Author, Rusty Blackwood “Sneak Read” of Her Spring 2018 Release – A Romantic Fiction Drama: “The Perils of Autumn.”

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I’m so happy to have my friend Author, Rusty Blackwood with us again and for her granting us a special “Sneak Peek Read” from her new writing project and book coming in Spring 2018! Here now is Rusty and what she is sharing with us today…


Rusty Blackwood
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Hello readers!

I am so pleased to bring you this update along with the latest thrilling chapter in the upcoming and most anticipated romantic fiction drama, The Perils of Autumn.

This new and exciting novel centers around a young nurse, the exhilarating world of thoroughbred racing in Kentucky, and a celebrated jockey who has a secret he will go to any length to protect.

Follow feistily, LPN Autumn Leeves, as she embarks on her first unique nursing assignment, that of caring for the terminally ill wife of English equestrian master and a Triple Crown winner, Cyril Landon, prideful owner of Landon Lawns Stables located just outside Lexington Kentucky in the posh area known as The Meadows.




Romantic fiction author Rusty Blackwood, who chose her plume de nom by combining the colour of her russet hair with her husband’s great, great, Scottish grandmother’s maiden name, was born in St.Thomas, Ontario, Canada on October 5th, and grew up on her paternal grandfather’s farm in the County of Elgin, located in the south-western portion of the province of Ontario. 

She acquired her love of literature while still in elementary school where she entered her original compositions into county fairs, school contests, and whatever venue allowed participants in the writing field. She has carried that love ever since and has put it to use many times since becoming a professional writer in 2001. 

From the time of youth she has loved the Arts in their many unique forms and is a graduate with honors in Interior Decorating & Design. She spent many years on the south-western Ontario stage performing with her family’s country music band: The Midnight Ramblers, followed by the country – rock – blues band: ‘MIRAGE’ as an accomplished vocalist, bassist, and rhythm guitarist. She now resides in the cultural city of St. Catharines, Ontario.

Please visit her official website  Rusty Blackwood – Bio/Contact for numerous reviews, author interview requests, and information on her work. 



I am enjoying the creation of this novel immensely. The more the story grows the more in-depth it becomes. The characters are raw, bold, and pretentious, yet each carries a certain uniqueness that pulls you in and makes you want to know them more. I now offer you the latest chapter in its entirety.  ~Rusty Blackwood





When Secret Want Becomes Frenzied Need


It was nearing mid-afternoon when Cyril arrived in the stable to tack up Dapper Dan and take him out for a ride. The air was crisp, but the wind of the morning had died down making the air less sharp. Autumn’s words still echoed in his ears; she was thinking of leaving, leaving him, leaving what they had together. She may have said their relationship would not change yet how could it not? She would no longer be present with him each morning to enjoy the English breakfast Agnes had become known for. She would no longer be present in the stables.

And she would no longer be at his side as they rode together, discussing world events, challenging each other about them, and simply being together. He felt tortured, alone, just like he had that terrible day when he walked into his bedroom to find his wife had expired before he could get there. He hadn’t the chance to say goodbye when she could have heard it, when it could have counted. How many times had he said it since? He prayed that she heard him, understood, and forgave him. Yet he would never know for sure, at least for now.

Cyril did not take his closeness with Autumn lightly. He found her consuming his every thought throughout the day. Had he fallen in love? What else could it be, and why had he simply not told her? He pondered on these thoughts as Without You played on the stable’s radio system that was used for entertaining not only the hands, but the horses. The lyrics of this song cut Cyril’s heart like a hot knife through butter, ripping him to his very core. Knowing he had to clear his head, he led his dappled stallion to the paddock gate. Taking a deep breath, relishing the freshness of it, he mounted his horse, took the reins, and set off toward the hills.

