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Author Deborah L. Perdue

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Meet Author Deborah L. Perdue.

All About The Author Who Shares Inspiration & Gratitude With Readers:

Deborah Perdue is the author of five books on her favorite topic and passion, gratitude. She also teaches workshops, and classes and facilitates women’s retreats on the topic of gratitude, abundance, and how to live a life of peace and joy. It has been her passion to help others transform their lives and her own life through her spiritual path and the power of being grateful! She has been a Center for Spiritual Living licensed practitioner for over 14 years.

She writes spiritual articles and blog posts on gratitude. They have been published online and in local publications. Deborah writes ‘Daily Gratitude Reflections’ to her subscriber email list for over seven years! She was first introduced to the practice of gratitude on a daily basis at the Center for Spiritual Living in the Rogue Valley.

It is her intention that her gratitude journals and books will be a blessing to others who wish to uplift their consciousness by practicing gratitude. The spiritual classes she facilitates encourage others in their transformation to awakening.

In 1994, Deborah received two Bachelor’s Degrees (Cum Laude) from Sonoma State University, in English (emphasis: creative writing) and Studio Art (with emphasis: photography). Her graphic design business, Illumination Graphics, is a rewarding and prospering business that she loves. Deb is an accomplished book designer with over 20 years of experience, and she chooses to specialize in the design of spiritual book covers.

Living in the country in Oregon, her home office overlooks beautiful forested land and is near the famous Rogue River where she, her husband, and two dogs visit and swim, almost every day in the summer. She hails from the Bay Area, CA. where she spent 45 years until moving to Southern Oregon.

About The New Book Release TitledDaily Gratitude Reflections: 365 Inspirational Daily Guides to Grateful Living.”

Would you like to be a happier, more peaceful, and positive person?

Practicing gratitude each day is well worth the effort. It is the power to transform negative thinking, limited perceptions, low vibration emotions (such as anger, depression, anxiety ), and how you experience life in general. Peace, joy, and a brighter outlook are natural consequences of flowing gratitude.

Uncovering things to be grateful for, even in challenging moments, is a skill most of us need to be taught, and then we need to practice it. Most of us would benefit greatly from having a good example, a wise teacher, and a simple way to practice gratitude each day.

This book is such a guide.

Gratitude mastered, becomes a Super Power of sorts that can transform our perspective and worldview, resulting in more peace and joy and reducing stress.

Deborah Perdue has written five books on Gratitude. She offers online classes and annual retreats to teach others how to live Gratitude in the same manner she used to transform her own life.

Daily Gratitude Reflections is a gratitude devotional loaded with daily inspiration. It is a beautiful, easy read, filled with pearls of wisdom, powerful quotes, the author’s personal reflections, and beautiful, inspiring full-color photos on each page. This gratitude devotional is a lovely guide to becoming happier, more positive, and peaceful, harnessing the power of living with a heart full of gratitude.

“I ‘had never realized how much there really is to be grateful for every day. Deborah’s Daily Gratitudes helped to transform my thinking and fill me with a new sense of wonder.”- Kimberly Bowmen

If you would like to receive inspirational insights from the author to your inbox, Monday-Friday, to guide you on your daily “Spiritual Scavenger Hunt,” you may email Deborah at: info@GraceofGratitude.com

A Special Treat For Cat’s Readers! For a limited time, you can read Deborah’s new E-book Release from Book Funnel while they last! Just visit the link and download your copy NOW!
Get the free ebook & be added to her subscriber list.  https://dl.bookfunnel.com/3vx8hrqu7f

Author INTERVIEW With Deborah Perdue 🤗
(Courtesy of Awesome Gang Book Site)

What inspires you to write?
Writing about spirituality inspires me greatly. In particular, writing about gratitude, and inspiring others to be more grateful in their lives is very fulfilling to me. Becoming a gratitude aficionado in my own life in 2012 informs me of how very powerful a daily gratitude practice is, and I like to share this knowledge.

Tell us about your writing process?
I tend to write short pieces. When I write, I like best to use pen and paper, and then type on my computer where I also edit. I write daily because I send out Daily Gratitude Reflections and this keeps me always writing which I love to do.

