Easter Greetings Video From Romance Author, Rusty Blackwood & Marketing Changes During A Pandemic With Marsha …Media Marketing Updates


Well, here we are in the middle of a nationwide Coronavirus Pandemic…But our featured romance writer has a Special Easter Video for all our readers and friends who happen to visit!

This year is going to be a very different type of Easter Holiday for not only America and Canada, but for everyone worldwide. My Easter wishes are for everyone to still count your blessings and enjoy this Easter virtually with family and friends as best you can!

Now a little “CHEER” from Author, Rusty Blackwood xoxo … STAY SAFE and Be BLESSED!




From Ms. Blackwood:

Happy Easter everyone! With just about everyone and everything on lock-down, this Easter is going to be and feel very different for all of us, however, you celebrate it, and for me, it is no different.

I give thanks for many things, and one of them is for viral contact, the ability to use via the internet and webcam to visit and chat with my family, friends, and all of you all, which I do in this April 9th Easter Greetings from Rusty. I hope you are all safe and well, and remain so.

Stay positive, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.


Landing A Media Interview During COVID-19 Is One Thing; But Then What?

Getting Media Opportunities – Without Being Opportunistic – In The Time Of Coronavirus


In last week’s PR Insider, I shared with you some tips for reaching out to the media during the coronavirus crisis; tips that I had also discussed in a webinar I participated in titled “Authority Marketing in a COVID-19 World.”
That webinar was inspired, of course, by the many ways in which the coronavirus has impacted our daily lives, including how people are able to market their personal and business brands during these unsettling times.
I explained that there are many opportunities for getting in the media as journalists and hosts are looking for people who can provide quality advice; have strong credentials; and who can come through with a timely response to meet their deadlines.
This week, let’s look at the next step.

What happens when you offer your expertise to the media and you get some takers?

As your prepare for, and then carry out, those media interviews, keep these things in mind:

  • Be on time. As with so many important things in life, it’s bad form to be late for a media interview, whether it’s happening by phone or in person. Print reporters are on deadline and tardiness on your part can cause you to lose the opportunity. Meanwhile, radio hosts will have to scramble if they have you slotted for a live interview and you’re nowhere to be found. All around, being late is bad for your reputation and can also hurt your publicist’s relationship with their media contacts.  Being on time is respectful and will increase your chances of being their “go-to” expert in the future.


  • Be direct when answering a question. This is not the time to be sociable. Talk about the situation at hand. Yes, you want to be engaging, but you also need to be succinct. Print journalists especially, don’t have the time to listen to extraneous information; they’re on deadline to get their articles written. Providing straight answers in a way that makes it easy for them to quote you will enhance your chances of being included in their article.


  • Be current on your information. Events can change rapidly, and that’s been especially true with the coronavirus. We see constant news updates on the latest government actions, business disruptions, and other interruptions to our normal way of life. If you aren’t current with your information, you will end up looking uninformed during the interview. Keep on top of the news and you will be able to provide much more insightful observations, which is good for you, for the interviewer, and for the audience.


  • Get local whenever possible. When you are seeking national media coverage, you can end up being interviewed by media outlets in New York City, Detroit, Denver, Seattle or anywhere else in between. Before the interview, familiarize yourself with some of the particulars of what’s happening in that city or state so that you can better address what’s pertinent to those audiences. You will come off as more informed and they will appreciate the interest you show in their specific problems.


  • Avoid technical jargon. Nearly every profession has jargon and acronyms that are tossed about casually by those in the profession but are a mysterious jumble of nothingness to everyone else. Avoid those at all costs because you will lose the host, and if you lose the host, you’ve lost that audience. Instead, use everyday language and common words that the average person can easily grasp. Your message becomes all the more powerful when it can be understood by a wider audience.


  • Limit your use of numbers and statistics. I don’t know about you, but I zone out when I hear a bunch of numbers being rattled off. Provide me with good, practical advice that I can use, though, and you’ve got my attention. Yes, numbers do come into play with the coronavirus – and many other topics you might be interviewed about – but don’t overload the audience with non-stop statistics. Instead, sprinkle them judiciously throughout your answers. That allows the audience and the host to digest them in smaller chunks.


If you would like to learn more about the topic of “Authority Marketing in a COVID-19 World,” the webinar is available at: https://advantagefamily.easywebinar.live/event-registration-7
One final point I would like to make about media interviews is this: It’s possible that you will be asked a question and you won’t know the answer. If that happens, whatever you do, don’t try to fake it!


Let’s face it. Most of us – even in our areas of expertise – aren’t walking, breathing versions of an online encyclopedia. Attorneys aren’t familiar with every legal decision ever rendered. Doctors haven’t encountered every ailment on the planet.

So, when you don’t know the answer to a question, just acknowledge that.

