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Gambling Recovery Can Start Here. Sharing Hope, Awareness, and Support.


I NEED to THANK Each and Every One of my Recovery Friends, Supporters, and ALL NEW Visitors for helping make my BLOG a SUCCESS as it MEANINGFUL!

I also HOPE Helpful n able to Inform, Educate, & SHARE a Message of HOPE from Gambling Addiction and ALL ADDICTIONS!

We Deserve and ARE Worthy of Second Chances, WHY? Because RECOVERY WORKS and RECOVERY Is POSSIBLE~Catherine Lyon, Advocate



6 Year Anniversary Achievement

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IMG_2296 “Best Day EVER Meeting This Former NFL Pro now Recovery Advocate. #NFLCares

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Cat’s PR Friends Show us How To Social Media For ‘Building Your Brand and Use It To Grow Your Small Business Too.

Cat’s amazing friends of Strong Social – Media Blog is a great place to visit as they are a growing PR media site that helps “the little guys” become better at branding themselves as authors, writers, and if you are like me, run a small media marketing and book promoting brand and business.

They know the importance and power of Social Media to help authors build their brand and gain exposure, sales, and reviews for all their books. Let’s see what they are teaching us today about Branding and Using Social Media for your small business …~Cat Lyon


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4 Easy Tips to Apply Social Media Strategies to get your Brand Noticed

Social Media is no longer something that companies can go without. We’ve long past that time when small business owners thought that communicating with their key audience was more of a choice, rather than a mandatory necessity.

It so happens that being present on social networks has become a must in almost every sector of activity, and here are the top 5 social media must-haves for every brand:

5. A Social Media Manager

Sure, it sounds redundant, but trust us. Having a social media manager is mandatory if you want to get optimal results from your entire digital communication strategy. You can start by creating the social media accounts for your brand by yourself and try to keep them constantly updated, but sooner or later, you’ll realize that this activity is taking up more and more of your time.

This could lead to you getting distracted from your company’s core focus, making it necessary to hire a professional social media manager to take care of the work and to take things to the next level.

4. Instagram and Youtube Are a Must-Have

Even if you’re not activating in a very dynamic domain, your brand needs to be present on Instagram and Youtube. Assuming you already have a Facebook and a Twitter account, you should start placing a strong focus on the visual like book trailers or more about your craft as a writer.

When it comes to visual, Instagram (for photos) and Youtube (for videos, of course!) are the key social networks to focus on. More and more companies are shifting their communication efforts to visual content, because, we all know it, people have less and less time to read.

Keep it social with strong visual content!

3. Focus on Understanding Social Media Management Tools

If your brand has a lot of things to communicate, you can easily forget to post certain updates or news because you are present on too many platforms. This is why opting for a social media management tool that helps you organize and schedule posts on different social networks is a life-saver.

Hootsuite is one of the most popular choices out there, but feel free to look around to what best suits your needs, or consults with your social media manager (if you already have one) on what tools you should start using.

2. Try Getting More into The Analytics

Sprout Social is a very special social media solution for every brand. It’s being used by top worldwide companies because not only does it make social media easier to manage, but it also provides detailed-customized reports to help you improve your digital communication. And save time posting by automating your posts on social media by using Buffer (dot) Com. They are an affordable Social Media Management Platform.

“Buffer makes it easy for businesses and marketing teams to schedule posts, analyze performance, and manage all their accounts in one place.”

They both can also be considered strong lead generators for your business if you analyze all the reports carefully and make the necessary adjustments in order to achieve your business goals.

It’s definitely worth giving it a shot!

1. Focus on hashtags

Hashtags are as important today as they were the first time they were introduced by Twitter. It helps people search and index a certain topic, making it easier for you to connect with your core audience.

Use websites like hashtagify.me to get the best relevant hashtags you need to send out your message. Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to make your message visible to a wider audience, so be sure to include them in your updates.

Now let’s talk about to grow your business on Social Media!

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5 Tips on How to Use Social Media for Small Businesses


It’s no longer a secret that social media helps any business in reaching its targeted audiences. Not only that, but social media has become a must-have for any business, be it big or small. It’s a very fast, efficient and easy to use way of getting in touch with your current and future possible clients.

It helps in raising awareness about your company, it helps in getting leads for your business, and it’s a way of letting people know what your company is doing on a regular basis.

Sure, everything sounds good in theory, but let’s look over 5 tips on how to use social media for small businesses. A more practical approach.