He planned on rounding his acreage to have a look at the fencing while he rode. There would be plenty to do once the ground was free of winter’s grip. It was the same every year. Cyril couldn’t say that he hated winter, after all it was beautiful in its own right, but the older he got the more the season’s weather bothered him. He was not overly old in years, yet he felt as if he had lived an entire lifetime, working hard, doing whatever was necessary to build a future, a life – a legacy. Yet he had no-one to leave it to, no wife, no children, and no heir of any kind.

He had coped with this fact when Alice was still at his side, they helped each other deal with it, but now he coped alone. He was certain that Autumn was aware of the emptiness he felt as well as the loss. He also knew she could understand, but if she left he would have no-one except Agnes, yet as close as she was to him, he could not confide in her in the same manner he could with someone who intimately held his heart. He must find a way to entice Autumn to stay, but how?

He rode on, letting Dan have his way, go where he wished, and kick up his heels if he chose. The snow in the fields had almost diminished completely, yet the odd shallow drift was still visible where the ground was sheltered. The absence of snow was good for it allowed Cyril an unhindered view of his land. It had been quite some time since he had ridden his property, and he was enjoying this ride immensely. He suddenly felt exhilarated, as did Dapper Dan, his nostrils emitting bursts of moisture into the air as he exhaled. Cyril was doing the same.

“Look at us, boy,” Cyril chided with excitement as the tall stallion opened his stride, “You feel the same as I, now go, Danny Boy, ride the wind, and do what you will!”

Rider and horse cantered swiftly. Before long the well-muscled hunter broke into a gallop, stretching long, and lean. The drumming of his hooves upon the ground echoed in the air, the sound carrying into the woods. The grey sped quickly along, his attention centered on the path before him when he noticed a sudden movement of something scurrying from beneath a nearby tree on his right. It was a jackrabbit, darting in front of him, totally taking him by surprise. He stopped immediately, rearing upward, unseating his startled rider who in turn lost his balance and fell. He landed heavily on his back upon the frozen ground. He cried out in pain, trying his best to remain conscious. The startled dapple bolted forward, answering the instinct to run, yet something was holding him back from disappearing into the woods.

A still conscious Cyril lay on his back, unable to move while pain shot through his entire body. Shock was beginning to set in but he realized he could not give in to it. If he did he was as good as dead. The temperature was beginning to drop, wind was picking up, and the frozen ground held no comfort for his injuries. He knew he had to have help. But he was alone, and at the far back of his property. Even if he yelled at the top of his lungs no one could hear him, the stables and mansion were too far away. He fought the fear now seizing his insides. Exposed to the elements, he realized he could not remain where he was for long, and he suddenly felt cold, the ground’s dampness doing its best to seep into his body as if it were a sponge. He knew it wouldn’t be long before hyperthermia would begin to set in. He lifts his head to see where Dan had gotten to and was instantly relieved to see that his solid friend was not far away, standing stalwart, waiting for instruction.

“Danny … oh Dan, my good, good boy, come here … hurry,” Cyril cried, doing his best to fight the tears filling his eyes. “Come, boy, you must help me. I need you now more than I ever have.”
The powerful steed moved toward his master, coming slowly, yet determined to obey the man he trusted. He stood before his fallen friend, towering well above him, but instantly lowered his head to nuzzle Cyril’s outstretched hand.


“You have to help me now, boy, you have to … to get us home – however you can. I-I don’t think I can get up — ah! I know that I … I can’t walk. You have to go, bring help. You can do it, boy; you have never let me down. Go, Dan, now … before it gets dark. Bring William, anybody to help me, now be off with you.”

The prideful horse continued to stand vigilant, refusing to leave his fallen master. He understood what was being asked of him, but he could not leave. Cyril again begged him to go, but he refused. Horses are one of the most intelligent animals God ever created. They possess enormous understanding, the need to love and be loved. The gentle grey dapple loved his master; he also knew he was in dire straits, so he stepped forward, positioning his body parallel to that of his fallen friend, knelt down on his front knees, and eased himself upon the ground with his back toward his friend.

