Author, Kim Carter Receives 5-Star Awarded Readers Favorite Book Review For Her New Mystery of ‘Dark Secrets of the Bayou’ & a Book Blitz on Book Buzz…

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Author’s new book receives a warm literary welcome.

Readers’ Favorite announces the review of the Fiction – Mystery – Murder book “Dark Secrets of the Bayou” by Kim Carter, currently available at

Readers’ Favorite is one of the largest book review and award contest sites on the Internet. They have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors. They are also fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies.

“Reviewed By K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Dark Secrets of the Bayou is a work of fiction in the murder mystery genre. It is aimed at all ages and was penned by author Kim Carter. The novel follows the homecoming of attorney Tink Mabry as she visits Kane, Louisiana with a co-worker to deal with the dilapidated homestead she’s just inherited from the family she barely knows. No sooner has she arrived, however, than she ends up as the prime suspect of multiple murder investigations. As Tink explores her new surroundings she begins to realize that the family secrets that plague her inheritance may hold the key to exonerating her, though some things are best left in the past.

Author Kim Carter has crafted a sinister and spine-tingling work of dark mystery fiction which is an ideal read for a cold winter’s night. This story really combined so many elements and genres that I adore, from the historical references to the 19th century and the creepy, dark expanses of the Louisiana bayous, through to chilling, horror, and family drama elements.

The complex plot interweaves all of these factors seamlessly, delivering a smoothly-told narrative with sharp, exciting deviations in the mystery plot. It certainly kept me guessing until the end, and the close narration of Tink and her emotional journey really got me rooting for her (and fearing for her) as the story developed. Overall, I would highly recommend Dark Secrets of the Bayou for those who enjoy a dark mystery with lots of horror elements and a spellbinding atmosphere. This was a worthy introduction to an author worth reading again and again.”

You can learn more about Kim Carter and “Dark Secrets of the Bayou” at where you can read reviews and the author’s biography, as well as connect with the author directly or through their website and social media pages.

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Dark Secrets of the Bayou
By Kim Carter
Publisher: Raven South Publishing
Published: November 2020
ISBN: 978-1947140127
Pages: 462
Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Catherine “Tink” Mabrey, an up and coming attorney, is shocked by her recent inheritance from her estranged family on the bayou. After her mother died during childbirth, Tink’s father had quickly relocated them to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia. With no memory of her mother, she is determined to learn more about her lineage and decides to visit the bayou town of Kane, Louisiana. Candace, Tink’s co-worker and best friend, agrees to make the trip with her.

Before she has time to explore her family’s history, or decide what to do with the declining property, local murders plague Tink’s homecoming. She quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a multiple murder investigation – and quite possibly, the prime suspect. When Candace retreats back to Atlanta, Tink, with the support of an unlikely cast of characters, sets out to discover clues that have haunted and tormented her family for generations.

Could a concealed crime from the 1800’s, or the family’s estate itself, harbor keys to unlocking the past? The more they learn, the more they question whether some secrets are best left buried…

Buy Link:

New Interview With Writer and Award-Winning Author, Cynthia Ulmer. Our Carolina Southern Belle …

An In-depth New Interview With Award-Winning Author, Cynthia Ulmer


About Cynthia Ulmer:

Cynthia lives in Navassa, NC, and has the gift of storytelling and writing.

Her father, Roy Faulk was originally from Nakina, NC When he graduated from high school, there was no work nearby, so he went to live with his older sister and brother-in-law in Newport News Va. He got work as a pipe-fitter in the Shipyard and met Katie Smith. They married and had Cynthia and her little sister, Laura. The tidewater area was home, but North Carolina was a part of their lives.

In fact, it was a big part of many people’s lives in that area. Some joked that there should be a sign at the state line that read, “Welcome to Virginia, settled by North Carolina.” One day, a little friend of Cynthia’s was crying uncontrollably. When she finally calmed down enough to talk she sobbed loudly to her mother, “Everyone has a grandma or granddaddy from North Carolina but me!” Her family was from New Mexico, and the other children on the block had North Carolina roots.

According to Cynthia, “At night, my daddy would sit with my sister and me on each side of him and show us a map of North Carolina. He would point out Nakina, and the little place where he really grew up, Burghill. Then he would show us Whiteville and Wilmington. It was like storytime. We often poured over the map, dreaming of the day we would move to North Carolina because he never lost his love of home.”

When she was eight, they moved to Leland. She grew up in Leland, went to Brunswick county schools, and graduated from North Brunswick in 1980. She then attended Miller-Motte Business College in Wilmington, graduating in 1983. She married Jerry Ulmer in 1984 and made the move from Leland to Navassa.

