Press Release: New Author Deb Morgan A Contributing Writer Within The New Book Release of “Simply Amazing Women”…Published By Celebrity WMAP Radio Host…


CAT is so excited and very honored to share a ‘New Book and Press Release’ for my dear friend who has become a new first-time too Mrs. Author, Deb Morgan. Deb was one of 13 other women chosen by K.C. Armstrong owner, host, and publisher of “Simply Amazing Women” now available online at Barnes & Noble,   Deb’s Spot Website,  on AMAZON

As Mr. Armstrong shares … “The Simply Amazing series, an upbeat, inspirational collection of stories to keep spirits up during days of isolation and uncertainty and about 13 amazing women who tell me their stories of heartbreak and healing.

All go on to help others on their life journeys. The overall feeling is one of optimism, inspiration, and self-confidence. These women have strengths inside them they didn’t even know about, and this book will convince you of this and pick your spirits up!”

Lyon Media and Literary Consulting Announces Their Author Was Chosen and Featured in “Simply Amazing Women” – A New Book Release Published by WMAP Radio


“Featured recovery author Deb Morgan, a tireless advocate was chosen as one of the 13 contributing chapter writers in the new book release titled “Simply Amazing Women.” Published by K. C. Armstrong, former cast member of The Howard Stern Show and the host of Armstrong’s WMAP radio station, “Simply Amazing Women” was released on May 1st, 2020.”


Lyon Media and Literary Consulting Announces Their Author Was Chosen and Featured in      


Phoenix, AZ, May 02, 2020 —(– Deb Morgan, a new author and recovery advocate who shares her compelling story of endurance, overcoming addictions and is proof recovery works and is possible. Deb had been interviewed by host K.C. Armstrong as his guest and after hearing her story, Deb was one of thirteen other amazing women invited to write and share their story to help others have hope.

“Simply Amazing Women” which was released May 1st, 2020 is book two of the best-selling series Simply Amazing by Celebrity WMAP radio host, K. C. Armstrong, a former favorite from the Howard Stern Show. The book is now available online on Amazon, Barnes & Noble.

In these times of fear and uncertainty, we look for examples of facing life’s challenges and courageously moving forward. What’s amazing is what we learn about our own strengths and resiliency in the process as Ms. Morgan shares her story as one of the 13 real women featured in this non-fiction book.

Deb demonstrates a commitment to overcoming, healing, and helping others do the same as a tireless advocate and coming out the other side of addiction, trauma, and much more as a Survivor and Warrior. Her story she shares within a whole chapter is shocking, heartbreaking and one of perseverance.

Born in Colorado, raised in Arizona, now living outside Eugene, OR., at the tender age of 13 is when she took her first alcoholic drink, moving into drug addiction to opioids and other pain killers, to crime, arrested and found her way into rehab, she began her recovery journey and tireless advocacy. How does a woman overcome? That is what you will read in her chapter and the first published works of Ms. Morgan.

Today Ms. Morgan is an advocate fighting for other addicts, alcoholics since maintaining two years into sobriety and being clean. She also advocates and has Fibro challenges. A mother of two grown children and when not advocating or writing, Deb enjoys reading, painting, loves travel, and spending time with her many grandchildren she adores. Deb will release her first full-length book in late spring. She is married and resides outside Eugene, Oregon.

Contact Information & Connect on Social Media
Contact The Author:
Deb Morgan – For Interviews and Featured Story 
Email: dmorgan45@gmail.comOFFICIAL AUTHOR WEBSITE


Meet New Author, Blogger, and Advocate Deb Morgan. Deb Is One of Several Writers and Authors Chosen To Share Her Story In “Simply Amazing Women” Book Series Releasing This May 2020.

Hello and Welcome Readers and Friends,

Meet my amazing friend Deb Morgan! She is about to become a first-time author and what a way to share her first published book and one full chapter of overcoming and encouraging other women to do the same within “Simply Amazing Women” Book Two of the book series published by former co-host of the Howard Stern show and current owner and talk show host for WMAP Radio Host K. C. Armstrong.



“My name is Debra Morgan. I was born in Colorado and now live in Oregon. I am  55, married have 2 children, a daughter, and a son and 6 grandchildren. I am a Fibromyalgia survivor and I do not use that word lightly knowing that people I know and love now or have died from this insidious disease are reasons enough for me.

