New Release REVIEWS Only for Author, Joe Siccardi and His New Book “My Name Is Sam” …The Novel Follow-Up of ‘Heaven Shining Through.”



Sit down with a cup of coffee or a nice wine and visit with Sam as she shares a lifetime of memories in this new Christian-themed fictional memoir. My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through is a follow-up to the breakout novella, Heaven Shining Through. It introduces Sam (Samantha), her family and friends in more detail than the original, and picks up where the novella left off. I hope readers get to know Sam as a friend, a life long friend. Share her life … complete with some drama, some humor, some heart tugs. Just a free-willed suburban Jersey girl trying to figure out this journey called life with the presence of God in her ordinary life as the underlying theme.

Pages: 193
Publication Date: June 30, 2019
Purchase Link:
Purchase Price ~ Ebook: $2.99 – Paperback: $13.99
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Amy¬†rated it … “It was amazing” ~ July 9, 2019

My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through is another fabulous read by Joe Siccardi.
This is an amazing light Christian based fictional memoir about Sam and her life struggles. It is quite an emotional but yet inspiring journey. I enjoyed getting to know Sam and seeing how she was able to cope with her life struggles.¬†¬†I give My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through five-plus stars.
I highly recommend Sam’s story to all other readers.
I loved it! I received this book from the author but was not required to write a review.


Mary rated it on Goodreads ~ Aug. 3, 2019

I give 5 stars to ‚ÄúMy Name is Sam‚Ķand Heaven Is Still Shining Through,” a fictional memoir, written by Joe Siccardi. This is a great book! I felt like it started a bit slow, just (my opinion) too many conversations, but about a quarter of the book later, I was hooked!

Our main character, of course, is Sam. The author starts the story in her college days but gives us plenty of glimpses of her younger years also. When Sam meets the love of her life, we are able to follow their marriage, the heartache of breaking various news to both sets of parents, and watching the choices that they all make as they are combining families.

Sam shares her decisions and rationalizations with us as we fall in love with her! We get to follow her throughout her life, share in her joys and sorrows, (yes, I am being intentionally vague, sorry). All the while we are knowing that God is on His throne, and nothing will happen in Sam’s life without His knowing.

I don’t want to say too much and give away the storyline, but I can say, if you don’t pick up this book, you will be missing out. I feel like the back of the book really doesn’t do the story justice! My Name is Sam, is a clean story. I think it would be suitable for teens and up. It is an easy read and a must-read! (This review contains my own opinions.)



July 1, 2019. ~Amazon Reviewer 

4.0 out of 5 stars  Page turning, enjoyable read

While there is a Christian worldview to the book, it isn’t preachy and the focus stays on navigating the joys and sorrows of life. Some laughter, some tears, which is my personal preference in a book. The characters were reasonably developed and authentic. Definitely recommend reading, especially for a beach read this summer or fall reading!



Editorial Media Amazon Review:

Exceptional Fiction Memoir …

If you happened to have read Author Joe Siccardi’s debut book of “Heaven Shining Through” like I did, then you are going to enjoy reading this new full-length novel, the follow-up and the full story about the main character ‘Samantha,’ actually the backstory to her life. The perils and the fun of Sam’slife, if you will, is written, flows, and is told as if you and Sam are sitting in a coffee shop and reminiscing about life memories. It’s a definite 5 stars!
Right from the first chapter, the author draws you in, and as I was reading, I felt as though I was reading about my own life and primarily through my 20s of meeting friends at a dance club mixing it up over some drinks and having fun. But that is just the tip of the story iceberg of Sam’slife. With a Christian filter, the story unfolds, and Sam begins to learn that Gods presence has¬†always been within her life as she looks back and even when she was never aware.

When a writer makes you feel apart of the story, it means a great job with the writing was accomplished which is offered in this novel and so much more. By the time you learn all about Sam’s life, you will wish she was real as you could be life-long friends! This read has a little of everything about relationships, marriage, even parenting trials. The mother and daughter drama, some humor, and a few tissue moments are a few of the highlights.

Even though Sam has gone through some perils and beauty in her life through the years, Sam is consistently reminded that even in the worst of days, God has always been with her in protection and love through her life storms and as well as all the good life brings.

Just a fantastic read for anyone, especially for women. Even though it is a work of fiction, it reads like a real-life story if you enjoy memoirs or a unique fictional biography.

Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon ~ “Lyon Media Services and Cat Lyon’s Reading Den”


See All Books By Author, Joe Siccardi …Now Available From His¬†Amazon Author Page.

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New Book Review – Kim Carter Mysteries – Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle by Melissa J – Book Addicts Reviews!