Cyril was amazed to see what was happening, but thankful that it was. He wondered if he could move, or would he do himself further harm if he tried. But he could not stay where he was. Dan held fast, whinnying to his master to try. Cyril fought to pull himself upward, crying out in pain as he did. The pain emitting through his body was dreadful, and he fell back cursing aloud but determined he would win this battle. If his stalwart friend was willing to lay on this frigid ground for him, he would not disappoint him by not doing his part.

“Oh, Danny,” Cyril cried openly, “I do not know if I can do this. Oh, my fine boy, if … if only I had not brought us out here. I promise if we get home alive you will have the finest supper any magnificent beast has ever enjoyed. Ah! … Oh, dear Lord, help us, please help us. Good boy, Dan … now, I shall give it another go.”

Daylight was beginning to fade. Cyril realized that he must get on his horse; he would die on this spot if he did not. Again he pulled himself upward as he cried out in immense pain, but grasp hold of Dan’s generous mane while sliding his hands through it until his arms wrapped around the powerful neck, and his right leg over his friend’s body. Finally, he pulled himself upon Dan’s inert form, holding fast to the horse’s strong neck as he did.

Dan’s well-developed instincts told him it was time to get to his feet. With one strong lunge, while Cyril held fast to his body, he rose to his knees. One more upward lunge brought him to his feet. The horse now stood erect, his injured master draped on his back, arms and legs dangling freely, his face buried in the soft, warm mane. Dan took his time, stepping slowly but firmly as he walked toward home.

It was completely dark by the time horse and barely conscious rider arrived at the main stable. Dan whinnied loudly at the end door causing William Brown, who was busy with the evening chores, to take notice. He moved toward the door, not believing what he saw. He took but an instant to grab Dan’s dangling reins and bring him into the stable just as Cyril began sliding off his mount’s back. William moved like lightning, catching his now unconscious boss and easing him to the floor.

“Oh my God, Cyril, what in hell has happened!?” William exclaimed, instantly calling for Manfred’s help. “Hurry, man, Cyril is badly hurt! Call an ambulance and inform Nurse Leeves at the house! She needs to do what she can until the ambulance arrives.”

Autumn had just sat down in her kitchenette to a small bowl of vegetable soup. Her appetite was anywhere but with her as her mind kept repeating her earlier conversation with Cyril. She could not get his lost look out of her mind; it had infiltrated her very soul, as she thought, how can I even contemplate leaving him? Her heart pained at the very idea, but she missed practicing her profession; she had to make a choice.

Suddenly a loud knock pummeled her door, along with Agnes screaming, “Autumn! You have to go to the main stables this instant! Cyril is badly hurt!” …



Now I know I shouldn’t STOP the momentum of Rusty’s Sneak Peek Read for us, but her website is such an amazing place to visit, you’ll have to go there to finish reading her Chapter 23 Share and find out What Happens Next!

I thank Rusty for giving my friends, readers, and visitors such a treat and have an “inside look” of her long-awaited and ANTICIPATED ROMANTIC FICTION DRAMA: “THE PERILS OF AUTUMN” … More Books By Rusty.



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New Mystery E-Book Release By Kim Carter…”It’s Raining MURDER In Seattle” The Wait Is Over Avid Readers!

“Profiling a serial killer is proving to be difficult”

Award-Winning Author, Kim Carter is a prolific writer of contemporary mystery, suspense, and page-turning thriller reads. Her new novel series “A Clara & Iris Mystery” has won a “2017 TCK Publishing Readers’ Choice Award,” and is a fan favorite among avid mystery readers. She has just released second editions of  “When Dawn Never Comes,” No Second Chances”, and Deadly Odds” just this month, Jan 2018.

Kim’s new novel series titled; “The Clara and Iris Mystery” comes “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle” as book one of the series released June 2017, and book two is titled; “Murder Among The Tombstones” releasing August 2017, and IS an award winner! Now comes Kim’s brand new mystery titled; “And The Forecast Calls For Rain.”  All her books are available on Amazon online, Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and are published by Raven South Publishing of Atlanta, Georgia.