I was diagnosed with CFS in 1994 and Fibromyalgia along with IC in 2005. This diagnosis came because of the beginning of severe pain and other issues.  I am writing a book on my life with Fibro hoping that it will help reach people and help them to do what I do and live with fibro on their own terms. I now advocate and I support other people going through this by sharing what I learned and the skills and knowledge in surviving and even thriving despite living with Fibromyalgia.”

Deb and I met through another mutual friend of ours and we love and began network together on “The Recovery Side of Things” and love to banter on social media with one another but we are serious about our ‘Recovery and we are Warriors’ as we have maintained recovery from addiction long-term. Who says you can’t have fun living life maintaining recovery? Deb and I “Live Life Fully” no matter what health challenges we face and what I love about her! Especially when we joke about getting older and getting more memory loss!! LOL.

The Contributing Women Authors 

Women Group Pictures b (1)

I was so happy and proud when Deb told me she was chosen along with 12 other women from interviews K.C. had done with many women to write a chapter about what she has had to overcome, as each author shares and have written what they have had to endure and overcome in their lives. It is an inspirational, encouraging, and empowering read as these women share in each chapter.

Now, Deb and I both enjoy blogging and she has given us a preview of a new blog post she has up now on her blog called Deb-Spot.  I have shared some of her new blog-post at the bottom for those of you who may suffer or have Fibro or mental health challenges. I encourage you to visit her blog and read the whole post. Deb has a way of writing about her feelings and thoughts of her challenges so eloquently.

Here is more about the new book soon to release and can be pre-ordered now and sent when released through Barnes and Noble Pre-orders for Simply Amazing Women!

WhatsApp Image 2020-03-27 at 12.22.41 PM     71HaWNjaieL.SR160,240_BG243,243,243DEBM
(K. C. Armstrong, a former cast member on the Howard Stern Show.)

ABOUT THE BOOK: “Simply Amazing Women”

Life After Heartbreak: 13 inspiring examples to encourage and inspire you

Simply Amazing Women continues celebrity radio host K. C. Armstrong’s theme of human resiliency. Each of his13 interviews showcases a woman who courageously faced severe challenges and ultimately used the experience for the benefit of others. It’s not just about being a survivor; it’s about surviving to ease the path of people facing their own life challenges: addiction, discrimination, poverty, violence, and more.

Armstrong (formerly of the Howard Stern Show) uses his own background of self-destruction and poor choices to weave together excerpts of aired interviews taken from his WMAP Radio station. The diverse chapters and Armstrong’s commentary offer examples of hope, compassion, and forgiveness. Armstrong himself has turned his life around and has dedicated his remaining years to encouraging others to make whatever adjustments are necessary to obtain their own redemption, understanding, and inner peace. The upbeat message is one of belief in one’s own power to handle whatever life brings-with dignity and resolve.

Following his best-seller Simply Amazing, Special Author’s Edition (2019) Simply Amazing Women is published to celebrate and honor our mothers and grandmothers: women of strength, passion, and wisdom.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling
(First-time Author Deb Morgan Resides outside Eugene, Oregon.)


Bipolar Disorder Whispers Of The Depressed Mind

I started this blog post when COVID-19 was dropped into the world’s life and we Americans began to feel it in a painful way. The thoughts of what goes through my mind as someone who has Bipolar Disorder continues to change each and every day and more often during this time of stress and extreme sadness.

As it does on a daily basis by mind never stops talking or remembering songs or coming up with something else I need to do. I wish that I could get my mind to just shut up for a minute. When depressive circumstances are present the noise in my head begins to sound like a low whisper, never leaving, never slowing but as if a prayer of some sort it quiets as it changes and saddens.



In depression, no amount of cheerleading, self -help books, or inspirational sticky notes on the bathroom mirror can overcome the power of its grasp. I feel as though I am drowning, and no one is throwing me a life preserver, but I have no idea that there are none, and I better remember how to swim real quick.


“I will be stronger than my sadness.” ― Jasmine Warga

I hope and encourage you to visit her blog and read the “rest of her story”… You may connect with Author, Deb Morgan on social media too! FACEBOOK  – TWITTER.

More about the soon to release book is now on BookLife also available soon on Amazon Books online, Pre-orders for Simply Amazing Women!

Presented By Lyon Media Services & Literary Consultants. A New Release by Award-Winning Author, Amy Bovaird.

Welcome Readers, Book Bloggers, and All-New Friends!

