad, making the ad look more cohesive.


Eva ran a number of tests before settling on an ad that targeted her own fans on BookBub plus the fans of 20 similar authors. She included links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Kobo, and Google Play in all worldwide regions where each retailer is available.

I tried targeting just genres, just authors, and both genres and authors. I found the ads that targeted only authors performed the best. I’ve also found that my ads don’t always start off with a bang. They take time to perform well. I think this may be because the ad needs to be seen once or twice before a person will finally click on it.

BookBub makes it easier than Facebook to target specific authors, because many of the authors I use are not available as targets on Facebook. I chose the authors by looking at the top sellers (on Amazon) in the genre of whatever book I’m marketing.

BookBub Ads - Author Targeting

Budget and Bid

Eva set up a continuous campaign with a daily budget of $10. She chose CPC bidding and set her bid above the average range we display to ensure that her ad would be competitive in the auction.

When deciding on a budget, I consider things like the length of the series, the sell-through rate, the price of the first book, the effect on rank, my overall marketing budget, and my return on investment. The third book in the series just released, and as the length of the series increases, I hope to increase the ad spend depending on the sell-through of the later books.

I chose to pay per click rather than per thousand impressions because the former gives me valuable feedback about which readers are responding to my ad. For example, most of the people clicking on Secrets of the Greek Revival are Barnes and Noble readers or readers from Canada (at both Amazon and Kobo), whereas most of the people clicking on my ad for another book, a YA paranormal, are US Kobo readers.

I chose a $2 CPC bid because I want to win the best bids, and I rarely end up actually spending that much per click. My average cost per click is more like $0.66. While that may seem high to authors used to paying less per click on Facebook ads, BookBub leads are much ‘warmer’ because your targets are already wanting to find books. I think it’s reasonable to have to pay more per click for warmer leads. And, ultimately, the ROI is what matters more than anything. I make more on the ad per day than I spend. As long as that continues, I will keep running the ad.

Campaign Results

BookBub Ads Results
When analyzing her results, Eva was primarily focused on comparing the cost of the ad to the sales she could credit to it. Since she wants to drive sales for the whole series, she has links to purchase book #2 in the back matter of book #1 and calculates her ad’s profitability based on the total series sales (not just book #1 sales!). Eva estimated her series sell-through by dividing book #2 sales by book #1 sales within a given time frame and multiplying by 100 — 22% of the readers who purchase book #1 in the Mystery House series go on to buy book #2.

BookBub Ads increased the sales of Secrets of The Greek Revival from two or three a day to five or six a day (sometimes more). Although the CTR is important, I’m mostly concerned with this: how much am I spending per day versus how much am I making per day (on sales that can be attributed to a given ad).

I’m able to measure the effects of my BookBub Ads on my sales because they are the only marketing I do for readers who use retailers other than Amazon. I’m investing more time and money in BookBub Ads because I feel that the people seeing these ads are looking for books, which isn’t always true with Amazon and Facebook. I use Amazon ads and Facebook ads to target Kindle users, but I’ve found BookBub Ads to be better than Facebook at targeting Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play readers. I can also see an increase in Kindle sales with my BookBub Ads, but it’s just more difficult to measure.

Tip: Use our bidding calculator to determine your own series sell-through and calculate how much you can afford to spend on ads for the first book in your series!

I’m investing more time and money in BookBub Ads because I feel that the people seeing these ads are looking for books, which isn’t always true with Amazon and Facebook.” @EvaPohler #pubtip CLICK TO TWEET


Eva has also run ads for her first-in-series books in other genres and has gleaned some interesting insights about the impact of genre, price, and platform on her ad performance by comparing the results of her campaigns:

B&N sales have increased the most with this ad for Secrets of The Greek Revival. When I compare the results to an ad I have for a YA paranormal novel called Vampire Addiction, also priced at $3.99, I find that Kobo readers are responding really well to that one. The CTR at Kobo for that book has been close to 5%.

The Gatekeeper’s Sons, the first in my longest YA series based on Greek mythology, has given me the most grief. I’ve been experimenting with pricing after it was permafree for five years. Because Secrets of the Greek Revival did so well at $3.99 with BookBub Ads, I tried to do the same with The Gatekeeper’s Sons. However, it did not sell well at $3.99. I recently changed it back to free, and now that ad is doing really well, especially at Kobo. Even though The Gatekeeper’s Sons is free, I spend $15 per day for that book on BookBub Ads because it’s part of a long series, and I make money on the sell-through to the other books, which is at a rate of 33%.

Want to boost sales for your own series? Create a new ad for book one now!

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How To Kick Off Summertime Reading? Do a Free/Low-cost E-Book Promotion Just Like Cat. It’s Just That Simple!

Happy Summer Reading Friends and Authors!

In just a few short weeks SUMMER will be here! Well, here in Arizona it has already has hit as I have been writing poolside in the mornings to get my dose of vitamin D before it hits 100 or over each day …Lol.

It is, however, a perfect time to generate some new excitement for your E-Books as readers will be hitting the beach, lake, pools as it is vacation time too and they love reading to relax. That makes it the right time to run a lower cost promo for e-books. There are many things you can do just as I am with e-books to help readers find your books on sale that don’t cost a thing.

And there are amazingly low-cost places to run ads for it too! You can even add your books to free sites and they offer a self-serve Author Interview to make you and your books shine with large readerships. Here is how I will set up my e-book promotion for my Memoir, “Addicted To Dimes” …


First: Make sure you have your e-book cost lowered a day or two before your promo starts. That way YOU know it is at the right price beforehand. You do this through your KDP vendor account. If you have a publisher, send the request to lower your e-book price a few weeks ahead of your promotion.