Cat’s Book Review Blog Pick of The Week! And? She gave Author, Kim Carter a Rave Review of Book One of her New “Clara & Iris Mystery” titled “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle!” ~ Melissa J is my Blogger of The Week!

xoxo CAT



Lyon Book Promotions Welcomes The Man of Mystery and Spy Buff ~ Indie Author Tim Jopling.

UK Independent Author, Tim Jopling has released his first book of his fantastic book¬†series titled, “Underground Murmurs” book one of The Akira and Deane Thriller. Now available on Amazon Books & Barnes and Noble online.




Already an AMAZON KINDLE STORE BEST-SELLER for¬†Espionage Thrillers – No 6 in the chart Suspense Thrillers – No 41 in the chart UNDERGROUND MURMURS – ‘Akira & Deane Thriller Series Book 1’¬†~ “Nothing is ever what it seems. . .¬† Don’t turn your back on anyone or anything” .¬† .¬† .¬† .

Akira is a dangerous man, a man who has lost everything and has nothing to lose. Fuelled by the death of his beloved wife Madeline and desperate to seek revenge on those who took her from him, Akira is on a mission, a mission to rid the world of the corrupt West and everything it stands for and he has one man set in his sights. Thomas Deane, a fiercely loyal MI6 agent and one half of an elite partnership he is everything Akira despises – a patriotic man devoted to the service of his country, no matter what the cost. Assisted by the brave S.U.C.O. agents (Special Undercover Covert Operations) the elite MI6 team, are completely unaware of what lies ahead. Will they succeed in bringing Akira out of the shadows?

                                                      ABOUT THE AUTHOR:

Profile picture.

“My name is Tim Jopling and I love any spy and espionage books, TV, or films! People always say you write about what you know and although I‚Äôve never had any personal experience (I‚Äôve worked in the IT sector for 16 years!) I‚Äôve read a lot of novels (you can‚Äôt really beat the original Ian Fleming novels in my opinion) and watched as many TV shows and films as I possibly can. I‚Äôm a big James Bond fan (not the spoofy ones, my favourites are the grittier ones with Daniel Craig and Timothy Dalton is my favourite Bond ‚Äď nothing to do with the name mind you!) and loved all the seasons of 24.”

Tim lives in Croydon,¬†United Kingdom, and is a big¬†tennis buff. He has coached tennis professionally and enjoys playing any chance he gets. He’s a runner as well. He is an IT Server –¬†Network Manager by day, and a passionate spy/espionage writer by night. He attended John Ruskin College with A-levels in Computer Science and Business studies. He is married to his beautiful wife, (sorry ladies!), and enjoys football, Formula 1 and cricket.

Now I myself have read Book One of his Thriller Series, and I was blown away. It ‘s full of mystery, thrills, edge of your seat suspense! I normally don’t read these types of spy books and novels, but Tim has made me a fan of his, and I can not wait for the¬†next¬†installment to release. I gave him a 5 Star Review on both Goodreads and Amazon. Here is a bit more about his book series and the main characters of his thriller stories,¬†and share what readers are already raving about Underground Murmurs!

Product Details
Underground Murmurs (Akira and Deane Thriller Series Book 1) (Volume 1)
$0.99 to buy  You can download the E-book version for a Special Promo Price Today!



The identity of Akira is still a mystery.¬†Many people have theories on just who Akira might be but as yet we don‚Äôt know for sure. What we do know is that he was once married to a woman called Madeline but she died under mysterious circumstances some years ago. Since that tragic loss he now ‚Äėhears‚Äô Madeline in his thoughts and he is convinced she is still with him.
Akira calls on Madeline whenever he needs her the most and still wears a locket around his neck that was given to him during their marriage. Since the loss of his wife he dropped off the radar and resurfaced with his new identity, someone that the likes of Thomas Deane and the rest of MI6 don’t seem to be aware of. Akira is obsessed with a vision that both he and his wife share. A vision where the West no longer dominate the world and have to adhere to a new way of life.  Akira operates in the shadows pulling the strings as he tries to make his vision a reality. . .



Thomas Deane is a fiercely loyal MI6 agent and plays a leading role within the agency as a mentor figure. His partnerships with other agents have proven to be the most effective over the years. Deane is a patriotic man devoted to the service of his country and will follow the rules to complete any operation. With no children of his own he regards his partners past and present as the children he never had and will do anything to protect them. He can come across as aloof or arrogant but this is often a way of shielding his real feelings.