Who would have imagined in just a few short weeks, here we are, being sheltered at home due to a Virus Pandemic? I never saw this coming!  I’m sure many would have never seen this coming.  It has now changed a usually slower time for book sales and reviews to a huge literary e-book sales boom!

With many avid readers forced to stay home from work, colleges, and little ones from schools, not sure how long these bans and restrictions will remain,  I can at least help with some author news, new books, and updates to help you pass the time.

Just as this past week as most of our authors were giving back through their ebooks and offering them FREE or deeply discounted. Cat is still keeping them going with Podcasts, Author Interviews, and Amy Bovaird is no different.
She just released another new book!

So let’s see what Amy’s been up to and about her new book!  💞📚📚🐈🐈 Cat




Hitting A Home Run: Blind and Thriving by [Bovaird, Amy ]


It is 1988. After three years of teaching English as a Second Language in Latin America, Amy Bovaird is offered a position in Indonesia, halfway across the world. On this archipelago, Bovaird has the opportunity to learn about new cultures.

But there is a problem. In the break between jobs, Bovaird pays a visit to her local eye doctor for what she believes will be a routine upgrade of her glasses’ prescription. A lengthy examination with a retinal specialist follows. The news she receives turns out to be a challenge. She is losing her vision to Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition she can’t even pronounce and for which there is no cure.

Bovaird faces a dilemma. Should she risk possible danger with her debilitating vision to pursue her dream contract abroad or stay at home near the safety of family?

You’ll need to give a quick read as it was picked as Amazon Kindles #1 Hot New Travel Short Read Release! And why Amy is a Medal and Award-winning Author! And she offers it for readers right now at just .99 CENTS …



“This past week was a big week for me, readers! I’ve been working on sharing more key experiences to encourage others, especially those with sight loss. But really everyone.

My new booklet just came out!

WITH the world has just been diagnosed with the COVID-19, an unprecedented pandemic, and our very lives feel, and have been, threatened by something out of our control. Thirty-two years ago, my security and life as I knew it felt threatened. Losing my vision was out of my control.

The pain of an unexpected diagnosis of any proportion messes with our mind. I’m sure you will be able to relate to the pain and fear I faced back in 1988. No one else I knew struggled with this problem and I didn’t want anyone’s pity so I kept silent about it. I felt isolated and alone as many of you do right now, physically.

I had a choice to make, like all of us today.
How are we going to live our lives in the middle of a challenge?
Which emotion will rise to the surface?

Although my dilemma seems opposite to what we are facing right now, in which we are told NOT to travel but to stay at home, it was scary.

I hope you will take time to read Hitting a Home Run: Blind and Thriving, if you didn’t take advantage of it a few weeks ago, you can still read it now on Amazon.

Get Your Copy today!  >>

In the spirit of giving back to my readers, I am making my other memoirs in eBook available for 0.99 cents... If you have not yet read them, I would love for you to check them out!”

Ebook: Mobility Matters

Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith (The Mobility Series Book 1)              Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility (The Mobility Series Book 2)      AND  Cane Confessions

You can connect with Amy Bovaird throughout social media and stop by her informative blog as well! WebsiteJoin Author’s NewsletterFacebookTwitterGoodreadsAmazonPinterestLinkedin


So? Who Is Amy Bovaird? She Is An Amazing and Humorous Dear Friend!

Amy L. Bovaird


Award-winning Christian Author and Speaker, Amy Bovaird is a memoirist and writes about sight loss using humor. Amy enjoys writing about international travel and adventure, and faith-inspired devotionals. She has three published titles to her credit available on Amazon online, Barnes and Noble, and many online bookstores.

She is a world traveler, ghostwriter, two-time bestselling author and inspirational speaker who thrives with vision loss. She educates and entertains her readers with humorous anecdotes of coping with ongoing vision loss.

Ms. Bovaird earned her M.A. in Bicultural – Bilingual Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is a lifelong learner, whether it is vision, writing or language-related. She has written three faith-based, often humorous, memoirs. Bovaird lives in northwest Pennsylvania. Every day she negotiates for the upper hand with her kitten, Sophie Socks, and, on most occasions, fails.

She has received the “Medal of Honor in Literature” for her memoir, Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith from Ohio Valley University in 2016.