Who are YOUR favorite authors?
Spiritually, I enjoy Mark Nepo, Michael A. Singer, Brene Brown, Caroline Myss, Deepak Chopra, and Wayne Dyer, to name just a few. Fiction-wise, I enjoy modern psychological drama and mysteries. A few authors to name are Kristen Hannah, Judi Picoult, and Susan Clayton-Goldner. I also love Toni Morrison, Anne Lamott, and Maya Angelou. Loved Michelle Obama’s book “Becoming.”

What genre do you enjoy reading for pleasure?

Modern psychological fiction and also modern mysteries.

What advice would you give other writers?

If you love what you are writing about, keep going! Never give up. Writing is a wonderful form of creativity.

How did you decide how to publish your books?

I self-publish through my own publishing company Applegate Valley Publishing. I wanted to publish my first Grace of Gratitude Journal and did, and then others followed. Inspiration gratitude books and one more beautiful journal.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?

Books will always be loved by many. A lot of people like me prefer touching the pages of a physical book. Print books will have their place and ebooks are now popular too.

Lastly, what is one quirky thing readers don’t know about you?

Sometimes my husband has to remind me to be grateful if I’m in a bad mood. LOL!

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I highly suggest you give Deborah a visit to her fabulous website to see all five books she has published and readers can connect with her on social media too by clicking these links:

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Download a free copy of her new e-book >>>  https://dl.bookfunnel.com/3vx8hrqu7f

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Cat Welcomes Our Newest Member of Our Literary Family -Medal-Winning Author and Writer Cynthia Ulmer of “The Cedar Cove Chronicles.” A Beautiful Fictional Family Saga/Series.


“The Cedar Cove Chronicles”
Cynthia Ulmer


Have you ever been to Cedar Cove?
Once you visit, life for you will never be the same. You will never want to read about witches, warlocks and evil forces again. The powerful emotions of Love, Unity, Harmony, Dreams, Forgiveness, Reconciliation and a clear understanding of the ‘Love of Christ’ will visit you and remain a part of your life.

In this 6 book series, these good people will live with you daily. You will not be able to wait until this evening’s quiet reading moments, to get to the next page. It is almost like these people are actually real.

I was truly touched by the spirit while writing, that those reading this series will change the way you and other readers in America and around the World love and care about each other.

It will change the kinds of books you look forward to reading forever . . .



Here is how Cynthia, above, describes her fictional light Christian theme saga and shares some of what you’ll find between the pages of her six-book series of “The Cedar Cove Chronicles.” Woven and laced within the pages and meeting ‘The Jansan Family’ are many of her cherished childhood memories about both North and South Carolina family life as much as it is her sharing some of the history from her own family. But who is this Readers Favorite 5-Star Book Awarded Review and Award-Medal Winning Writer?



Award-winning Author, Cynthia Ulmer is a medal-recipient writer of her Southern Family Fictional Series, “The Cedar Cove Chronicles” a Christian themed fiction series about family life, love, faith, and endurance. Her titles are available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and many online bookstores. Written and released between mid-2009 through mid-2015. Books one and four are writing medal-winners by ‘Wishing Shelf Indie Book Awards.’

“Some people struggle with what they are meant to do in life and others just know it all along. I’ve known since I was a small child that I wanted to write–the stories were always in my head.” The Cedar Cove Chronicles is a series set in the fictional community of Cedar Cove, North Carolina and follows the lives of ‘The Jansan Family,’ their friends and neighbors during the 40’s and ’50s.

Born in Virginia and raised in North Carolina, Cynthia Ulmer is a true southern author whose books reflect her Southern and Christian heritage. Her writing has a down-home, comfort to it that brings her vast array of characters to life.
Dive into this heart-warming series with ebooks one and six are Now on Sale on Amazon Kindle for .99 cents a download!



ABOUT THE SERIES Books One Through Six:

Come on a journey to the past and visit the Jansan family, where love, faith, and family ties are as natural as breathing.  The Jansans are a hard-working family, living a simple life of true faith and Christian living and real friendship. There is no television, no cell phones, no internet. But evil can still exist. It’s present in the form of World War II, with personal sacrifice and rationing. It’s even as close as their next-door neighbor.