She comes from a family of storytellers. As she says, “My Grandma Ellen, used to tell stories to entertain my father and his brothers and sisters. I grew up listening to my family talk, to hear the stories they made up, and to the tales, they told of everyday life. I always wanted to be a writer. I used to make up stories in my head to help myself go to sleep.”

She has written and published a series of six novels based on her imagination and the stories she heard growing up. The Cedar Cove Chronicles is a wonderful series in great need of recognition. It’s a wholesome set of books, full of inspiration, drama, laughter, true to life characters and interesting plot lines. Her books will keep you guessing, wanting to read more.

Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting

What inspires you to write?

Life inspires me to write. I’ve always wanted to write, and life events, my family, and my imagination inspire me.

What authors do you read when you aren’t writing?
Betty Smith, Harper Lee, Steven King, and Mark Edwards are among them.
I read lots of authors. My kindle stays on my nightstand and I don’t go to sleep without reading.

Tell us about your writing process.
I don’t have a set process. I write when I can, taking advantage of free moments when I get them. Life is busy but I manage to find the time. I’ve written early in the morning and late at night. I have outlined, but mostly my stories are character-driven. I’ve planned characters, but they’ve also introduced themselves to me out of the blue and changed the whole direction of the story. Luda and Karen did that in Mark, The Cedar Cove Chronicles, Book Five.

I hadn’t planned on either one of them being in the story, but they made it better. Sometimes my characters take me on adventures that weren’t in my original plan. Mark did in Trudy, The Cedar Cove Chronicles Book Four. I had his character outlined, but he let me know his true nature. I keep most stuff in my head until I get a chance to write it.
As for the actual process, I do the original draft, and then many rewrites.

For Fiction Writers: Do you listen (or talk to) to your characters?
My characters talk to me. They come to me at the strangest times. Luda introduced herself as I was taking a bath one night and Karen came while I was on the treadmill. It’s not unusual for one of my characters to wake me in the middle of the night. My inspiration for the first book in my Cedar Cove Chronicles was a vision I had one night.

I woke up and could see a young boy walking down the dirt road of a farm. Way off in the background, small and deceptively innocent-looking was the old fashioned water well that is on the cover of Todd, The Cedar Cove Chronicles, Book One. I knew right away who the young boy was, his family’s situation and that their story had to be told.

What advice would you give other writers?
Don’t give up and be yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t write like others, or if you don’t write every day. I don’t write every day. I’ve tried and what comes is pure junk. I have to be inspired to write. But don’t stop. If you have the desire to write, find a way to do it somehow.

How did you decide how to publish your books?
I had a bad start to my publishing journey.  I was a victim of the Deering Literary Agency/Sovereign Publishing scam.  Afterward, two other companies who had agreed to work with me went bankrupt and out of business.  This was very discouraging and I didn’t write for years.

Then I found a self-publishing company called I-Proclaim. I published Todd with them but had no control over the price of my work and lots of people complained about that fact. I then did a google search and found Createspace. I moved to Createspace and even today publish through Amazon.

What do you think about the future of book publishing?
I hope the future is good. There are so many more options now than there used to be. The quality of self-published books is much better than in the past. I do think there is a great need for affordable editing. I use a combination of ginger and Grammarly to edit. A professional editor can cost thousands and out of the financial range for so many writers.

What genres do you write?: Christian, historical, southern literature

What formats are your books in?:  Both eBook and Print

Where Can Readers Visit and Connect With You?

My Website(s)
Cynthia Ulmer Home Page Link
Link To Cynthia Ulmer Page On Amazon

My Social Media Links
Books & Amazon Author Page

Todd (The Cedar Cove Chronicles Book 1)       Mark: The Cedar Cove Chronicles, Book Five      Trudy: The Cedar  Cove Chronicles, Book Four (The Cedar Cove Chronicles 4)

Amazing New Book Blogger Review For Rusty Blackwood’s New Book – “The Perils of Autumn” By AmyBooksy . . .

Welcome Avid Readers and Visitors, 

This amazing review and post by my dear friend and fellow Book Blogger Amy Booksy of her blog  Locks, Hooks and Book Reviews!  and this review of  “The Perils of Autumn” of our Fine Author, Rusty Blackwood of 5-STARS means you need to give it a read!



Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Review: The Perils of Autumn by Rusty Blackwood


The Perils of Autumn by Rusty Blackwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Blurb: 

From the author of the riveting romantic fiction drama, Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary, and the celebrated, 5-star award-winning romantic fiction drama, Willow’s Walk, comes the intense romantic drama, The Perils of Autumn. 