Her second memoir, Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side of Mobility and third memoir devotional, Seeking Solace: Finding Joy After Loss, each reached No. 1 Bestseller status in various categories, including Biographies and Memoirs, Eye Problems, Grief and Dying, and Spiritual Healing…


promotional copy of three booksAMY



Special Spotlight Author Interview With Award-Winning Children’s Popular Author, Uncle Dave Howard. He Has Over 20+Books Now Published …

Looking for some amazing and fun reads for your children this holiday season? Maybe have a “12 Nights of Holiday Reading” with all of Uncle Daves Books? Then wrap them up and place them under the Christmas Tree as kids love reading them over and over as they are colorful and have teachable little lessons in each one! But who IS Author, David Howard? How did he begin publishing beautiful children’s reads?

Most of that can be answered in Cat’s Spotlighted Post of Uncle Dave here a few weeks ago: “We Welcome Uncle Dave To Cat’s Reading Den”… And about his new book release too! All of his books are available now on, Kindle, and Barnes and Noble.

But recently he did an amazing “Author Interview” over at my friend Vinny who runs the Book Site Awesomegang! Now we can learn just what makes Uncle Dave so passionate about writing, drawing, and producing all his Fabulous Children’s Books…




All About Uncle David Howard, Author

Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
I am an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. I was born with dyslexia, ADD, and autism. I graduated from the art institute of Pittsburgh with an associate degree and the California University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of fine arts. I have over a dozen books I have written, co-authored and illustrated.

I enjoy visiting schools around my state and speaking and sharing my books with the children and my story of overcoming disabilities and let children know they too can be or do anything when they open their minds to all possibilities and what I try to teach within my books.

What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
“Green Pickle Juice.” My stepdaughter asked me one day, “Do you have any use for pickle juice?” This question stuck in my head for over five years and I finally put it all in a book!

Do you have any unusual writing habits?
Well, I write on anything. I have written on recites, napkins, cardboard boxes. When an idea hits? I write it down fast!

What authors, or books have influenced you?
Stephen king. Believe it or not. I loved his worlds, and of course, I love Dr. Seuss with his classic children’s books and rhymes.

What are you working on now?
Many things. Maybe another bible story, or Christmas story and a combination of both of course.

What is your best method or website when it comes to promoting your books?
I use Facebook. I also use a Secret Cat! Lol.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
The three R’s!, read, write, research. Writers write, and writers must-read. Ask yourself questions. Who, what, when, where, why, and what if? Never stop asking yourself questions.

What is the best advice you have ever heard?
“Don’t aim low, always aim high, I’ll tell you why. Aim for the moon and the stars, even if you miss, you’ll land on mars.” This is from my book: ‘Why can’t I fly’ by me, Uncle Dave.



What are you reading now?
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis

What’s next for you as a writer?
Writing because writers write right? Also, I am operating a brick and mortar store where I will be teaching writing, stained glass, and painting.

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island and allowed to take 3 or 4 books with you what books would you bring?
The Bible, The Chronicles of Narnia

Readers can connect with me on Social Media Below! I hope moms, dads, grandparents, and mommy bloggers will stop by my Official Amazon Author Page of  Uncle Daves Books and choose all my Children’s Books for their child this Holiday Season …

Author Websites and Profiles

david howard Website
david howard Amazon Profile

David Howard’s Social Media Links

Goodreads Profile
Facebook Profile
Twitter Account
Pinterest Account

Cat Welcomes Our Newest Author To The Reading Den Family. Meet Uncle Dave Howard and His Fun Teachable Children’s Books. He’s Our New Unique and Special Friend At The Den!


Cat is excited and honored to welcome our newest amazing author to “Lyon Media Services and who Cat will be representing and promoting everywhere and here at Cat Lyon’s Reading Den.”

Meet Author, Dave Howard! Dave “is the man” behind many beautiful and fun children’s books he has published and illustrated.

Uncle Dave and his books are well-known around the great state of PA., aka, known as Uncle Daves Books. He is a special and unique seasoned writer,  illustrator, and publisher of a large array of his children’s titles. Some are his own and some with other co-authors. He is unique in the fact that he is autistic and keeps this in mind when writing and illustrating all of his children’s books with bright colorful images and funny characters and each one has a “teachable lesson” between the pages.

His goal is to help open the minds and imaginations of children, but especially those who may have disabilities or challenges as he had growing up as a child. Uncle Dave wants his books to be fun tools to open the door to any child’s imagination and inspire them. Learn to know they can be or anything they set their little minds to know in their world, “All Things Are Possible!”