About The New Mystery:

Detective Jose Ramirez and the Sierra Hills Police Department are scrambling for leads on a killer who has already struck five times, each time leaving his signature trademark: large butcher knives piercing the abdomens of his young female victims.

Profiling the killer is proving to be difficult, and Detective Ramirez knows that it’s only a matter of time before their perpetrator strikes again.

As if Ramirez isn’t frustrated enough, to his dismay, he is assigned a partner. Officer Daniel Chatham, a handsome, young man, fresh out of grad school, has pulled some strings to join the division and becomes Ramirez’s, right-hand man. The lead detective’s anger slowly begins to dissipate as he discovers the book smart kid can be quite the asset.

With Ramirez’s experience, Chatham’s sharp mind and quick thinking, and the insight of Erin Sommers, a beautiful, young journalist, the three make a powerful team gaining on their criminal.

It’s raining… it’s pouring, and a killer is on the loose in the rainy Sierra Hills of Washington State. No one is who they seem, and the plot thickens with every turn. You’ll never guess the ending of this enigmatic tale…


About The Authoress of Mystery:

“I’m the mother of three grown children and live in Atlanta, Ga. I’ve written eight novels, four of which have been published, and recently released my first novel series this past summer called “A Clara and Iris Mystery.” Book one of the series is “Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle” was chosen by Killer Nashville as a ‘book of the day’ and gave a rave review as well as Book two “Murder Among The Tombstones” and has just won a TCK publishers “2017 Mystery Readers’ Choice Award. Everyone has fallen in love with the characters, Iris and Clara!”

Kim enjoys interacting and engaging with them all. One of her favorite things about writing is the traveling and research required to bring her novels to life. Her research has taken her to places such as morgues, death row, and midnight cemetery visits.

Kim and her husband have raised three successful grown children and have vested in and love retired greyhounds. They enjoy attending the many events held annually for them, as well as educating others about their need for great homes and what great pets greyhounds make after they retire from racing.

She is a college graduate of Saint Leo University, has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Sociology, and now has become a career writer and author. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

You can find and connect with Kim Carter for updates and events through social media!

Buy Her Books on Amazon Kindle.
And on i Like E-Books.

Presented By “Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den” ~ Author, Catherine Lyon



New Year Advice From My Dear Friend Marsha and WHY Video is ‘HOT’ in Marketing Yourself & Your Books…

Since we are starting a fresh New Year, I came across TWO exceptional articles from my friend and PR Expert, Marsha Friedman that shares two vital parts to marketing you, your books, and Brand! We can never have too much advice from a Public Relations firm that Marsha runs and is the founder of. Let’s make 2018 our “Year To Shine!”

“2018 Is Your Time To Shine!”


 by | Jan 3, 2018.| General MarketingPR Education


The start of a New Year is always a great time to focus on creating a “new you” – or at least an improved version of the old you.

Sometimes we do that through resolutions about dieting and exercise that, sadly, we don’t always keep. Sometimes we enter January vowing that in the next 12 months we will travel more, read more or spend more time with the family.

As you look ahead to all the possibilities that a New Year brings, let me suggest that if you’ve been letting your personal brand languish, 2018 can be your time to shine! It can be the year you rise from obscurity to fame – or at least to recognition as a voice of authority and go-to expert in your field. You just need to be willing and determined to make it happen!

You can bet that if you don’t, someone else – possibly a direct competitor – is going to step into the limelight that you neglected. They will be the ones polishing up their personal brands and, as a result, speaking with journalists, chatting with radio and TV show hosts, and linking to their media success stories on their websites.

Several years ago when I wrote my book Celebritize Yourself, personal branding hadn’t become quite as widespread as it is today. Certainly, some people – Zig Ziglar, Suze Orman and Bob Greene, just to name a few – had become extraordinarily successful at it, but at that time there weren’t always as many ways for people to promote themselves as there are now.