This page-turner, set primarily in the early 1970s, centers on a young Kentucky woman, Autumn Leeves, born in 1946 to Abigail Leeves, an unwed mother who struggles to make ends meet. By 1970, Autumn graduates nursing school and is sent on assignment by the local hospital to care for the terminally-ill wife of middle-aged English equestrian master, Cyril Landon, owner of Landon Lawns Stables, a most successful thoroughbred racing stable located just outside Lexington, Kentucky in a posh community known as The Meadows. 

Duff Taylor, world renown jockey who is tops in his field, lives full-time above the tack room at Landon Lawns and enjoys the many benefits it brings, but he also has a dark secret surrounding an unsolved racing incident from his past that he will go to any length to protect. 

Autumn arrives at Landon Manor in time to be thrown into the fray and finds herself caught in the ongoing disruption that ensues.


My Review: 

The Perils of Autumn is my first introduction to Rusty Blackwood’s writing. Within the first few pages, I knew she had gained a new fan. This is a great read, with relatable characters and situations. I felt connected to Autumn right from the start.

The Perils of Autumn is getting a well deserved five stars from me. I can not wait to read more by this author in the future. I have added her other works on my wish list.

Highly recommended!

I received this book from the author but was not required to write a review. This review is 100% my own honest opinion. ~AmyBooksy 



“The Perils of Autumn, by Canadian author Rusty Blackwood, is an English language, romantic fiction drama, published by Tellwell Talent, and released January 17, 2019. It is available in Hardback, Paperback, and Kindle editions.”

Romantic fiction author Rusty Blackwood, who chose her plume de nom by combining the colour of her russet hair with her husband’s great, great, Scottish grandmother’s maiden name, was born in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada on October 5th, and grew up on her paternal grandfather’s farm in the County of Elgin, located in the south-western portion of the province of Ontario.

She acquired her love of literature while still in elementary school where she entered her original compositions into county fairs, school contests, and whatever venue allowed participants in the writing field. She has carried that love ever since and has put it to use many times since becoming a professional writer in 2001.

From the time of youth she has loved the Arts in their many unique forms and is a graduate with honors in Interior Decorating & Design. She spent many years on the south-western Ontario stage performing with her family’s country music band: The Midnight Ramblers, followed by the country – rock – blues band: ‘MIRAGE’ as an accomplished vocalist, bassist, and rhythm guitarist. She now resides in the cultural city of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Please visit her official website for numerous reviews and information on her work.

More Amazing Amazon Book Reviews for Both Reads By Author, Joe Siccardi …

Hello and Welcome Avid Readers, Friends, and Visitors,

Meet a fantastic storyteller, writer, and an amazing Author, Joe Siccardi …

Joe has been writing essay-style spiritual-reflection books for a while now. His first debut book titled “Heaven Shining Through” has been garnishing amazing book reviews recently, as we know as authors, it takes a while for the “book buzz” to get around to readers when we release our “works” to the world.

Joe has released his second new book that is also gaining exceptional Amazon and Goodreads reviews as well and has only been out for a short time.

This tells me two things, the first is my working for and with him in marketing his books is working! Lol. And second, avid readers are really enjoying his books! So here is a little more about him and about his amazing books everyone will ENJOY …





Best-selling writer and author, Joe Siccardi is a prolific storyteller of inspirational wisdom filled books about life. His first offering and debut release came in March 2018 titled “Heaven Shining Through” claiming rave reviews by book reviewers and book bloggers alike.

The author released his second book in November 2018 tilted “Wisdom From A Father: One dad’s thoughts about life.” A beautiful collection of essays about love, life, marriage and raising his children. With a dash of wit and fatherly life lessons. Both books are available on Amazon Books, Amazon Kindle, and many fine online bookstores.

He is a graduate of Dominican College of Blauvelt (NY) and holds a BA degree in Liberal Arts. Joe began his career with Paterson (NJ) News and continued for the next 52 years in a variety of positions as editorial writer, editor, and publisher. He now writes and publishes his works as a new Indie Author. He has an official website he called and shares all about life and fatherhood.

The storyteller says it well. Joe states, “I’m the ordinary Joe walking along this journey called life and sharing it with you.” And he has the life experience to back this statement as a proud father of five children, 18 grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters.

He has gathered all his life and work experiences from living in many places on East Coast and Midwest like Paterson, Totowa, Newton and Ogdensburg, NJ; Belvidere, IL; Toledo, OH; Washington, DC; Laurel, MD; and Seneca Falls and Willard (Romulus), NY.