Uncle Daves’ Books always bring loads of joy, fun, vibrant pictures and characters to children when he visits and speaks at many schools around his state and nationally.

And? Now that the holidays are around the corner, parents, and grandparents can purchase all of Daves Books as great gift ideas for your “Tots” and feel good when purchasing as several of them Uncle Dave donates a $1.00 back to S.I.D.S. research, education, and prevention.

Here now is an amazing write-up all about Uncle Dave Howard that shares his backstory about how Dave has gotten to where he is today posted and courtesy of his website of  “Uncle Daves Books” and written by L. Scott Pishko.

Uncle Daves’ website is a must-visit for parents, mommy-bloggers, and grandparents to see all his books available for your “little ones” and all the amazing Book Awards his books have won!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR ~ By L. Scott Pishko:

Dave Howard: Learning The Hard Way


Inventive, determined, inspiring.


Award-winning local children’s author, David Howard could be considered all of these and more. Born on an unusually hot spring day in 1974, Dave M. Howard came into the world and before long he was struggling to see what the world had to offer. He was prescribed glasses at age four and his world changed from a fuzzy, confused world to a world that was clear, but somehow still confusing. His humor was an outlet as he asked such questions as “Wow, is that what aunt Verna looks like?” and “Is that what grass looks like?”. Dave was soft-spoken, but an easy-going child who took to art and storytelling as an escape from the world of restrictions to a world where he could become a superhero, dragon or whatever his imagination put on paper.

Once Dave started school, he had trouble reading and writing and was placed into a special class that catered to children with learning disabilities. What the school did not know was, he had A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) Asperger’s and dyslexia. The combination of disabilities and attending the special classes at school left him open to harassment and bullying by other students within the confines of his personal prison. The walls closed in around him as he knew he was too smart for these classes, yet couldn’t pass the mainstream curriculum presented to him. Dave’s hindrance was he couldn’t spell correctly because as he puts it “ I would get things backward in my mind”.

“His life was about to change with a gift from Father Christmas himself, Santa Claus.”

Every kid, young and old alike, anticipates Christmas. That magical holiday where anything can happen and dreams come true. This was especially true for young Dave Howard in junior high school. He trudged down the stairs to find many glossy wrapped presents with bows and strings. The sparkle of the Christmas tree reflecting from young Dave’s eyes as he tears into the first few presents.

With Christmas music playing in the background, he thinks he’s finished when his dad states“  “There is one more present left, check it out.” He pointed out a white envelope nestled in the tree. Dave opened it and saw a clipping of a word processor. “where is it?” Dave asked. His dad pulled the processor from the back of the couch and handed it to the youngster. Dave opened what would become the catalyst to open up his confidence as a storyteller and creator of children’s books.

This machine turns his imperfections into a workable palate, a clean slate to turn into whatever he wants it to become. This machine was a word processor. This word processor had spell-check and became the answer to all of Dave’s creative prayers. He was able to use this machine to do his homework and as Dave said: “It opened a new avenue to my world and it was one of the most influential presents I received”.

Before that point in his life, the only artistic thing he did was draw and paint. He began to create new worlds and stories, as he puts it “The stories just flew off the top of my head and on to the keyboard”. He says this with a smile and not a little relief. By the time he graduated from Ringgold High School in 1992, Dave had produced stories in many genres including westerns, science fiction, horror and his current work, children’s stories.

With his newfound confidence and with amazing talent to tell a story he traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. While attending the school, he found a love for the editing program Photoshop, which he will continuously use for his illustrations for his books in the future. After he graduated with an associate’s degree in Visual Communications in 1995, he looked for several jobs, but they kept telling him he needed job experience; even though no one would give him a job to obtain that experience.

Frustrated, Dave then attended the California University of PA and joined every creative class he could. He excelled in classes such as illustration, stained glass, sculpture, printmaking, and pottery – not bad for a guy who was “learning disabled.”  All was going well for Dave and then the first tragedy in his life would strike as he was just building his confidence as an artist. His best friend committed suicide in April 1999 and send him into a downward spiral that would take a long time to pull himself out of.

In 2009, his niece was pregnant with her daughter and was celebrating by having a baby shower. Dave remembered he had a poem about a dog set aside and he thought that would be a cool present to give to her. The more he thought, the more he wanted to turn it into a children’s storybook for her baby shower. The book was a big hit and was appreciated very much giving Dave a shot in the arm to continue his talented storytelling.