Most of the social media platforms that we have come to take for granted were either in their formative years or were dismissed as being irrelevant or unimportant. How quickly that changed! Now it’s so easy for anyone to create a Facebook, Twitter or other social media account and introduce themselves to the world.

Meanwhile, the old-school ways of promoting yourself via earned media in print, on radio and TV are still around, too. With so many opportunities out there, let me suggest just a few things you can do in 2018 to make this the year you take your personal brand to a new level:

  • Maintain a digital presence. Over just the last few years, I’ve seen more and more people who seem to – finally – get this. They understand the need for a website. They know the value of being featured in online publications and showing up in Google searches. They realize they need to be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram or other social media sites, spreading their message in the places where millions of people check in daily. Still, on occasion, I encounter people who have no digital presence or haven’t posted anything on their social media platforms in months or even years. But in this day and age, an active digital presence is a must!
  • Continue to build your credibility. You want to be viewed as someone who provides insight on what’s happening in your field, and who offers helpful tips and interesting observations to people who follow you on social media. You can do that through a blog and through your regular social media posts, as well as through any interviews you can land with the media. By building your credibility you will come to be seen as an authority on your topic.
  • Make sure you deliver your best work. If you promote your personal brand, but don’t deliver an excellent service or product, eventually it will catch up with you and all the work you put into creating your personal brand will be meaningless. On the other hand, when your work shows the caring you have for your clients, it reinforces that shine you worked so hard to achieve.

So make a vow that 2018 will be your year! Although it may seem a daunting task, this really can be the year you create a truly authentic personal brand that will positively sparkle by the time 2019 arrives.

That’s a resolution definitely worth keeping…Shine on!



Yes, this is me shining on!! Now to our next article!




Make Video An Integral Part of Your 2018 Marketing Plan!

“As many of you know, I love brainstorming with my team to distill ideas and tips that not only can be useful in working on behalf of our clients, but also to share with you in the PR Insider.”


This week my creative team and I were in the middle of just such a session when Jay York, our senior social media strategist, intrigued me with his thoughts about current trends in video marketing.

Let’s face it. With today’s technology, combined with the vast reach of social media, it’s easier than ever to create your own video segments that can become an integral part of your overall marketing strategy. You don’t even need a studio worthy of “Good Morning, America” or special effects that would make you the envy of George Lucas. In fact, the less formal the production is the better.

And once you arrive at your finished product, you can put your video on Youtube, share it on other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and post a link to it from your website.

Frankly, you can get a lot of marketing mileage out of just one video – but you shouldn’t stop there because there are so many approaches you can take. You might create a series of short messages filled with insights into your area of expertise.

You might want to show your company culture with glimpses of team-building outings for example. It can show you’re a fun company to work with, or that you’re philosophically aligned and share commonalities with potential clients. These can be deciding factors when choosing a company to work with. At EMSI, we often use videos for those peeks inside the company, sharing them on Instagram!

So, with an assist from Jay, let me offer a few tips on what you should do to get started and get the most out of your video marketing this year:

