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Hello Authors, Writers, Book Bloggers, Readers and Welcome All!

Have a new book and need to know how and where to promote it? Through Social Media of course!


“So, you’re a new author who has just released your first book. So now what?

“Let Me Help You Find & Create your Reader Community!”

Here are just a few of my Go To Places to promote your books!

Goodreads Author Program & It Is FREE!
 They are one of the top trending book promotion places to be for all authors. They get millions of readers visiting each year to find new books to read! If you’re a reader? Go sign up and get great deals on reads, meet authors you enjoy reading their books, their blogs, read their reviews and readers can ask their favorite authors questions all in one place!

Goodreads for Authors? ~ Join and enter The “Author Program” to list all your books, have a nice author bio, and learn about all the free & low-cost book marketing tools GR has to help you promote your books. They offer you a free blog on your author profile or link your existing blog feed to your GR blog, and all your blog posts show up automatically from your personal blog you may already have. Take time to explore all the author program features. Send friend requests to other author friends and readers, post and create book or author events and promotions there and more on Goodreads!  Lets Connect on GoodReads .


Facebook is an excellent way to find your readers! There are many reader clubs and groups you can join to share your books and posts through. Set up an account to engage and interact with your readers, then from there, create a Page just for your book, bio, and LIKES to gain more exposure. You can then share that link so people can come “like” your author page and learn about all your books and you as an Author.
Let’s Connect on FaceBook!.


Tweet Books on Twitter!

Twitter has come a long way, baby! And another fab place to have an Author/Book account and follow readers, other authors, writers and make friends so they will retweet your tweets about your books!  I have over 3400 reader tweeters and share all my book promo tweets. They now have promoted ads for your tweets! Make sure you follow me @kitcatlyon so I can tweet about your books to all my 2,200 tweeters!
And if you’re in recovery? Follow me on Twitter @LUV_Recovery too!



Now many forget to be a part of the “Professionals” at LinkedIn. Those members do read you know. You can also list all you awards, achievements, and post about your books in the huge amount of readers, writers, book bloggers groups they have there. And a place to make you shine and be taken seriously as a writer and published Author.
Lets Connect on LinkedIn.


Google+ Community:

Now, what can I NOT say about the Google Plus Community? Google, as we all know has many book promoting tools on their site to do book ad’s and even sell your books, post about your books to many reader groups & book club communities. They have an “Author Live Hangout chat” and talk with your readers, and so much more. I will warn you, READ all the info and instructions about posting or using images from Google as they can be strict. But the advantages are worth having an author/book account there. They are always adding more awesome tools and services for authors and writer. You can now even sell your books on Google! Add Me to your Google+ Circle!

Now, these are just a few of my “go to” social media sites I use to book promote through. There are more ‘Top Trending Social Media’ sites to choose from. Pick what best fits you & your comfort levels such as Tumblr, Instagram and more! Engaging your readers is a must. It will help with your future new books, hopefully in sales and reviews, and you meet awesome people too!




Now let’s talk about helpful Book Promoting websites that will be a big help with not only book promoting, but also offer some low-cost book ads, promotions you have for your books, or giveaways and more. These websites will help in gaining more views and exposure, find your readership, offer tips and advice on book promoting, and where to market your books. Many offer free or low lost membership, and list books for free or low-cost plans and some even offer “set it and forget it” book options, submit a free ‘Author Interviews’ and more.

There is a huge amount of free book promotion websites that are available, you just have to use Google search to find them. Also, I get a big amount of web links from sites that are on Twitter, Facebook and even LinkedIn. That is why using social media properly will help you find many of these awesome book sites. I research weekly, But here are 4 good sites that most let you list your books at NO cost, offer excellent low-cost tools and book ads, and get reviews. They help gain more exposure for your books, blog or websites too!

HERE is a just a few of my go to websites.

BRAND NEW UPDATED LIST of Book Promo Sites For  ** 2017 **

Maybe you have been a subscriber of Book Marketing Tools’ email list for a while or maybe you are brand new.