Sadly, his great-niece passed away from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (S.I.D.S.) when she was two months old. In an effort to cope with the loss, Dave put his nose to the grindstone and rewrote the book that became “Lady’s Day To Play”. The book became a talisman for Dave and he dedicated the book to his great-niece and donates a portion of the sales of his books to S.I.D.S. research. Once Dave regained focus he became driven to create more and more stories.

Uncle Dave Howard……

After “Lady’s Day To Play” he wrote numerous books. He produced “Mouse In The House”, “Baby Ben Did It Again”, “ The Cloud That Couldn’t Cry”, “Sandy Claus the Christmas Cat”, and he published “Morgan To The Rescue!” written and illustrated by Morgan Barnes. He also illustrated “Legend of Rain Day” for Isabel Linnie Fox.

Affectionately known as “Uncle Dave”, he tours local schools, libraries, festivals, and universities reading to the masses and giving children advice on how they can create books from their imagination. Uncle Dave was reading at Monongahela Library when a woman walked up to him afterward crying. He remembered her quickly; she was his Learning Disability teacher from high school. She was so proud he persevered and overcame his disabilities.

Recently, Uncle Dave Howard read at the Barnes & Noble store in West Virginia and is making progress on his next volume of books including a Halloween book and rewriting his Christmas book “Sandy Claus the Christmas Cat.” He also was featured on the Waynesburg University television program “Greene Room” and was a finalist in the Best Books Awards for Children’s picture book softcover fiction.




Wow … That is some backstory, RIGHT?
Who doesn’t admire and be inspired by an amazing guy who has made his “personal best,” goals, and dreams come true and turn it into a professional business of “Uncle Dave Howard’s Books” all for the love of kids who may also have the same disabilities and challenges as he has or has overcome? I feel GOD had his hand in this one!

Uncle Dave has gone on to write, illustrate, and publish more books since this write-up and his books are growing notoriety nationally with winning more Book Awards! (See bottom of this post) …

AND? He has a brand New Book Released just in time for the holiday gift-giving for your “little ones” titled; “Green Pickle Juice!”

I’m sure your kids know what ‘Pickle Juice’ can be used for? But the CAT will give you a HINT? #Ghostbusters! Lol.! Now available now as a paperback on “click here on Amazon”

“Do You Have Any Use for Green Pickle Juice? You will learn the answer to this question and more in this fun, silly tale.”


Uncle Dave Children’s Books


What more fabulous things can CAT share with about Uncle Dave Howard? Where you and your “TOTS” can connect with him through Social Media and go grab all his books for your little tots for Christmas as they also make great stocking stuffers too! “-)  **Cat**

Connect With Uncle Dave:

Official Author Website: “Uncle Dave Howard Children’s Books”
Uncle Dave on “Twitter”
Uncle Dave on  “Facebook”
Author Profile & Books on “AMAZON”
Uncle Dave is on  “INSTAGRAM”
And Uncle Dave’s Books for Parents on “LinkedIn”


Uncle Dave Howard Books Win AWARDS! 



Readers’ Favorite – Five Stars


International Book Awards Winner


USA Best Books Award


Mom’s Choice Award . . .




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Meet New Author and Popular Life Coach Maureen Scanlon. Her New Book Titled ‘My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am’ is Now Available.

I am honored and happy to announce our new author to ‘Cat’s Reading Den and The Lyon Media and Literary Family!’

We welcome New Author, Speaker, and Life Coach, Maureen Scanlon as her new book release titled My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am …has released and she has begun a book signing and speaking tour that has her everywhere and has been busy since the news broke of her book and early readers and reviews are outstanding!

We were introduced by a mutual friend on social media. We had a long chat and it was amazing how many topics we have in common. And yes, Cat kept her on the phone way too long, …LOL, but she will agree I was excited to learn more about her new book, more about her and her amazing Life Coaching business as she lives here in Arizona like I do and some the WHY of Excitement! 

Let’s learn more about this new fun and unique motivational book as Cat will start with how it was released to Readers and Media around the country and announced by her publisher … 



“New non-fiction book encourages readers to take cues from their pets to find greater peace and balance in their lives.”

Outskirts Press Announces the Release of My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am by Maureen Scanlon

April 12, 2019 – Denver, CO, and Phoenix, AZ – It’s a stressful world out there!
Life coach Maureen Scanlon knows people are struggling…and in her new book, My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am, she encourages them to follow the lead of the sweet, simple animals in their lives who love them unconditionally. The self-help book has been published by Outskirts Press—the fastest-growing, full-service self-publishing and book marketing company.