Go back and take a trip in time to rural Cedar Cove, NC where faith in the Lord is a given, friendships are loyal, and enemies seem relentless.  ~Cynthia Ulmer 


TODD – Book One: Todd is a southern novel about family love, faith and endurance. In 1943, ten-year-old Todd Jansan lives with his family on a North Carolina tobacco farm. The Jansen’s neighbor, Horace Hammond is a cruel man who punishes his children by holding them over a well. The Jansans have to deal with his cruelty and with the mystery surrounding Todd’s uncle who is off at war.

CLYDE and WANDA – Book Two: Seven years have passed since Clyde Jansan’s niece, Lilly Jean, was rescued from Horace Hammond’s well. During that time, Clyde has married, has a daughter and is the owner of the store he always dreamed of. With Horace Hammond in prison and his sons Reuben and T.H. in the Army, there is nothing to worry about in Cedar Cove. Or is there?

CELLA – Book Three: Marcella Lewis, “‘Cella” is the only child of Madge and Sammy Lewis, granddaughter of Gil and Lana Ballard, niece and cousin to many. Growing up in a sea of relatives, ‘Cella feels that no one listens to her and struggles to be noticed. At only fourteen, she suspects she’s pregnant. Ashamed to tell any of her family about her condition, she turns to the local witch for help; changing her life forever.

TRUDY – Book Four: Shortly after eloping with her sister’s boyfriend, Trudy soon found herself in an abusive marriage. Now, six years later, she’s coming home, unsure if she’ll be accepted or rejected by the ones she loves and hurt the most.

MARK – Book Five: Is Mark A Blacksheep? Mark Gideon has changed his name to Worthington Grant Davis and is on the run again. What will happen to him now?

LILLY JEAN – Book Six: Parents sometimes have a hard time letting go … Lilly Jean Jansan has been accepted to Nursing School but hasn’t told her parents. How can she tell them it’s time to let her grow up?  

CAT is very honored to welcome and have Cynthia aboard our “Family of Fine Authors” of Lyon Media Services and we get to represent. We hope all our readers will take the time to read her beautiful series and she looks forward to your book reviews!
You can connect with the author through her social media below.

CONNECT ON Amazon  Goodreads  Twitter  Facebook!
Visit Her Official Author Website and Reviews.







My Spotlight on Amigo Author, Rico Austin. His Book, ‘My Bad TEQUILA’

Rico AustinPresentsMy Bad Tequila


So, I walk into this cantina in San Carlos, Mexico and see this guy with all these women hanging around him  . . . .  Ok, not exactly how we met.
The real truth about meeting my new buddy and fellow Author, Rico Austin is by way of ME being the Biggest FAN of the Discovery Channel’s show, Deadliest Catch and of Captian Wild Bill of the crab boat “Cape Caution.”

Now I know what your thinking, what does that have to do with the book promoting right? Well, Rico’s wife is also a “Uge Fan of the show too.”  The only difference is Rico and his wife actually got to meet Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski while they were visiting in Mexico. Here is a picture to prove it. AND I am still SO jealous! Lol. I had left a comment on one of Bill’s posts and I think Rico noticed I do book promoting. We became FB pals and BAM! I’m helping him promote his books.



If you don’t know Author, Rico Austin or have not read any of his fantastic books yet? Oh My,  you missing out. Start by picking up his current e-book promo book now only $.99 cents in the Amazon Kindle Store. It has over 60ish 5-star Amazon reviews. So here is part of a wonderful writer/author interview Rico did recently about his books, his writing, and life. Courtesy to and the full interview can be viewed here on Awesomegang .

( Author, Rico Austin)

Now I know what your thinking, what does that have to do with the book promoting right? Well, Rico’s wife is also a “Uge Fan of the show too.” The only difference is Rico, and his wife got to meet Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski while they were visiting in Mexico. Here is a picture to prove it. AND I am still so jealous! Lol. I had left a comment on one of Bill’s posts, and I think Rico noticed I do book promoting. We became FB pals and BAM! I’m helping him promote his books.

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
I have written eight books and am about to finish my 9th novel.

Born and raised in Southwestern Idaho, Rico is the oldest of five boys, growing up in an area that was ripe for several adventures with his four younger brothers and numerous cousins. Rico grew up near farmland that produced potatoes, hay, hops, grain and corn. There were several fruit orchards and vineyards in the Snake River Valley as well, due to the extraordinary fertile soil.