5. Start by setting up a social media plan for your business

First thing’s first. Set up a social media plan where you do an audit of your company and try to figure out which social networks work best for your industry. We’re not going to lie to you, research does take up a lot of time in the beginning. Help is out there, and affordable if you “just want to WRITE,” look to our friend ‘Cat’ of lyonmediaservices.com and she can surely help. WHICH?


The good news? That it’s worth it and you only have to do it once. At least to that extent. After that, it’s all about her trying to keep you relevant in your field and do constant check-ups on what the competition is doing. Which brings us to our next tip…

4. Research your competition and keep up to date with the latest news

In the digital age, not knowing what your competition is doing is a definite disadvantage. Especially since doing research or checking updates from your competitors has never been easier.

Start by following their social media accounts and see what they’re posting. Analyze their content and try to identify a pattern. See what works with their audience and how they engage with people who approach them. You can even take it a step further, by subscribing to their newsletters, webinars, conferences and so on, just to be sure that you’re always in the loop.

Take whatever works from their social media communication and add it to your plan.


3. Master one social media platform

Spreading too much, too fast is almost never a good idea. Sure, start by creating social media accounts for your business on all the relevant social networks, but try to master one platform before being “too social” on all of them.

Time is a limited resource and most likely, you will not be able to invest the same amount of time on all social networks. Rather than having 3-4 accounts with less developed content, try on focusing on one and get yourself noticed there. After that, it’s easy to scale and take a part of your audience with you. This blends with the next tip we have in store for you.

2. Engage with your audience. See what they have to say

This tip is probably the most important one of them all, however, this does not mean that you should skip all the other steps. Engaging with your audience can prove to be crucial, especially when you are a small business or a company that’s just starting out.

Your customers and the relationship you build with them is all you have. This is why you need to nurture it and put almost as much time in it as you would put in your products and services. Establishing a loyal fan base is key in taking your business to the next level. Answer questions and ask questions. This will get the ball rolling.

1.Create Your Brand Recognition

If you manage to create a strong brand recognition, you can already consider yourself a winner. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should leave your guard down, but it does mean that you will need to put less effort into your communication activities and you can focus on taking your business even further.

You’ll be able to focus more on developing your product, think about scaling up and how to acquire more customers, once your company has established itself as a strong brand.

You’ll be able to communicate more, by saying less. You’ll appear professional, but also close to your audience.


If you’re interested in learning more about social media management, or if you have any questions about social media for small businesses, do not hesitate to contact our specialized consultants. CAT SURE Highly Recommends Them!!


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Let’s Chat Recovery Lifestyle! Do You Just Live IN Recovery? Or Live an Amazing Life While Maintaining Recovery?

Many of my readers and book bloggers know I maintain recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol and thought I would share we little bit about that and an amazing day I had last month as I was one of the Guest Speakers here at the state capitol event for The Bike Ride Around America 4 Addiction Awareness. It Was My BEST DAY in LIFE EVER! LOL…LOL! Blessings All,

**Cat Lyon**

Gambling Recovery Can Start Here. Sharing Hope, Awareness, and Support.

Welcome Recovery Warriors, Supporters, and New Visitors,


Now that summer is almost here; many get outdoors, plan vacations, and LIVE LIFE. So, how do you still put your gambling recovery first?

See, there was a time I could never do that. What I mean is, when I was still active in my gambling addiction, it seemed even in the summer or vacation time, it always had to have some form of “gambling venue” or option attached or nearby. How sick is that? It made me begin to think? How do others maintaining recovery from gambling put their recovery first and a balanced healthy Lifestyle?

I felt and have seen my own recovery go through phases as we begin to live life again while keeping mindful of our recovery journey. We don’t “LIVE IN Recovery; we “LIVE LIFE while maintaining it” …I hear too many people who only work 12-Step…

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Poetry …It Can Also Come From Life Trauma and Written Eloquently With Feelings and Heartfelt. Our Guest Poet, Lolly of Self Harm Ends.


Being Mental Health Awareness Month all of May, and even though this my Book and Reading Den, my Special Guest, a Poet, and Writer needed to be shared here as well as my recovery blog as this poem “touched me” to my core and “being.”

I am a sexual trauma and abuse survivor, no shame in saying so as it happened to me as a little girl and as a young teen. I don’t share much of that side of my life still.

I have only begun sharing and speaking about my Mental Health challenges over and above my advocacy work from my gambling addiction and recovery. When I read this poem by Lolly though? It speaks of how I felt and at times, still today. Even though the topic is dark, I couldn’t have written it any more beautifully than Lolly has done.