  • Round up the equipment. This shouldn’t take long. After all, you won’t need the 124 cameras that ESPN reportedly used for the college national championship football game. One lone cell phone should serve your needs, although a tripod would be nice in case the person who does the taping lacks a steady hand. You’ll also want to decide on an appropriate setting. This simply could be your office or a backdrop of bookshelves. On occasion, you might even opt for an outdoors shot. Some of this will depend on the type of message you’re sending and just how serious – or light-hearted – your approach is.
  • Prepare your message. You don’t want to wing it, so know what you want to say and how you want to say it. In terms of length, although succinct is often better, Jay tells me the game has changed a little on that count. The typical recommendation used to be one to two minutes, but if you’re offering valuable information and are engaging, you can keep an audience interested longer than that, up to perhaps 12 minutes. And if you are making a speech or presentation before a group, don’t be reluctant to tape the whole thing – even if that means 30 minutes to an hour.
  • Keep it conversational. It’s best to look into the camera and speak as if you are having a conversation with a friend. The last thing you want to do is keep your head down and read in a monotone from a prepared text.
  • Consider going live. Now that you’re no longer jittery about a video (I’m going ahead and taking that leap here!) the next step is to consider going live. How? One opportunity is on Facebook, where there are advantages to a live video presentation. For one thing, Facebook gives precedence to live video so you will pop up at the top of your followers’ feeds. In addition, the live video will be interactive, so viewers can send you questions that you will see on your screen. You can respond immediately or use some of the questions as ideas for future video presentations.

A video is going to be more relevant in marketing in 2018 than ever before, which means you need to give serious consideration to incorporating it into your overall strategy.

Granted, not everyone enjoys going in front of a camera. I get that! But I also know the importance of video, so I’m going to suggest you overcome any camera fright and, if you haven’t already done so, take the video plunge! And yours in high definition!


About Marsha Friedman
Marsha Friedman launched EMS Incorporated in 1990. Her firm represents corporations and experts in a wide array of fields such as business, health, food, lifestyle, politics, finance, law, sports, and entertainment. She consults individuals and businesses on a daily basis and is frequently asked to speak at conferences about how to harness the power of publicity.



Amazon Has Great Tools For Authors and a Website to Accomplish This With Helpful Tips and Advice and much more.

When selling your books on Amazon books and Amazon Kindle, the first thing authors need is an Amazon Author page to go along with your books listed. It helps readers who are inquisitive and want to know WHO the authors are they choose and enjoy reading their books. This can be done here at  Amazon Author Central and you’re on way!

While your there setting up your author page, you will learn about some tools and a new website Amazon has to help market your books and checking out the author insights website here is a must! They have so much helpful information for authors with marketing, writing, publishing and more. So I wanted to share some of the exciting information with writer and authors in this post to help you feel more comfortable with using all of Amazon Centrals tools, tips, and advice in your marketing plan for the New Year and can be found on Author Central News and Amazon Author Insights!



Promote your book outside the bookstore ~ BY ETHAN GILSDORF



attention from a reader

When it comes to promoting your book, you need to think beyond the ordinary book store reading.

Really, you should think beyond the traditional book tour. Your goal is to get your book into the hands of as many potential readers as you can. But people don’t find out about books only on the bookstore shelves anymore. There’s the Internet, and blogs, and subcultures, and niche groups, all to tap into. It’s a whole new world out there. So take advantage of it.

These are all things you can do yourself. You don’t need a publicist or a publisher’s PR person to open doors for you. Get on the phone, send out some emails, press the flesh, and get your promotional campaign rolling.

Think outside the bookstore. Bookstore readings are fun. But if you can appear at more targeted organizations related to your book, all the better. If your novel is about World War II, then send out an email blast to related book groups, Meet Ups, organizations and their various and associated conferences and hoedowns that specialize in that time period. If your book is about kids with allergies, find specialty shops, natural food stores, and parents’ groups where you can appear.

Go back to school. I’ve had a lot of success appearing at high schools, colleges, libraries, teen centers, youth groups, writing centers, and adult education centers. I offer a variety of talks – sometimes regular readings, but sometimes PowerPoint slideshows, writing workshops, “what it’s like to be a writer” Q&As, etc.

Be an expert: Any speaking engagement where you can appear as an expert in a topic related to your book is good. Same with moderating or being on a panel, or pitching yourself to local media (TV, radio, or as an op-ed contributor) to weigh in on some trending issue or news item.

Don’t just read. Book events are more fun when your event is as much a party or performance as it is a reading. Partner with musicians or fellow writers. Rent a back room of a bar, or offer prizes or discounts for anyone who attends. Ask a related local business, school program, or club what they think would attract people to your event.