Thomas Deane was recruited by MI6 whilst still at Kings College University London over two decades ago and though he did marry in his late twenties he could never fully pull himself away from the service he values above anything else. The marriage ended and he hasn’t spoken to his ex-wife since.

Deane joined the agency at the same as Kevin Ramsey and though they were rivals in the early years they now have a healthy respect for each other and get on well. Ramsey has now risen to the Chief Of MI6 and decides on who Deane works with and what Operations he takes on. Deane had several opportunities to leave the field as he gained more experience but he turned them down, never seeing himself suited to management and a desk based role.

In Underground Murmurs we find Deane with his long-term partner Sam Olsen (Deane was also the partner of Olsen’s father when he joined the service two decades ago) and also the young rookie William Hawk. Deane’s experience and his ability to survive over two decades of service have made him a key figure to train younger agents but the older he gets the less open he is to new partners.


Reader Feed Back For Underground Murmurs  РBook 1

5 Stars ~ “I’m a spy fiction fan, so this was always going to be one for me. If you like Bond or Bourne, you’ll enjoy this – though it most reminded me of one of my favorite books series, Barry Eisler’s “Rain Fall” books. Recommended if you like any of the above!

5 Stars ~ “Really enjoyed this book. There was a lot going on to keep me interested and the Olsen and Deane relationship is great to read together with Akira lurking in the background to keep things interested. I’d recommend it!”

5 Stars ~¬†“The writing was fast paced and really pulled me in! I did love the story and I’ll be looking out for part two!”
– – –

Now I asked Tim a few questions of my own to see if I could get a little more ‘personal’ information about him that you may not read anywhere else about this Man Of Mystery.¬† .¬† .¬† . LOL. Her are his answers to my questions.
– – –

1.) How did you become a writer? What you made you decide to write? I had never thought of writing anything until I saw an episode of Season 1 of 24 back in 2001. It had a scene about a safe house, and a very small character call, Ted Paulson who was one of the government agents and it just blew my mind! Everything about it made such an impression, the character, the scene of the safe house being infiltrated, just how tense it was, there was so much visually it just blew me away. The very next day I started writing a short story called, Shadow-Hawk that I ended up using as a template for the style of writing I was looking for. I then used this for ‘Underground Murmurs’, using the some of the same characters, and it all just¬†progressed from there.

2.)¬†Since you have a full-time day job, what are your challenges as a writer? I think for me, it’s all about time and then making use of that time. I’ve always been someone that needs at least an hour of reading through what I had previously written (i.e. the previous chapter if I’m writing a novel) before I can write anything new. I have to get myself into the characters again, and back into the scene and the story. When you work full-time that makes it very hard to get any writing done! So lately I’ve tried to get myself organized on what I’m trying to do and make more use of the pockets of time that come up as I very rarely have an hour or more to spare. Its hard going, and that’s why I’ve enjoyed these short stories I’m working on (that follow ‘Underground Murmurs’), as they give me that flexibility.
Once I’ve mastered this I think I’ll be in a better place to write the next novel ‘Rogue Retrieval’.

Tim Jopling
Independent UK Author, Tim Jopling

3.) Since self publishing your first book, what is the best thing that has happened to you as an author?
I would have to say getting feedback from people that have read my book. Thankfully there has been more positive than negative, but either way its a real buzz to receive feedback from someone you are¬†never going to meet but they enjoyed reading your book. There have been several examples of where they really ‘got’ what I was trying to do. That is so encouraging it really is!

4.) If you had one literary wish given to you, what would you wish for? I have five novels planned for this series (that includes ‘Underground Murmurs’), but as I work full-time it’s very difficult to make the progress I would like.¬† So I suppose if I had one wish it would be for it to be published in the mainstream, be successful, and allow me to do this as my all the time¬†‘job’ so to speak, and¬†have the time to write the other titles as well as some spin-off’s!
– – –

So, Welcome Tim Jopling to The Lyon Book Promotions Family of Fine Authors! Thank you for letting me share all about your new book series, and a wee bit more about you with all my followers and readers!
Readers, go connect and follow Tim on all his social media¬†links listed below, let him know you read about him on ‘Lyon Book Promotions’.
Connect with Tim below:
Facebook Page:
Author/Book Website & Blog: Page:
Google+ Page:
E-book Special Underground Murmurs Only .99 cents!




Meet My Good Friend, and Now Award winning Author, Jo Ann V. Glim for her Biography: BEGOTTEN With Love.

Hello and Welcome Readers, Friends, and Visitors.