Poetry is another form of writing to heal and “Expression.”



Courtesy of Lolly – Self Harm Ends – Blogspot. 


I hope love and joy within lives anew.

I’ve suffered soul-murder, rendering me askew.

I was buried alive under guilt, blame and shame

My soul fatally wounded, and seriously maimed.


Being an adult-child and a child-adult,

I pray to intuitively find a way out!

From doomed to exist in sorrow and pain,

With hope over doubt it was not all in vain.

Let the black cloud lift and dissipate

May I take my life back none too late.


How deep does it go?

…All throughout, and from head to toe.

No one knows how I feel, but my Lord.

We are healing the pain from the sword.

Wounded clear through my vital core,

Not yet healed, it’s open and sore!


Being sad makes me tear, yet to survive I delay,

I hope to take time to feel, another day.

Carrying pain in my heart all these years,

Makes me wonder through the river of tears,

Why have I dearly hung on to it so?

Seemingly reluctant just to let it all go.


Betrayed by those who since have long gone,

Yet with me still lingers, a familiar song.

An endless song of grief, sorrow, and pain.

No lasting friendships nor love did I gain.


I’ve only myself now, and long to be free

From living with sorrow, pain, and misery.

I pray to “gift-away” my pain and survive,

To be left with that I need to revive.


I’m learning to love self and let go of hate.

There’s no real reason to procrastinate.

Letting it go doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Without all that sorrow, pain and despair,

There’d be more room for life and joy in there!


I’m a child of God and of the Light.

I am willing to do what is right.

Perhaps God fancies knowing I too love Him.

Thinking about love now, causes me to grin.

Knowing God cares, puts a smile in my heart,

Broken no more, never shall we part!



Soul Murder Victim

©Rights Reserved

Revised 2019


WOOOOO HOOOOO! It Has Taken Time But Cat Has Finally Reached 500 Book Blog Posts on WordPress About All My Fine Authors and Their Books …Thank You, Readers, and Friends.





500 Posts


Congratulations on writing 500 posts on “Cat Lyon’s Reading & Writing Den”!


Couldn’t Have Done It Without All My Readers, Friends, and New Visitors Asking For More Authors and All Their #BOOKS! THANK YOU!


The Library of the Lost and Found by Phaedra Patrick ★★★★☆ #BookReview

I first want to “Thank” KayCKay for visiting my Recovery Blog and Hope she finds my Book Blog too! I enjoy meeting many bloggers who, like me, enjoy reading and promoting all my authors! Remember friends, bloggers can also be amazing readers and reviewers!
**CAT** “Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing Den”

KayCKay Book Reviews


Primary Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction
Published: 29 March 2019 by Park Row
Page count: 352
Format: Audiobook
Memorable Factor: Average
Cover: Simple
Pacing: Good
Ending: Satisfying and Hopeful
Would I recommend it: Likely
Commission Link: https://amzn.to/2LfMOYC

My rating:★★★☆

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I am Honored to Announce My New Author Interview With NF Reads. I Enjoy Writing.

NF READS ~ NFReads.com | Interesting Articles. Inspiring Stories.

I was honored and had the pleasure of being invited for an in-depth author interview by NFReads.com about my craft of writing, about why I wrote my book, about recovery life, and some other intriguing questions. I included and shared some book marketing tips for authors in the interview and shared about my long-term recovery as well.

I hope you will take some time to visit and read the Full Interview!

Interview with Author/Advocate, Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Addicted to Dimes (Confessions of a Liar and a Cheat)

“Books can come by imagination with vibrant storylines and characters. Come in many genres and about real life, or sometimes they come by way of a little “Divine Intervention” like my book.”   ~Author, Catherine Townsend-Lyon 


AND The Last Question Was?

Tell us some quirky facts about yourself?

Oh my. OK. I love dill pickle slices and mayo sandwiches. I am a cat lover with three therapy cats named, Mr. Boots, Miss Prissy Princess, and Simon-Peter. I love writing when it rains and will keep my door cracked and window open to hear it while writing even if it is 20 degrees outside!


Well, after everything I’ve been through in my life up to now? GOD let me keep my sense of humor!


56848129_657000964754004_2110962222527152128_n(A little fun and $$$$ Raised For Big Jim’s Ride 4 Addiction at The Arizona State Capitol Event as One of The Guest Speakers – April 10th, 2019) LOL!!