Most people go through their daily routines oblivious to the beauty of life and others around them—oblivious of the impact they have on the world. And they miss out on so much. Author Maureen Scanlon asks: Why not consider patterning ourselves after our pets? These beautiful furry creatures are fully connected to their highest selves—fully connected to the present moment— while giving unconditional love to those who cherish and care for them. By taking our lead from the animals in our lives, we learn how to live our best and fullest lives as well!

For more information, visit the author’s website at
At 128 pages, My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am is available online through Outskirts Press. It is also sold through Amazon Kindle as e-book and Barnes and Noble for a maximum trade discount in quantities of 10 or more and is being aggressively promoted to appropriate markets with a focus on the non-fiction category.


Genre: SELF-HELP / Personal Growth / Happiness

ISBN: 978-1-9772-1053-1
Format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback and E-book
Paperback Retail: $15.95
eBook: $6.99


About the Author:

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. She is a relationship expert, motivational speaker, positive change integrator and spiritual coach who has successfully helped many people, from experienced professionals to young adults, make positive changes to overcome past experiences and negative thinking. When Maureen is not working to change the world, you can find her at home in Mesa, Arizona, with her husband, Dennis, and her furry babies, Jade and Brodie. She is also the mother of three adult children and grandmother to three grandchildren whom she adores.

About Outskirts Press, Inc.:
Outskirts Press offers full-service, custom self-publishing and book marketing services for authors seeking a cost-effective, fast, and flexible way to publish and distribute their books worldwide while retaining all their rights and full creative control. Available for authors globally at and located on the outskirts of Denver, Colorado, Outskirts Press, Inc. represents the future of book publishing, today.


# # # # # #


Maureen Scanlon


July 5, 2019 – 5-Stars out of 5

Format: Paperback


Reviewed by Maria Beltran for Readers’ Favorite:

My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am by Maureen Scanlon is a beautiful self-help book which, as the title suggests, takes its inspiration from man’s best friend. Relax Whenever You Can, Be Spontaneous, Appreciate Our Differences, Take Care of Each Other, Self Care, No Regrets, and Be Curious are especially true and, I presume, all dog owners and lovers will be reminded of their canine friends and can easily relate to these first six chapters. The rest of the topics take their cue from the law of attraction with the writer sharing some of her experiences, both painful and joyous.

Maureen Scanlon is a certified life and spiritual coach and dynamic professional speaker as her book exhort’s readers to emulate these loyal and carefree creatures that have been important parts of many people’s lives in more ways than one. One of the things that make this book intriguing is that we don’t only get to know her dogs Jade and Brodie but the feeling that they are hugely instrumental in the production of this inspirational work, thus they are co-authors of this book.

All of us would like to make the most out of our lives and may look everywhere for inspiration, not realizing that the animals around us can help us find the peace and happiness we seek. My Dog is More Enlightened than I Am opens our eyes to the fact that there are a lot of things we can learn from animals, especially from these loyal furry creatures that will always be there for us.

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Maureen Scanlon

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PRESS RELEASE. New Book By Author, Joe Siccardi and Paperback Now Released…



My Name Is Sam: … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through
June 11, 2019 – 

  • Paperback: 191 pages
  • Publisher: Independently published (June 11, 2019)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1071097202




EDITORS: For review copies or interview requests, contact the author, Joe Siccardi:

Telephone: (207) 279-0448



Local Author Pens Third Book


                DOVER-FOXCROFT, ME Local Author Joe Siccardi has completed his third book, My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through.


A Facebook Live hard launch is scheduled at July 2, 6 p.m. at Thompson Free Library, Dover-Foxcroft. Both e-book and paperback copies are available on Amazon. For a signed copy, contact the author at

  My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through is a follow-up to the breakout novella, Heaven Shining Through. It introduces Sam (Samantha), her family and friends in more detail than the original, and picks up where the original novella left off. It has already generated pre-release buzz, including one reviewer commenting, “I LOVE the ending of your book. It was probably the strongest ending I’ve read in my entire life!”

In between the novella and novel, Siccardi published a non-fiction book, Wisdom From a Father … One Dad’s Thoughts on Life. It was published in November and is an update of posts made on his blog, The 52 essay chapters include reflections on life, love, and family. All are written from the heart, sometimes seriously and sometimes with a touch of humor.