Second: All my authors know you need to have accounts on Facebook, Goodreads, and have an Amazon Author Page which is free and done through Author Central Amazon and at the bottom of your page, there is an area when you are in your author page to add an EVENT. Add your e-book promotion so readers on Amazon can know all about it. Next, do the same on your Facebook page.

Use the Create an Event setting and add an image, a title, and date of the event, and a description of your event: Summer E-Book Promotion! Invite all your FB friends and FB Group members and do posts and share the FB link to the event too! Now, go to your GoodReads account and sign in and add an Event Page there too.

You will have just set up FREE advertising of your e-book promotion on three different venues and it didn’t cost you a thing! Better changes of more SALES and BOOK REVIEWS! It’s just that simple. Here is my Facebook Event so you can see how it’s done! Link:

it is time for your e-book promo to some Free Book Sites to gain more exposure! My first go to place is Vinny of Awesome Gang – Where Awesome Book Readers Meet Awesome …  Just click on “Submit Your Book” and fill out the form. They do give you a low-cost and free option to share the e-book you are going to have on sale. You can choose what works best. Another very low price option comes with nice Book Teaser/Banners to use when you promote the sale for only $10!!! Here is mine they made and you can get yours here: Author Shout Promo Teasers.



Now, hen you are done submitting your book on Awesomegang, then click here to submit a free self-serve Author Interview Submit An Author Interview and for even more FREE options click here Free Promotion for more book sites they are connected with and submit your sale and e-book there too AND you are DONE! Now use the links form your FB and GoodReads promos and promote them throughout your Social Media!

Your off and running with a free or low-cost promotion for your E-Book Sale and Like a Pro! … I wish you much success, reviews, and Sales!!


Guest Author Article by John White. Turn That Career Around Into SUCCESS Author’s and Business People.

 I Thought My Career Was Over Until I Did These 5 Things ~Here are 5 tips to turn your career around.


Founder and CMO, Social Marketing Solutions 

(CREDIT: Getty Images)

It was just over three years ago that I thought my career was over.

I remember the exact moment well: There I sat in my drab, mundane-looking cubicle, which sat in the middle of a rather large call center. Most days I could drown out the noise.

However, on that day, the sound of what seemed like 1,000 simultaneous conversations going on left me unable to focus. I sat there with my head buried in my hands.

You see, I had just realized at that very moment that the company I had recently joined was far more dysfunctional than the one I had just left.

This wasn’t the first time I had left a job to go to another company in hopes of greener grass only to end up being worse off than I was before. I was depressed and unhappy to think that a career that only a few years before had looked quite promising was in jeopardy of going nowhere, and I felt like a complete failure.

I needed to do something to change the course I was on, and it wasn’t simply to change companies again. I attribute reversing my career path to five things. 

1. Take ownership of your career.

Up until that point, I had been quick to blame external factors for my unhappiness and the shortcomings in my career. I put the blame on things like bad management, company policy, poor timing, etc.

The result is that I stopped improving as a professional, and if I’m honest, I probably regressed a bit.

Making a change in your career is tough. However, perhaps the hardest part is admitting that you need to change yourself to make the career change you desire.

2. Be bold.

If doing things the way you’ve always done them has gotten you to the point in your career where you’re feeling like a failure, it’s time to try something new and bold.

For me, that was starting a blog. Before I started my blog on LinkedIn just over two years ago, the only people who had ever read my writing were my college professors and my mother.

In fact, there was almost nobody from my inner circle telling me I should start a blog. I decided to do it anyway.

Can a blog change your career? After a few of my blog posts went viral on LinkedIn and received over a million page views, I began to get offers to write professionally, which led to the start of my company and the career path I’m on now.

3. Continue your education.

For me, that meant getting an MBA at age 39. I needed additional skills and knowledge to move ahead in my career.

I reached the point where I was no longer learning in my position. I needed an outside source to inspire me to develop the new skills I lacked, which was preventing me from reaching my career goals.

You don’t have to pursue a fancy degree from a formal institution. In today’s online world, there are all sorts of ways to further your learning and gain the skills you need to move ahead: certificate programs, short-term courses, webinars, online learning programs, etc.

4. Become entrepreneurial.

You don’t have to quit your day job! However, if you’re like I was and you feel stuck in a position where your skills are being underutilized, consider doing some consulting work or starting a side business.

Doing so could lead you to several positive career outcomes: additional income added skills that you can use to gain a more fulfilling position or a successful startup that ultimately replaces your corporate job.

Today, I’m working with two startups–my own Social Marketing Solutions, a social media marketing agency, and beBee, a high-growth business social-media and blogging network with 11 million users.

5. Get social.

Before I invested in social media, I was always the one reaching out to people about opportunities. My networking activities were 100 percent outbound-based.

Once I started to grow my online community and produce insightful content, a significant shift occurred: People began to contact me. In fact, all of the business for my company has come from my online activities. Instead of me always being the one to initiate contact, now people regularly seek me out to discuss opportunities.

While my career journey is far from complete, I now feel as though my work is appreciated, meaningful, and fulfilling. I’ve stopped blaming external factors and switching jobs when things don’t go my way.

“I finally realized that when it comes to my career, the grass is as green as I make it.”

#            #           #             #               #

About John White & Social Marketing Solutions:

Columnist at INC Magazine. Founder and CMO, Social Marketing Solutions LLC.

Social Marketing Solutions, (SMS) is located in historic Old Town Fort Collins, Colorado, servicing clients locally, nationally, and internationally. SMS specializes in online branding utilizing today’s latest inbound marketing tactics to tell your brand story to potential customers, making it easier for them to find your website and purchase your products or services.

“Marketing is no longer about pushing a product, rather it’s the stories you tell about your brand value that sets you apart from the competition.”


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