A few years out of high school he moved to (the big city) of Boise and enrolled at Boise State University as a student and walk-on football player. However, he could not escape the allure of traveling the world and began writing and storing his experiences in hopes of someday becoming a novelist and writer. He began reading every chance he had. From contemporary novels to classical literature, Rico’s love of storytelling was uncontrollable. He attended occasionally at Boise’s former Comedy Club as a stand-up comedian, retelling his stories of growing up in a comedic fashion.

Rico earned an Associate Degree in Marketing and Sales from BSU. After a few years of low-level management positions, Rico moved to Hawaii for a short time, surfing the waters of Kaua’i and enjoying the outdoors. He then moved to back to Idaho. In 1991, Rico moved to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and continued his education receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration in International Business at Grand Canyon University, named the “Outstanding International Business Graduate of 1995.”

That same year he was also selected as “Mr. Future Business Executive” at the State Leadership Conference which included all universities in the State of Arizona. Rico finished his Masters, an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a focus on the Latin American Region and the Spanish language.


Hollywood has even had an encounter with Rico. Those who watched Baywatch with the beautiful Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff might recall Rico Austin in a cameo appearance in the episode, “Night of the Dolphin” in 1997, where he played the role of a drug lord on a huge yacht with sexy chicks.

He and his graduate classmates watched the aired episode in the “old clock tower hanger” in the TV lounge. He was invited back for another episode by casting director Susie Glickman but declined due to a conflict with finals at Thunderbird. Rico chose education over stardom; when questioned why he responded, “No one can ever take your education away. Everything else can come and go and, most likely will.”

Rico is an avid fisherman and has traveled far and wide to cast his fishing line into many waters including streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, seas and oceans. He has worked for a few international companies as both a sales manager and a marketing manager. In his spare time, he has worked as a land developer and was a licensed Realtor in Arizona. Should you decide to visit Arizona, Rico would be more than happy to show you around his Great State of Arizona through his beautiful children’s book,  ARIZONA is where I Live.


Rico is happily married to a graphic artist from Minnesota, Connie. They make their homes in the “Land of the Sun,” Scottsdale, Arizona and San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. He and wife Connie enjoy snorkeling, hiking, hanging by their swimming pool and traveling to the different beaches of Mexico while sipping on a cold Cerveza or Margarita blended with Rico’s favorite TEQUILA.

Rico Austin first began writing seriously as a seventh grader at age 13. He was elected as the reporter for the Eager Beaver 4-H Club in Marsing, Idaho, and started submitting weekly articles to the local newspaper. Rico then was elected reporter for the local FFA chapter his freshman and sophomore year, continuing to expand his writing ability. As a freshman, Rico took third place in the Marsing High School essay contest titled American Beef Farmers. He later would later become a professional freelance and feature writer for DAS TOR newspaper at Thunderbird Global School of Management from 1996 – 1998. Rico also won the first and only writing essay at DAS TOR in March 1997. The essay asked contestants to propose ways for Thunderbird to be improved. Rico used his humor, knowledge of several countries that he had visited and innovation to secure the winning essay.

One of his most serious assignments and pieces of journalism was reporting on the Winterim class 97, “US Foreign Economic Policy” in Washington DC including the opening of the 105th Congress and the Inauguration of the President of the United States – Mr. Bill Clinton. Make sure you visit his full Awesomegang  Author Interview!

#      #        #         #

Here are a few of Rico’s Favorite Things!

Favorite movie, “Gone with the Wind”

Favorite comedies, “The Hangover” & “The Wolf of Wall Street”

With Zach Galifianakis of “The Hangover” at Harrah’s in Las Vegas!


( Rico is freakin everywhere!)

Rico’s favorite books are,  John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”

Ernest Hemingway’s  “The Old Man and the Sea”

J.R. Tolkien’s  “The Hobbit”

David Stuart’s  “The Guaymas Chronicles”

Jack London’s  “Call of the Wild”

E.B. White’s  “Charlotte’s Web”

Wilson Rawls’  “Where the Red Fern Grows”


Rico’s First Book Release, “My Bad TEQUILA”  published September 11, 2010. And is now available for only .99 Cents for the e-book through August 31, 2016, in The Amazon Kindle Store!