When not writing Joe enjoys travel, cooking, and spending time with all his grown children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. He also enjoys pleasure reading some of his favorite authors and writers like James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and his literary wish is a meeting with icon author Mr. Stephen King … Joe Siccardi currently resides in Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.


Wisdom From A Father: One dad's thoughts on life      Heaven Shining Through


Review and AboutWisdom From a Father’  New Release:


“I’m just that ordinary Joe walking on the path of life …and sharing it with you. There are joys.”

There are tribulations. There are reflections. There is everyday life. In each essay, I try to convey a recognition of a greater Power who colors my perspective. My comments are always filtered through the lens of my Judeo-Christian values and largely based on 40 years of marriage, raising five children, and life …

Amazon Review – 5 Stars!

Cat Lyon
5.0 out of 5 stars Heartwarming, Wisdom, and Funny Stories …

December 13, 2018 – Format: Paperback

I was honored and privy to receiving an early copy of this “Gem” before it released by the author …

What a beautiful treasure trove of wisdom filled heartwarming nuggets in this book! “Wisdom From A Father offers a little bit of everything about life from the heart of a faithful father and now a grandfather, as told by an uplifting storyteller and the Author, Joe Siccardi.

His writing style is flawless as he shares about marriage, raising his children, and now his grandchildren, with many life and spiritual lessons. Tales set and laid out in little story essays with both purpose and reason through aspects of life humor, sadness, loss, meaningful, spiritual and touching.

Not to spoil any of what is offered to the reader, some of my favorite essays are ‘MAD MAX,’ ‘FATHER SAYS which opens the book, and ‘Miracle.’ I really enjoyed them all. Many have faith lessons as well, but not to an extreme. This book will be appreciated and enjoyed by all!

Moreover, I think especially for those men who are now new dads who will get a glimpse of what “Fatherhood” is going to be all about and how life events and “oh, just the little things” about raising your children at times can be both challenging and humorous too.

The most “touching” you will read is the beautiful memories of Karen … I won’t say much more about this but to say … Do yourself a favor readers; DO NOT hesitate to read this one. I highly suggest this one to everyone …


Reviews and About ‘Heaven Shining Through’ New Release:

“Samantha is dreading her return home. Throughout her life, she had a rocky relationship with her mother – and now her mother is all she has left.”

Through a nostalgic look back, Samantha recognizes the presence of God in an ordinary life. She learns more about herself as a wife and mother who has had her share of sorrow and blessings.

As her faith increases, she is able to see her mother through new eyes, leading to reconciliation …and is reminded of that every time she sees Heaven Shining Through.


Amazon Rave Reviews:

January 12, 2019

Though Heaven Shining Through is a shorter read, it is packed full of wisdom about both life and love.


The Narration
Though the majority of the book is told in a flashback of Samantha’s life up until mid-adulthood, the story never hits a boring spot. I devoured this book in one sitting. It is extremely rare for me to enjoy a book that relies on telling more than showing through actions or dialogue, but the author has a true gift for storytelling. He completely captured his characters’ unique traits and weaved a tale I won’t soon forget.

The Romance
The romance involves an unmarried couple who end up giving in to lust after remaining pure for a year of dating. The couple soon realizes that they should get married instead of continuing on in lust, so they begin their lives together in a way that honors God. The main character, Samantha, and her husband, Chad, have great chemistry and were adorable to read about. My favorite aspect about the romance was that it is portrayed realistically, as many Christian novels sugarcoat the fact that even Christians slip up and give in to sexual temptation before marriage. The novel emphasizes that we can find redemption in Christ no matter what our pasts hold, and that’s a message we need more of in Christian literature instead of judging couples for the slightest things or touches.

Relationship Between Samantha and Her Mom
The author perfectly portrays a criticizing mother and how damaging that can be on a child. Samantha and her mother have a strained relationship from the beginning, and it shapes Samantha’s decisions growing up. This is a fantastic reminder to Christian parents not to be so caught up on what a child is doing wrong that they forget to see what the child is doing right.

Overall, I applaud the author for tackling these subjects. Again, we definitely need bolder Christian authors in the industry. Highly Suggest this one! 

~Anonymously Allyson


December 28, 2018

Samantha and her mother do not have the best of relationships. This is a fast-paced story that gives the reader a sudden and deep romance, a deep loss of a husband, the journey of grief for Samantha and her kids, and then later, a last-minute relationship with her mother.