Scale your presence. Sometimes you’ll be asked to speak in front of 500 souls. Sometimes your “event” is just five people sitting in a circle. Sometimes you’re given a table to sit at with a stack of your books, and you’ll need a big splashy banner, a “Meet the Author” sign, and a basket of goodies to get people to stop by.

Be prepared to present. Make preparations for the variety of appearances you’ll be wanting to make. Type up bullet-point lists of topics you want to make sure to hit during an interview or a lecture. Pack your PowerPoint with interesting images related to your memoir, novel, or idea books, and prepare a few versions: one long, one short, one for adults, one for kids. Come up with flexible plans and props for each potential situation.

Hit the Internet. For every niche topic that relates to your novel or nonfiction book — video games, Korean cooking, PTSD, New Orleans — there’s going to be leading blogs, reviews, journals, and other publications. Make sure those editors know about your book. Ask if they’d review it, or offer to write a guest post.  (A version of this article appeared at GrubStreet)

Happy Book Promoting. 


Merry Christmas Eve New Mystery Book Releases by Kim Carter…

Two New E-Book Release Blitz!

Kim Carter Mysteries


About The New E-book Release:

Jordan Maxwell, a twenty-seven-year-old freelance journalist, ventures to New York City to make a name for herself. With both of her parents dead, she struggles to get by living in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. In a twist of fate, Jordan finds herself the sole heir to her great-uncle’s estate in Solomon Cove, Maine.

Packing her bags, she heads to Maine where she soon realizes that her rags to riches journey entails much more than she bargained for.

Crime was unheard of in the small fishing village of Solomon Cove, a town where everyone knows everyone. It was the last place anyone expected crime, especially murder. However, the tides turn for this quaint town when the body of a young girl comes crashing in with the waves.

As the victims continue to mount, Jordan starts to believe the murders are connected to her and the family she never knew. Digging deeper into the past, Jordan must protect herself before she becomes the serial killer’s next target.



About The New E-Book:

Falling from a life of wealth and substance, to inside one of America’s most notorious prisons, prominent orthopedic surgeon Phil Sawyer is incarcerated for the voluntary manslaughter of his wife. While confined, he finds himself on the trail of a serial killer that infiltrates the walls of San Quentin.

After finding himself in the infirmary for getting involved in an incident that didn’t concern him, Phil struggles with the decision to stick his neck out. But he can’t ignore the rise in suspicious deaths among the African American inmates.

With the aid of an empathetic nurse and help from the outside, he tries to identify the unexplained cause of their cardiac arrests. He finds himself out on early release and heads to Solomon Cove, a peaceful town in Maine.

But, could the tranquil town all be a façade, or has the serial killer made their way across the country to seek revenge?

From wealthy Los Angeles, to the justice in San Quentin, and the serene landscapes of Maine, you will applaud the friendships and hear the cry as you ride the roller coaster of emotions this story will bring.


About The Authoress:

Kim has been writing mysteries for some time and has a large reader fan base who enjoy all her books, as shown in the many Amazon 5-Star book reviews given by her reader’s and reviewers. Kim enjoys interacting and engaging with them all. One of her favorite things about writing is the traveling and research required to bring her novels to life. Her research has taken her to places such as morgues, death row, and midnight cemetery visits.

Kim and her husband have raised three successful grown children and have vested in and love retired greyhounds. They enjoy attending the many events held annually for them, as well as educating others about their need for great homes and what great pets greyhounds make after they retire from racing.

She is a college graduate of Saint Leo University, has a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Sociology, and now has become a career writer and author. She lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Between reading and traveling with her beautiful family, she will continue to write mysteries for some time to come for her avid readers.

You can learn more about Kim Carter’s books and connect with her now on Goodreads:

And On Social Media Here:




Meet My Dear Friend and Author, Whitney McKendree Moore and Her New Book Cover Reveal and Interview.