Book Marketing Tools & Guides

Here is a list of all we have to offer for authors like you:

  • Reading Deals – Our daily ebook deals website allows you to promote your book to over 40,000 readers. We offer free and low-cost submission options, which you can read about and use here.
  • eBook Submission Tool – Running a free promotion is a great way to get more readers, more reviews, and even get more sales for your other books. The pain in a free promotion is spending hours submitting your promo to all of the sites. Our tool allows you to enter your details once and submit quickly to 30+ sites. Learn more about this awesome tool here.
  • The Author Hangout – Our popular podcast has 80+ episodes of great interviews with bestselling authors and book marketing experts. Get tips, strategies, methods, and inspiration from our podcast aimed at helping authors like you right here.
  • Reading Deals Reviews – We know that getting reviews is tough for many authors, especially for those who don’t have an established base of readers yet. We used our connection with readers on Reading Deals and created Reading Deals Reviews. We connect your book with readers who are willing to leave honest reviews to help you get more reviews for your books.
  • Book Marketing Tools Blog – Our blog has over 150 free posts from us and guest posts from authors like you featuring tips on book marketing, business, writing, publishing, and more. Don’t miss out on these great tips on our blog here.
  • Free Guide: The Ultimate Author Checklist – You probably received this file when you joined our Tuesday Tips list, but if you didn’t then you can get this great guide here. It walks you through all of the steps you need to take before publishing your book, while publishing, and even after it is published. Download it for free, and make sure you have everything in place.
  • Free Guide: Getting Reviews For Your Book – This free guide gives you several ideas and tips on how to get more reviews from your book. If you need more reviews, then you need to get this free guide.
  • NEW! Free Guide: How to Leverage the Power of Free & Bargain Book Promotions Effectively – Are you interested in learning how you can use certain pricing strategies to reach more readers and allow them to learn more about you? Then, you need to get this free 27-page guide.
Wow…. that is a lot of tools and free resources that are available to you. Be sure to see which ones you can take advantage of and use to help to grow your reader base and build your author platform.
-Shawn & R.J. from Book Marketing Tools


My Next Pick is: Readers In The Know ~ And here is why . . .

About Us

Photo of Simon Denman, Founder of Readers in the Know

Hello and welcome to Readers in the Know,

My name is Simon and I’m the founder of this site. If you’d prefer to hear me explain what this is all about in under a minute, just click here. If on the other hand, you have a couple more minutes to spare and would like to know the full story, then please read on.
As an avid reader who has spent most of his working life in front of computers, I tend to buy most of my books online from Amazon. But buying lots of books, whether in Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover or Audio edition, can be an expensive business – even from Amazon.

Luckily, on any given day, there are usually hundreds of books being promoted either for free or with heavy discounts. The problem is that the best of these books are only promoted this way for a few days every two or three months, and since I don’t have time to check pricing every single day of the year, I invariably used to miss the best deals on the books I really wanted.

So I subscribed to some of the book promotion websites available, some of which allowed me to broadly indicate the genres that interested me, and which then sent me emails every day listing a whole bunch of books that happened to be on and promoting that day.

But this wasn’t really any better than going to Amazon and checking the prices there, since either way I would have to check a list of books every day of the year if I wanted to avoid missing the best deals. In fact, often these emails were worse since, living in the UK, being sent US dollar pricing and links that took me to Amazon.com instead of Amazon.co.uk is not terribly useful.


What I needed, I decided, was:

  • to be “In the Know” about upcoming promotions.
  • to be able to browse these books once a week or however often I chose.
  • to be notified only when the books I chose came on promotion.
  • to be able to set really detailed preferences and only be shown books that exactly matched those preferences.
  • to only be shown books that are available in my country.
  • to be shown the correct pricing and links for my local Amazon store wherever in the world I happened to be.
  • to be shown more information about the books and their authors than is currently available on Amazon.
  • to be able to follow authors I like so I’ll know when they release new books or schedule author events.

And since there was not a single website in existence that could do this for me, I created
My Readers In The Know Author Page

*For the full description, please visit the website through my profile link above as I feel all authors should register, add your books, and be a reader reviewer!* They have an awesome free book list link they provide, so authors can explore many other Book Promo sites who offer many free or low-cost places to promote your books.

Another Favorite Pick is a Book Listing site called I Like Ebooks!

I  really enjoy these guys from New York City. WHY?  Not only do they offer a one-time payment option for a lifetime listing on their book promo website, but for only $9.99, they also send you free 3-D front cover photo mock-ups to you of your book.  I list ALL my book clients books there for them. Go visit and add all your books for great reader exposure!  List your book on i Like eBooks!

My next “go to” pick is an Affordable Monthly Book Promotion site Being Author  
They make book promotions and book blasts easy and low-cost!

My Next Book Promo Pick? ~ Books Online Directory ~ Listings of the Best Selling International Books!

This is a great place to be for Global exposure for all your books. I actually had a few books that were sold in Spain! Now I know it had to come from having my book listed at this wonderful site. You just add your books, “set it and forget it,” It’s that simple!

They have a huge international readership. This site also finds great reads from many publishers & book bloggers like myself who send out “Authors Professional Book Press Releases” to media outlets, book magazines, on the internet and many outlets. And yes, it is a service I offer to my book promoting clients as well. You can also add poems, your book trailers, and more. So come and see both my paperback and e-book listed, and go add your books today.


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