MY BAD TEQUILA by [Austin, Rico]

His first children’s book, ARIZONA Is Where I Live was published February 14, 2013. This was the same day as Arizona’s 101’th Birthday.

Rico’s autobiography/memoir In the Shadow of ELVIS, Perils of a Ghostwriter was published April  2013.

Son of the KING, an ELVIS paradox unveiled is Rico’s fourth book and is a biography published in February 2014.

Amigo Rico is all over  Facebook Baby! & on Twitter  so go connect with him and know when his next book will be releasing and working over on GoodReads.


I told you he had ALL THE Ladies Hangin around HIM! Lol.


“Spotlight Presented by Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions”

Welcome UK Author, Diana Mugano To Lyon Book Promotions.


I am very honored to welcome UK Author, Diana Mugano to Lyon Book Promotions family of Fine Authors. Now as I always say, my book clients always become friends as in the beginning of working together setting up their social media accounts, working on bio’s and content we add on them, I get the chance to learn more about each author and their “uniqueness” from one writer to another.

And Diana and I have become fast BFF’S and she is got such a great sense of humor! That is the best part of what I get to do for a living. It also enable’s me to bring a more “personal” feel to Author Spotlights to my readers and book lovers. So here is a little more about Diana and her fantastic motivational and self-help books.”


About The Author:


If you go read her Twitter Profile? It seems to sum up what Diana is really all about. It reads: 
Jesus Enthusiast / Author / Dreamer / Encourager / A Friend / Tweets Are My Personal Opinions only / Jesus…. /  Now that is Diana …  LOL.

I can add that she has a big heart, big faith in God, and a beautiful smile. We talk by phone often and it is how I know these ‘special qualities’ about her. And of course, that great sense of humor. But she is very serious when it comes to her writing. She enjoys motivating others and inspires them to be the best of the powers and abilities we all possess within us. And she has done this within her first book titled, Relentless Mode, for which is the Founder as well.


Diana’s Mission and Beliefs of Others?

“She believes you are here now with the power to shape today and your tomorrow.

You never know from where you stand, whether what you are experiencing will turn out to be good or bad, until enough time has passed.

She strongly believes that everyone carries an awesome powerhouse within themselves and people should celebrate their individualities.”

Product Details


About Her First Book:

DISCOVER principles on how to live your life to the very best. UNLOCK potentials within. RUB OFF negativity . MOVE from a bad decision to a better decision. LEARN how to cope in times of challenge. FIND golden tips to motivate your life  and LET GO of unreasonable fears.

Her New Book released a few weeks ago, and this one is teaching many how to get ready for their “Golden Years.”  Yes, it is all about retiring wealthy. It is never too soon to start saving for your retirement. The younger you are and start saving now? The more wealth you will have later to live the life you want later on. And Diana’s advice and tips in her new book titled, “ 7 Ways To Retire Wealthy ”  will help you get there. Both books are available on Amazo.com and Amazon.co.uk. Here is a preview of her new release!



Product Details
(Click to buy on Amazon)

Financial life does not function separately; recent economic events have shaken people’s beliefs of financial stability and left many wanting to take control of their own destiny. Most people handle a challenge much better if they are prepared in advance while retirement used to be regarded as a time for slowing down and relaxing that idea went out. This book is designed to assist you in preparation for retirement and as well as transforming your relationship with money. Inside this book, you will find:

How to make sure your pension generates the best pension income.
How to convert your retirement goals into a plan.
How to have an exit strategy for your retirement.
How to put money aside for your retirement.
Golden nuggets on a pleasant retirement.
How to use your acquired skills to generate income when you retire.
Plus a Bonus: Senior citizen jokes.

#           #           #           #           #           #

You can learn more about my friend and fellow Author, Diana Mugano when you visit her website at RELENTLESSMODE by Diana Mugano  and go connect with her on social media too!

Diana’s on Facebook
On Google+
On Goodreads
And on Twitter

An Author Interview With Allen Currie & Book OPERATION PHOENIX.

I’m happy to Welcome Author, Allen Currie and his book Titled; OPERATION PHOENIX to Lyon Book Promos.




