Cat’s Book Review Service and Book Marketing Plan For Authors. Gain The Exposure You Deserve.




Book reviews are an important part of an author’s progress and their craft as a writer. It is two-fold as they help readers to know if a book is worth the time and money, and it helps an author’s ranking on Amazon. I try to give my own thoughts and feelings about the books & novels I have recently finished. What I thought about the book, did or didn’t like, and more. Reviews also reveal what readers think about books and the authors who write them.

Yes, you can go to GoodReads, Amazon, or even Barnes & Noble to read reviews, but when I share and promote my client’s books, I want readers to know all about them!
So when you visit here, you will get an honest, insightful, and organic review by a real reader, CAT.

I don’t think any author should have to pay big $$$$ for a book review when there is a huge amount of organic, real readers and book reviewers who will do them at low-cost or even FREE.  There are many fabulous book promo sites who let AUTHORS list your books for free and this CAT has a list I add all my client’s books as part of their marketing and promoting plans.

My feelings as a writer myself are to know what real readers think of my craft and work as a writer and so do my authors I promote! so I will share not only my review of books, but I may share some other reviews from readers on Amazon to let you know what other readers. So when visiting here, it can be a one-stop site to view new reads and reviews and learn more personally about the authors who write them.




You want to gain visibility for your books and I want you to succeed as an author.  I have outlined below promotional services that will get your book listed on highly successful websites, featured author listings, done for you services, book teaser banners, book teaser videos, read and reviews of your books, search engine submissions, and so much more.  Have a look at my package and other services as they are uniquely designed to help you get your books and brand out there on some of the hottest sites and social media platforms on the internet.

The Total Author Package ($99 a month)

Completely done for you package that will get you the visibility you deserve.

This package consists of:

  • Done for you three social media account setup or refresh your profiles
  • Book promotion on some of the hottest sites with large reader audiences
  • Featured Author spotlights and Updates
  • Featured Book spotlights
  • Search engine submission
  • Social Media Book Blitz
  • Book Teaser Banners
  • Emails For Discounts on Book Advertising Savings!
  • Includes ongoing updates, literary consulting, and referrals

Just Click The DONATE button on my Sidebar to purchase this package then Email Cat at 


Amazon Author Page Setup ($10)

Setting up your Amazon Author Page can be quite overwhelming.  Let me do it for you by ensuring you have exactly what it takes to stand out among the rest.

In this package you will get:

  • Done for you -setup of your Amazon Author Page
  • Done for you -written bio to be added to your page
  • Done for you -author bio photo added to your page
  • All your books properly added to your new page so readers can discover your books in one place


Read & Review ($40)

Get your book read, reviewed, a featured listing on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble.

Here’s what you will get:

  • I will purchase and read your book
  • Upon completion of reading your book, I will post reviews on my blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes & Noble


Featured Author/Book Listing ($25)

Get your books and YOU listing on my blog and share it throughout social media.




Need another service you don’t see listed?

Cat can build a custom plan for all your literary needs and promote and market your books effectively. Just send me an email and will set a time to talk about your literary marketing needs!  





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5 thoughts on “Cat’s Book Review Service and Book Marketing Plan For Authors. Gain The Exposure You Deserve.

    • Hello Diana,

      YOU are very welcome 🙂
      Just wanted to share it so all my readers get to know the is Fantastic!
      Thanks for visiting XO *Catherine*


  1. So how do I persuade you to read and write a review of my novel Apportionment of Blame, a mystery thriller about a new, young British private detective on his first case? It’s available from all well known book outlets, including Amazon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL… Hello Keith,

      I’ll be honest, I’m still getting through my clients books first, but I think I could be bribed. LOL. Just hire me to promote your novel and you’d you get a review and so much more! But I’ll add your book to my GoodReads list to make sure I get to it.

      And, How come you have no Amazon Author Page bio up about you the author, hhhhmmmm? LOL
      Send me an email anytime if you’d like a bit if help 🙂


      Liked by 1 person

    • OK Keith,

      I just went to add your book to my GoodReads ‘want to read’ list, and low and behold, you no Author profile up there. You really need to hire me …LOL. 🙂 🙂


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