My writer pals seem to be racking in the awards this month! First my friend and Author, Jack Barr wins a “Mom’s Choice Award” for his fabulous book titled, Failing Fatherhood. And now my wonderful friend and Author, Jo Ann V. Glim has also won a new award! Her book won First Place for the Biography category of The Florida Writers Associations,¬†2014 Royal Palm Literary Award for her book titled; BEGOTTEN With Love, every family has its story.

FIRST PLACE – Biography – Published

Every Family Has Its tory
About This Fantastic Biography:
*** FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Florida Writers Association 2014 Royal Palm Literary Award for Biography ***

Begotten With Love is a sometime turbulent, sometime rollicking story spanning 150 years of American history and five generations of an immigrant’s family. The stories on these pages are tales of courage, triumph, folly and forgiveness. You’ll laugh and cry as the author brings each generation to life and lets you live the experiences as the characters and plots unfold. As one reader put it, “It reads like fiction . . . but it’s not!”

Based on the author’s 30 years of research, the book brings to life each generation and lets the readers live the experiences as the characters and plots unfold.

“My family is a writer’s dream,” Glim said, “filled with remarkable characters but then every family has its share of dreamers and doers, cowards and cads, heroes and heroines. I hope after reading Begotten With Love you will love my family as much as I do . . . warts and all. More than that, I hope you will love your family even more!”

About The Author:
 Award Winning Author, Jo Ann V. Glim
Jo Ann V. Glim‘s professional career (as a disc jockey and copy-writer) began in the late 1960s in Chicago on the all jazz¬†radio station WSDM-FM when she answered a help wanted ad in the Chicago Tribune which ¬†boldly ¬†stated: No experience necessary.¬†The 24-year-old ¬†(whose ¬†personal ¬†life ¬†was ¬†in shambles — a ¬†six-year marriage on the¬†rocks and no marketable job skills) laughingly thought,¬†“For once, I qualify”!

That ¬†was ¬†the “glamorous”¬†side of her career.¬†One she is¬†grateful to have enjoyed but she was¬†also¬†fascinated by the ¬†inner ¬† workings of business management and¬†now, remarried¬†and¬†living in the suburbs, wanted to experience corporate¬†life. Glim began as a¬†file clerk with Kelly Services and throughout the years took advantage of every business class Kelly and local¬†junior colleges offered.¬†¬†Sixteen years later, Glim retired as an on-site manager at “Baxter¬†Healthcare’s Human Resources (IV Systems) division” . . . still employed through Kelly Services.
The one constant in Glim’s life has been writing. As a forty-year veteran of freelance writing. with¬†credits to her name for “Hallmark Cards” and one-liners for nationally known comedians . .¬† . And for the rest of Jo Ann’s fabulous life story, you just have to visit her Author Website at:¬†¬† … You can even read a sample of her book while your there too!
I have known Jo Ann, my “Florida Girl”¬†for a long while now, and I believe we met through Twitter & Facebook. But we do see each other a lot on Social Media. She has always engaged and interacted with me on both sites, and when she sent the direct message of her good news of winning this fabulous award, I told her I just had to “Spotlight” it¬†for her!
Then, …. I got sick with an upper ling infection. So I’m sorry girl this took way to long to share your *Special Honor & Award*!! “But you know Jo Ann¬†I always got your back dear”!! Now I do have her book added to my Goodreads “Want To Read” book list, and when I’m done, I’ll be doing a nice Blog Post Review her for you when I’m done reading!
See, that’s what it’s all about, authors helping and networking together to help all of us be Successful as authors & writers!
So I Thank Jo Ann for letting me share her book and award with all my readers and blog friends. And if you’re a reader on Goodreads? Please connect with my good friend Jo Ann V. Glim on Goodreads and grab a copy of her award-winning biography at:
Also connect with her on Facebook:  LIKE/FOLLOW:
And check out her blog too:

Here is what readers say about her Biography from reviews:

This review is from: Begotten With Love: Every Family Has Its Story (Kindle Edition)
“Such an incredible story of a family! If you like the these types of stories, you will love this of her family. You really get to know the characters and experience what they went through at that time. Just buy it, you will love it.”
“After reading “Begotten With Love”, I am truly amazed at the lives lived by the author’s ancestors as well as the author’s own life. This is definitely a testament to hope, love and forgiveness and a wonderfully crafted tale that will keep your attention from beginning to end.”
This review is from: Begotten With Love: Every Family Has Its Story (Kindle Edition)

“Begotten with Love takes us through five generations of American history. The action never stops as we see how this family came together through rough times and adversity. In the end it is a tale of hope, love and forgiveness. I highly recommend it”!

Happy Holidays Readers,
Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon of “Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions!