Special Article: Clearing the Confusion of KDP Select, Kindle Unlimted, The Global Fund, & KENP Page Reads. They All Enhance Each Other!

I came across a fantastic blog post by Author Dan Tortora that explained the KDP Select program for authors who self-publish their ebooks through KDP publishing and sell on Amazon. He shares how it all works with KDP and Kindle Unlimited and how they enhance each other when you enroll your ebook in KDP Select, and the Kindle Unlimited program for readers, (ebooks only, not paperbacks) will entitle the author to royalties of their page reads.

Those pages read when enrolled and with KU get the author paid from the Amazon Global Fund. It’s like extra sweetness to your royalties from not only your ebooks sold, but when a reader reads any of the pages of your ebook that is enrolled!

It really is that simple. Yes, you can only sell your ebook “exclusive” through Amazon, but the trade-off can be very profitable for the author. I hope what Dan shares within his article clears up any confusion or hesitations by authors when self-publishing your next ebook.

KDP Direct Publishing & Amazon

AMAZON KDP SELECT PROGRAM GLOBAL FUND (USA) ~ Article From Author Dan Tortora and Coaching – What is the KDP Select and the Global Fund Payout? How does the KDP Select Global Fund work?

As a nonfiction author coach who helps authors publish and market their books, I often get questions about this subject.

This information is for authors on Amazon.com (USA). Scroll down to learn more.

If you’re an author with an ebook available on Kindle Unlimited, receive payouts for the total number of pages of your book that Kindle Unlimited members read during each month.

You must be enrolled in KDP Select to qualify for these payments, making your book “exclusive‚ÄĚ to Amazon and available through Kindle Unlimited. When a Kindle Unlimited member reads your book, you get paid for every page they read. (See this link for more on payments and the payment schedule.)

These payments will be in addition to the self-publishing royalties you receive from Amazon when your book is purchased on Amazon.com.

There is a 60-day lag between the end of the month and the time you get your payout.

How much does KDP pay per page read? How much is the monthly payout and how has it varied over time?

The author payout to US authors has ranged from roughly $0.0040 to $0.0050 per page read, or $0.40 to $0.50 per 100 pages read.

Here is a graph of the KDP Select Global Author Fund Payout, per page read, for US-based authors on Amazon.com, from July 2015 through September 2021:

How is the payout determined?

The payout comes from the Kindle Select Global Author Fund (AKA the Kindle Select Global Fund). The fund is based on the subscription fees paid by the total number of Kindle Unlimited members. As KU members join or drop off the Global Fund changes. As Amazon explains, authors receive payouts for the previous month’s page-reads of their book(s).

Those payouts vary based on their home country; “the share of fund allocated to each country varies based on several factors, such as exchange rates, customer reading behavior, and local subscription pricing. Author earnings are then determined by their share of total pages read, up to a total of 3,000 pages per customer per title.” (For more explanation, see ‚ÄúRoyalties in Kindle Unlimited.‚ÄĚ)

Where is the payout posted?

KDP Select authors can see the previous month’s payout while logged in to KDP in their Prior Month’s Royalty Report. Written Word Media (the book promotion company that runs FreeBooksy and Bargain Booksy) also posts the KDP Global Fund monthly payouts on its website.

Is your book enrolled in KDP Select? If so, what has your experience been with it and with the payouts?

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Cat’s Note: I wanted to add how KDP describes the benefits of KDP Select, KU, and why it’s popular, and it is in reference only to your Ebooks. The program is not available for print books. I hope those authors who visit and read this post find this information helpful.

As you’ll see, KDP Select and Kindle Unlimited end up working together for YOU to earn more MONEY…

Why Enroll in KDP Select?

  • Earn higher royalties
  • Earn your share of the KDP Select Global Fund when customers read your books from Kindle Unlimited. Plus, earn 70% royalty for sales to customers in Japan, India, Brazil and Mexico.
  • Maximize your book‚Äôs sales potential
  • Choose between two great promotional tools: Kindle Countdown Deals, time-bound promotional discounting for your book while earning royalties; or Free Book Promotion where readers worldwide can get your book free for a limited time.
  • Reach a new audience
  • Help readers discover your books by making them available through Kindle Unlimited in the U.S, U.K., Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, India, Japan, and Australia.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Kindle Unlimited?
  • Kindle Unlimited is a subscription program for readers that allows them to read as many books as they want. When you enroll in KDP Select, your books are automatically included in Kindle Unlimited. Your books will still be available for anyone to buy in the Kindle Store, and you’ll continue to earn royalties from those sales like you do today. For more information about Kindle Unlimited, click here.
  • What does it mean to publish exclusively on Kindle?
  • When you choose to enroll your book in KDP Select, you’re committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP. During the period of exclusivity, you cannot distribute your book digitally anywhere else, including on your website, blogs, etc. However, you can continue to distribute your book in physical format, or in any format other than digital. See the KDP Select Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • Where can I see the terms and conditions of KDP Select?
  • Click here to see KDP Select Terms and Conditions.
  • For more details on KDP Select, click here.

Just Some Writer Ramblings, Tips, and Idea’s…..

I spent the day catching up on some finishing touch’s on book number two, catching up on reading and visiting some helpful websites that I wanted to pass on to you.
First the ramblings as it is a New Year, it should be time too for all new passwords on all the important things YOU use a password for to change. Like Your emails, all your Social Media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, About.me, Path, Tumbler, Pinterest, maybe even your vendor accounts through Amazon, Kindle, and GoodReads, Barnes and Noble too!

Some you haven’t heard of you say? These¬†are couple tips on more exposure for wares your promoting! Another great place to give you insight on the “Best Ways” to maximize your FB posts, Twitter posts, YouTube videos and more is my friend Robert at http://Sparkah.com¬†he has all kinds of Marketing videos from his YouTube account that he shares on all the¬†perfect ways to use¬†social media marketing!

For Writers and Authors, it also means some New Year Goals in maybe publishing a new book. Have you considered using a “Fund Raising” site to help cover¬†out-of-pocket expenses¬†and publishing costs? That is what helped me last year get my book published and my e-book out this past May¬†too! Since I had 2 different book covers, one for my paperback, and one for my e-book, I needed help with the costs. We all know the only people making the BIG BUCKS are those who are FAMOUS. Their books sell, but us “Penniless Writers” need some help!…LOL…

There are many to choose from like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and more.
That’s why I did some research, and the best¬†one that fit my needs¬†is “Go Fund Me”¬†http://gofundme.com/5zeqjo This is my link to my “2014 Donor Dream Goal” for Donors¬†to¬†help get my next 2 books out in the world.

My last fundraiser was through “WePay.com and I had good success there as I raised enough to get my first book done!¬† But I wanted a more “Professional” look, and “Goal Levels” of giveaways¬†for my¬†Site this time around, and to be able to get my “New Donors”¬†feel more involved in the Writing and Publishing process! So¬†“Click On” my link above¬†and¬†take a peek at my “GoFundme” site¬†and see how easy it is¬†and creative you can be!

Another website I use, and really helps with marketing my book and both my WordPress Blogs is http://about.me.com¬†¬†This is a new and fast growing network and community of ALL types of people! It’s free, fast, and easy to be creative on making a PAGE for yourself no matter what you do, or kind of business you have! They have “Share Widgets” to use¬†so you can share your¬†“About Me” page on your Blogs or Websites as your Home or About Tabs.¬†I use mine on my Recovery Blog here.
Here is my link: http://about.me/AuthorCatherineLyon as I use it as my Author Bio!


Now I just came across an awesome website via Twitter! I wanted to share a little of what they do. If you are a poet, writer, published author, article writer, you really need to check out this website! It’s a fantastic concept that I have not seen much around before,¬†an excellent way to make income as well, but in a very different way.
They are called: “NokBok” Read Unlimited Books….. ¬†https://nokbok.com.
I have only met TWO of the web team members, Kailee and Joey, and here is a little of what they do as they bring Readers and Writers together!

What is Nokbok?

Nokbok is a subscription based digital library of published and self-published material. Our collection includes books, journalism, articles, academic papers, documents, poems, short stories and more.

Publishers and authors can upload their written material to Nokbok for free and gain royalties whenever their work is read. Nokbok uses a unique royalty model where publishers/authors share in the Total Gross Revenue from the website.

Our vision is to build the world’s largest collection of stories and ideas and place it at everyone’s fingertips for a low monthly cost, while ensuring that the creators of these works receive competitive royalties. Through the Nokbok community, we hope to offer great opportunities for exposure to aspiring, self-published and published authors. Additionally, we desire to¬†encourage people of all ages to spend more time reading and discovering. And finally, our goal is to become a community of action by reaching out beyond ourselves to give to those in need.


The simple answer is. . . pretty much anything, and there is no limit to how much you can upload. We hope to see books, magazines, newspapers, dissertations, lesson plans, poetry, satire, political disputes, cookbooks, short stories, children’s books, works in progress, blogs, citizen journalism, published and unpublished books, journals, research, collaborations, articles, and serial stories. . . oh, and did we mention all of this in multiple languages. We have over 30 languages available. See the following link for a detailed listing of genres and categories: Nokbok Genres and Categories.

Nokbok uses a system of rating works like movies (G, PG, PG-13, R, MA) in order to protect young readers from inappropriate material and to ensure that all readers are aware of what they are about to read. We do not accept¬†promotion of violence or sexual offenses, or pro-terrorism material. See¬†Writer¬†Terms of Service¬†for a complete list of unacceptable material……
So please, go give their website a look at: https://Nokbok.com become a member and read to your heart’s content. They have a great choice of Reads.¬†Visit the “How It Works”¬†tab, if you’re an author or writer, go upload you work and give them a try to¬†gain more readership and earn a little “Cha-Ching” at the same time!

I think Nokbok is going to spread like wildfire once¬†the word gets out! Make sure you tell “Kailee and Joey that¬†“Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon” SENT YOU! That’s it for today folks! Hope what I shared with you today helps in some little way!
“Yes I’m an Author¬†in Recovery, but my Passion is Writing”!
God Bless All!  Xo Xo