A fantastic rerelease and book I read that is an AMAZING read and Whitney is an amazing woman you need to meet…She is an “Angel” sent from Heaven! We have been friends a few years and I so enjoy helping authors and my friends alike when they books released that can help many others. And man does she have many books to choose from here: Whitney McKendree Moore! Purchase her current book on Amazon Books!

I know you will love her as much as I DO!  Catherine XoXo


A few of My FAV’S!


God Can!: Parables and Proofs   Downloads from God  Praise in the Storm


More About My Friend Whitney:



Whitney McKendree Moore says she writes “campfire stories.” Her books are for any Christian discouraged by a loved one’s alcoholism, especially for those who may not realize that help is available. Twelve-Step recovery led Whitney to discover that a relationship with God can be interactive, up close, and personal. She writes to tell of God’s incredible help in her life three ways:

Divine Intervention: “Whit’s End” is her personal testimony of how God revealed denial and delivered her from it into a whole new life.

Direct Connect: “Downloads from God” and “Contemporary Psalms” are companion volumes — excerpts of what it sounds like to be in Quiet Time with the Maker of the Universe.

Divine Connections: “BS-Busters” and “Praise in the Storm” are books of encouragement, urging gatherings where it is safe to “get real” with God, with ourselves, and with each other. Two other titles (“God Can!” and “What the Conductor Said”) offer additional “campfire stories” of God speaking, even through each of us, to one another.

Whitney writes to come alongside other Christians who, like her, have reached the point of saying, “I can’t; God can; I need to let Him.” She has a website called and a blog there called The Question Corner.







“Cozy Author Interview With ~ Author, Whitney McKendree Moore”


1. When did realize that you wanted to be a writer and author?
Ever since ever! I remember seeing a TV ad for coffee when I was a girl (in the late 50s) where a woman was typing in front of a roaring fire with a dog at her side. I always thought that was a picture of me.

2. How long does it take for you to write one of your books? It took me a decade to write “Whit’s End.” At one point, the manuscript was 420 pages. Now it’s 112. For me, it was tricky trying to tell my story without doing so at someone else’s expense.

3. How do you balance your work schedule when you’re busy writing?  I am retired now, but when I worked, I spent many nights and weekends and even vacation days writing. I guess it’s true that if you’re a writer you write!

4. What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?  I am very colloquial, and I actually seek to sound as though I am talking. Also, I make up words. A lot.

5. How do you come up with ideas for your books?  I just decided to package up all those pages I’d been writing on nights and weekends!

6. When did you write your first book? 1986. It was called “Where To Next?” and is out of print now.

7. What are your hobbies when you’re not writing? Walking, singing with guitar and others, playing the piano.

8. How do your family and close friends think of your writing? One relative said, “We loved the cover.” And not a peep else!


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9. What was one of the most interesting things that you learned about yourself when you published your first book?  How reluctant I was to market it myself. I no longer consider “marketing” a swear word. Now I think of it as reaching out to encourage someone with what I have been given to share.

10. How many books have you written? Which one is your favorite?  Twelve books of my own, plus another five helping other people tell their stories.

11. What do you think makes a good story?  The truth, which is so often stranger than fiction. When I wrote for magazines, I would describe my subjects as “extraordinary & ordinary people.”


12. Now lastly, where do you like to kick back and write your books?  My favorite is to take a thick stack of blank white paper to my great big bed with a bunch of sharp pencils and start there. It never goes well for me if I get onto the computer too soon…

I’d like to close by saying “You are amazing, woman. Amazing. Thank you so much for your incredible generosity, interview and ‘CAN DO attitude.” You give me GRATITUDE! Friends and Readers can come connect with me on social media below!  Visit my  Website    GoodReads   Twitter



I want to “Thank” my dear friend Whitney for allowing me to share her books and more about her with all my readers and recovery friends too! Please do yourself a great favor and pick up a few of her books and give them a read. You will enjoy them all!







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