I loved this story. The romance of Chad and Samantha was beautiful. The loss she faces tore my heart out. The ending and the relationship she builds with her mother bringING this book a tender ending. I will be honest and say I was bawling for about half of this book. It is so well written and so touching I couldn’t help but shed the tears. The relationship between Samantha and her mom hits home with me deeply. I can relate greatly to her and her feelings as a young girl and later on in life as a mother.

Overall, this book was short and very heart-wrenching. People need to read this but don’t forget the tissues.    ~Boundless Book Reviews Stormi


One More Amazing Review For”Heaven:”

4 out 5-stars: Jan. 10th, 2019 –
By: Nay Denise reviewed Heaven Shining Through

Emotional and Beautiful
This was a great read.

I enjoyed Samantha and seeing her life. She dealt with hardships at home, fell in love with a guy unexpectedly and was blessed with 2 beautiful kids. Samantha is a strong woman who pushed through all the loses. She may not have focused on God, but you could see Him working in her life and focusing on her. Chad was an awesome guy from start to finish to Samantha. He always did right and apologized even when he did nothing wrong. Samantha’s father was a loving man. Samantha’s mother was a hard woman.

There were times I wanted to jump through the page and pop her upside the head, but as the ending drew near I began to love her. She may have been cold to Samantha, but her heart was pure. Wish she showed it more. I adored JR and Kate-D — they were amazing kids and seemed to have grown into phenomenal adults towards the end. This story brought tears to my eyes and made me smile. Totally recommend this. Great one-sitter read that will leave you with a warm feeling in your heart.



New 5-Stars Bestowed To Author, “Kim Carter’s New Mystery From “Romancing The Book”… Title; “And The Forecast Calls For Rain”

One of my favorite places to help my authors gain more professional book reviews free is by Jen and her review team and highly recommend Romancing The Book! 

I want to thank Jen and Reviewer Robin for a Fine Review for Author, Kim Carter. They have also done an Intimate Author Interview and hope you’ll visit them and give it read at Romancing The Book.


Review: And the Forecast Called for Rain by Kim Carter By Robin – 

And the Forecast Called for Rain by Kim Carter
Release Date: January 9, 2018
Publisher: Raven South Publishing
Pages: 260
Source: book provided by author for review







Detective Jose Ramirez and the Sierra Hills Police Department are scrambling for leads on a killer who has already struck five times, each time leaving his signature trademark: large butcher knives piercing the abdomens of his young female victims.

Profiling the killer is proving to be difficult, and Detective Ramirez knows that it’s only a matter of time before their perpetrator strikes again.

As if Ramirez isn’t frustrated enough, to his dismay, he is assigned a partner. Officer Daniel Chatham, a handsome, young man, fresh out of grad school, has pulled some strings to join the division and becomes Ramirez’s, right-hand man. The lead detective’s anger slowly begins to dissipate as he discovers the book smart kid can be quite the asset.

With Ramirez’s experience, Chatham’s sharp mind and quick thinking, and the insight of Erin Sommers, a beautiful, young journalist, the three make a powerful team gaining on their criminal.

It’s raining… it’s pouring, and a killer is on the loose in the rainy Sierra Hills of Washington State. No one is who they seem, and the plot thickens with every turn. You’ll never guess the ending of this enigmatic tale.


Review: A new author for me and I can’t wait to read more from Ms. Carter.

Everything in this story kept happening in such a timely manner that I was drawn into the story from the beginning and couldn’t put it down. Ms. Carter kept me involved. I was entertained thoroughly.  I found the characters to be very realistic and likable. You could feel the emotions along with sensing what they were going through.  The imagery was piped throughout the story with so much realism that I could actually envision the murders. Someone was gaining access to young females apartments, killing them while leaving a signature knife.

I was unable to figure out who as things kept changing with the different plot twists. The story had me guessing until the end. It was very interesting. I watch a lot of detective type shows and so I thought that I had it figured out a few times but just when I thought I did Ms. Carter changed direction.

I really liked Det. Jose Ramirez, he was the well-seasoned person in the story, where his partner Daniel Chatham was almost like the comic sidekick. Well, actually he was the sidekick but was more straight-laced. Just to spice things up a bit and threw us off balance Ms. Carter gave us some romance. The young journalist who has worked with Jose before really likes him, as he realizes he likes her also but is much too old for her or is he?

Well, to say the least, I found this to be a very gripping story. I also found a new author to read.  I think that I will have to go find a few more of Ms. Carter’s books.

For anyone that likes a little mystery that is fast-paced and very entertaining try Ms. Carter’s books. Not only do you get the mystery and suspense there is also a little romance added for some spice.

Even though I read this book I would probably give Ms. Carter a five star for the title alone. I simply loved it.