Editorial Review:

“The seeds of a global perfect storm are sewn. Scientists caution of potential mega quakes, super disease, volcanic eruptions or solar flares. Population growth and industrial activities increasingly stress the environment. One Middle Eastern state after another erupts in civil war. (Sound familiar?)

And most insidious of all, the governments, central banks and banking industries of every developed country on the globe have been systematically building funeral pyres of paper under their respective economies, building them ever higher over the course of decades with mountains of debt, printed money and derivatives, just waiting for a spark, a match, a stray bolt of lightning…

In the novel, the protagonist, elite headhunter Gary Alden didn’t have a crystal ball, just a comprehensive study of the demise of empires past. He’d watched the alarming parallels with current events developing for some time. But he was one of very few. The vast majority don’t like to hear that the party is over, and aren’t apt to listen until it’s too late.

So, when the pyres do burst into flame, Gary must marshal his family and his resources – especially his expertise in recruiting specialists in various fields – to navigate a gauntlet of economic and social calamity, build a new community and preserve what they can of a modern standard of living before the ashes of another fallen empire scatter in the wind.”
~ Val Martinez




A Canadian Author, Allen Currie resides in NW Ontario and enjoys nature and the outdoors. Part of the year this man of mystery hides deep in the Canada bush where who knows what he may be up to, but I hope it is crafting and writing more books. His release of ‘Operation Phoenix’ is now available on Amazon and Amazon Kindle Store. But I caught up with him and here is what Allen was willing to share ….
“I was born and raised on a dirt poor farm during the dirty ‘1930’s. Began into computers when you still walked inside them and taught computer operation and programming. I then went on to become a CFO and CEO. Dabbled into consulting, primarily with the most advanced banks in the world. I later switched to “competitive intelligence” consulting, whose evil twin is industrial espionage.

I now live in Ontario. Along the way, I climbed mountains, traveled around the world, and became a glider pilot and a sculptural hot glass artist collected by international museums.”



About The Book:

Are you comfortable with the state of the world today?

After decades of active mismanagement, neglect, greed, corruption and divorce from reality by humanity, the world reaches a tipping point. Having recognized the trend and studied the demise of empires past, Gary marshals his resources to deal with a financial collapse and subsequent gauntlet of social upheaval. It’s a thrilling and for some, terrifying ride…
#         #           #             #             #            #


Q – I read your bio and you have done a lot of unusual things. Computers when you still walked inside them, CFO and CEO, consultant to some of the world’s most advanced international banks, Glider Pilot, Hot Glass sculptural artist collected by international museums, world traveler, and now author. But before we get to that, one thing that intrigued me was Competitive Intelligence or CI. You say the evil twin to CI is Industrial espionage. Tell us about that.

“Well, the methods used in CI were really invented during World War 2. The Yanks needed spies in Japan, but they didn’t have many slanty eyed operatives. What is worse, a village on one side of a mountain speaks a different accent than a village on the other side of the same mountain. The North Islanders won’t even speak much to the Tokyo crowd because they are Gai jin – foreign devils. So any spy the Americans managed to find was going to stand out like a sore thumb, except in one small village where everyone knows everyone else.”

Q – You have been to Japan?

“Oh yes, I was briefly married to a Japanese I met in Tokyo. Mother nature likes to mix the gene pool. Anyway back to WW2. What the Americans did was to subscribe to every village newspaper in Japan. Of course, if there was going to be a factory built, the local paper would proudly write about how many people would be working at that plant, some idea of what they would be manufacturing, how many units would be produced, plus a lot of other details. Not only did the Americans know where to bomb to do away with critical things like bearings, but they learned almost exactly the capacity of the Japanese machine. They got 98% of what they wanted without leaving their desks.

Q – So, how does that lead to CI?

“CI is the art of gathering actionable information. Inferring information from other facts. If I ask someone who knows how many boxes for widgets a factory is ordering, I can be quite sure how many widgets they expect produce yearly. One of the more famous examples is about a company wanted to know secretly how many tons a competitor was shipping before they tried to take to take it over. They measured the rust on a railway spur leading to the plant and came up with an estimate that turned out to be within three percent of the actual.’

Q – Your intriguing thriller, “Operation Phoenix” seems to be positing the state of our society as we rush into turmoil. Are you predicting the end of the world?