Siccardi is a 52-year newspaper publishing veteran, most recently as publisher/editor of a community weekly newspaper in Seneca County of the Finger Lakes in New York.

Siccardi credits the quiet of Maine as the impetus for completing his writing projects. He moved to Dover-Foxcroft almost four years ago while commuting to and from upstate New York until his publication was sold. He retired permanently to Piscataquis County in July 2017.

The novel is a response to reviewers’ comments Heaven Shining Through could have been a full novel with more character development.

“In my entire writing career,” Siccardi laughed, “I had never been told my writing was too short. But I took their constructive criticism to heart. My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through is the result. It is written in the first person and reads like a fictional memoir. “I hope readers get to meet Sam as a friend, a life long friend.”

As in the novella, the presence of God in ordinary life is the underlying theme. “I tried to keep it real with appropriate language and activities,” said Siccardi. “I purposely stayed away from being ‘preachy’ but rather told a story that showed the presence of God in every day, sometimes messy lives. My hope is readers will be able to see that.”

A lot of the early activity inside the pages takes place in the greater Paterson, NJ, area, where Siccardi called home as a youth. Some of the backdrops will be familiar to fellow Patersonians who grew up in the mid-60s. The later activity takes place in the greater Dayton, OH, area.

My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Shining Through will be available at book signings and presentations, which are currently being scheduled. All of his books are available online through or at his website,

            Siccardi is the retired owner/publisher of Reveille/Between the Lakes, a weekly newspaper in Seneca County, NY, right smack in the middle of the Finger Lakes. He worked in the newspaper industry all his life including stops in New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Washington, DC, Maryland, New York and now Maine. He and his late wife raised five children and currently have 18 grandchildren, three great-granddaughters and another great-granddaughter due in the fall.












Let’s Celebrate With Author, Joe Siccardi By Sharing His Cover Reveal of His New Release, ‘My Name Is Sam’… Share It On Your Book Blog!

New Pre-Order Release and Cover Reveal for Author, Joe Siccardi …
Courtesy of Welcome to Father Says …

Today’s the day!

Ready to take a peek at this summer’s reading sensation {hopefully}?

Announcing my new release and a cover reveal of My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through as it is now available for pre-order on Amazon Kindle online.  The latest effort is a novelization of my March 2018 debut release of the novella Heaven Shining Through, which has been claiming rave reviews by book reviewers and book bloggers alike.


While some of the core information from Heaven is incorporated in My Name Is Sam, the new venture expands the characters and extends the story beyond the novella. It is written in the first person, more like a memoir — a fictional memoir. I tried to incorporate that feel from the start. In fact, the introduction reads like a letter directly from Sam.

I have to tell you, for the past six months or so, I have been Samantha {I know that sounds weird}. Each time I sat down to write a scene, my thought process included was what would Sam do? What would Chad do? How would her mother react?

Like the first novella, this novel isn’t always pretty … but I think it is real. Samantha (the lead) is strong-willed and had a lot of dates, leading to some confrontations with her mother. She was equally strong in her resolve to remain pure. There is a scene when she and her then-boyfriend make love; however, the focus is the aftermath — the remorse, the regret by both Sam and Chad.

I try to promote a dash of faith within my writing. No matter what, God loves us and forgives us. Honestly, neither the novella nor the novel was intended to be “Christian” literature, but rather reading material everyone could enjoy without an overt Christian message. I intentionally did not want to preach to the choir. They are stories of reconciliation, self-awareness, and accomplishment. And they do deal with the sometimes messiness of life.

I am planning a formal book launch July 2, 6 p.m., at the Thompson Free
Library, Dover-Foxcroft, ME. It is my intent to live stream the event in hopes you might join and share the fun. I hope you will take advantage of the exclusive e-book pre-order sale and order your copy today at only $2.99 on Amazon Kindle!

Other presentations around Maine and possibly New Jersey, Ohio and New York are being contemplated. If anyone is interested in hosting or suggesting a venue, let me know at

I would be willing to address your book club or group. for a visit. If you 2wanted to invite a few friends for coffee or iced tea, we could gather to just meet and greet, catch up, talk about My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through and the publishing process, maybe sign and/or sell a few books and bring you up to date with projects planned.

Exciting times!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: We’re not guaranteed tomorrow. This is the only day we know for sure.