“Definitely not the end of the world. I am predicting great change in our world, which some may think of as the end of the world as we know it. Change in the world is happening at a rate never before known to mankind. We are so accustomed to having some things, many of which most people don’t even understand, such as certain technologies advancing to solve various problems that crop up, that the world is reaching a tipping point on many fronts. Climate and weather change, over-population of our world, peak oil, financial excesses, super diseases, political short term solutions to real long-term problems, the list of possible tipping points goes on.” 


Q – Political such as?

“Consider the hoo-haw that went on in the most recent debt ceiling debates in the US. If the debt ceiling wasn’t raised, the US would default. If the US cannot pay its debt now, how could it repay a greater amount? If it cannot pay its debt, it is bankrupt. When Iceland reached the same point a very few years ago and its banks required a bailout, Iceland said they are a commercial enterprise, and let them fail. No bailout. Particularly the UK screamed blue bloody murder because UK banks were heavily exposed to Iceland but the UK bailed its banks out. The result in Iceland was vicious but short lived. Today Iceland is doing very well economically, thank you.
They let nature release the stresses that had built up in the local economy. The last time that the Fed in the US did not interfere in an economic downturn was in 1919. That depression was probably the most vicious to that date, but short lived again. Eighteen months. The next depression, the dirty 30’s was history making. The government interfered and today’s estimates are that the resulting depression was doubled or tripled in depth and length because of that fiddling by government.
Today the pressures have built too much higher levels because of more “management”.  The explosion will likely be much bigger. What makes it worse is that so many economies around the world have jumped on the same “management” theories. It will spread like wildfire. The US, Japan, and Europe are ‘Wily Coyote’ who is off the cliff but not yet looked down because of government “management” spin. Take the foul tasting medicine to cure the disease, otherwise, it becomes worse. But politicians loath to put forth “foul tasting” because they will lose their jobs. ”

Q- This is fascinating, but let’s get to your thriller novel. I didn’t notice any mention of CI. Is there a connection?

“On a very basic level, there is definitely a connection. CI is about information and using that information. It is a method of thinking. The ideas in the novel develop according to CI training. Some people would call it in a logical way. If  there is debt, it will be paid somehow. Either to the lender or to mother nature if only in a damaged credit rating, but it will be paid. The world has not only been borrowing financially but environmentally, socially, more ways than I care to count. Sooner or later the piper has to be paid.”

Q – So why did you write Operation Phoenix only now? It describes the result of these tipping points that you say you have recognized since 1987?

In 1993 I decided I had to give back to humanity for having lived in the best time and place mankind has ever known. I had thought about the problem since 1987 and had slowly come to the conclusion I was somewhere near correct. It turns out I was amazingly so. My forecasts have been much closer than I ever believed possible. However, in any field, you have to pay your dues to become proficient. Writing is no different. The basic story has not changed. What I had to learn was how to write a story. And I had never written any more than a letter till that time. It would have been much easier to have simply stopped and gone to university and taken a journalism course.

Stupidly and stubbornly, I had to do it the hard way. I learned, but it took 18 or 19 years. Mind you, I had no idea at that time that economists could spin the situation out as long as it has. They have muddled through amazingly well. They have learned too.

Q- Well I read most of the free preview and reviews, what I read is well written. I found it rather fascinating. Tell us how we can get a copy and where readers can connect with you?

It is available online on Amazon and my website. You can download copy or order a hard copy which will be printed for you specifically. Delivery is in about a week depending on your method of shipping. Usually, I get mine in about four business days.

Go to Allen Currie Website You can find a free giveaway contest of an autographed book, and a forum to discuss the ideas in the novel or your questions, which I try to attend on a regular basis. (At least weekly if I am out of touch.) There is also an unusually long free sample read. You can connect with me on Allen Currie, Author on FB  and on Allen Currie on Twitter …
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” Great detailed story, can’t wait for the second book to come out.

” Worst case scenario about a country drowing in debt ”

”  This book is a treat –  ” I read this book many years ago, I have communicated with the author a number of times. This story is a work of art it is very entertaining and well done. I am not going to say more than buy the book and read it. It as a book written by a man who saw the future for what it was over 20 years ago.

I applaud the book and the man who wrote it.”

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