Interviewers on TV and radio will move on to the next question. If your interview is with a print journalist, you can offer to find the answer and get back to them quickly.

Your honesty will help you maintain your credibility as a go-to expert and the media will appreciate you all the more for doing that.

Stay healthy!

PR expert Marsha Friedman offers 3 tips to boost your brand ...

Special Report Courtesy of The NY Times: Linda Tripp, Key Figure in Clinton Impeachment, Dies at 70…

Credit…Khue Bui/Associated Press}

Linda Tripp met with reporters outside federal court in Washington in July 1998, after her final appearance before a grand jury investigating an alleged affair between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Linda Tripp, the former White House and Pentagon employee whose secret audiotapes of Monica Lewinsky led to the impeachment of President Bill Clinton in 1998, died on Wednesday. She was 70.

Joseph Murtha, a former lawyer for Ms. Tripp, confirmed the death. No other details were given.

When Ms. Lewinsky completed her testimony about the scandal, she was asked if she had any final comments. According to CNN, she answered, “I hate Linda Tripp.”

Ms. Tripp always contended that she had revealed Ms. Lewinsky’s private confession of a sexual relationship with Mr. Clinton out of “patriotic duty.” She had worked in the White House under President George H.W. Bush and stayed on to work briefly in the Clinton administration. She was transferred to the Pentagon and its public affairs office.

Ms. Lewinsky, who had been a White House intern, was transferred there, too, in 1996, and the women, despite a 24-year age difference, became friends.

Washington Was About to Explode': The Clinton Scandal, 20 Years ...
{Image By Politico}

Washington Was About to Explode’: The Clinton Scandal, 20 Years Later, Now Linda Tripp Dead At Age 70. Read More on Politico…

Romance Hideaway Invites Author, Rusty Blackwood for a New In-Depth Interview. The Hottest Place For All Things Romance Novels for Readers…


Then you must give a visit to THIS Book Site of Romance Hideaway today!

They had invited our Amazing Author, Ms. Rusty Blackwood for a new interview as she is now working on the follow up to her newest release of “The Perils of Autumn”…

Rusty has many titles under her belt and even though she also writes adult comedy and poetry reads, her nitch and forte is ROMANCE DRAMA at it’s finest. The rave reviews for “Perils” are coming in and she can not wait to share the next one nicely titled, “Autumn Returns.”

Rusty is fresh off of spreading kindness to all romance readers by offering two of her ebooks free last week to those who are having to be “stuck” at home due to this pandemic of the coronavirus. As many of Cat’s authors have also been offering as a way to give back to our loyal readers. I don’t think any of us could have seen what was coming just a short few weeks ago. But here we are.

So take some time to relax as I hope you enjoy reading this new interview and spending a little time with this Amazing Woman, Ms. Rusty Blackwood.




Romance Author Interview – Who Is Rusty Blackwood?

I grew up during the 1950s on my paternal grandfather’s farm in rural south-western Ontario, Canada. My loving parents are now gone and I miss them every day, but I still have my brother. I am the proud mom of two wonderful sons, and a loving grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters and one handsome grandson. I am also a great grandmother – or G-G – as I am known to my delightful great-grandson. I have always loved to write. This adoration for English composition began in grade school and carried into my adult years.

Though I am unprofessionally trained in the field of writing, I have always possessed the uncanny ability of unique expression in stories that could grasp the heart of the reader. I am an Interior Decorator by trade and owned and operated a residential home service for twenty-eight years before retiring from that field. My writing venture began in 2001 when I became a serious writer with the intent on seeing where it could possibly take me.

Over the years I have written an assortment of both contemporary and traditional poetry, and from this, I put together my first collection under the title, Feelings: A Rhythmic Journey in Thought which I self-published in 2009. This was followed in 2010 with my first collection of children’s short stories, titled, Young Minds. This collection was based on my own childhood as well as stories I wrote for my grandchildren.

In 2010 I published the first part of the original two-part Passion in Paris that I began writing in 2001. This two-part romantic fiction drama was short-lived. It was not the way I had envisioned my first venture into this genre to be nor the publishing of it, and because of this the end result was inept, so I took it off the market until I could revise it into my original concept.

Impressions: Poetic Rhythm in Emotion         Passions in Paris:  Revelations of a Lost Diary     Through the Eyes of Innocence
I finally brought to fruition in the 818 pages, 4-star-Amazon awarded, romantic fiction drama, Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary, which I released in 2013. Leading up to this, I published a new poetry collection entitled, Impressions which I released in 2011. I followed this with a revised children’s short story collection containing previously published stories including those written for my grandchildren, plus additional new stories under the title, Through the Eyes of Innocence.

This was followed in 2012 by the comedy short, The Misadventures of Derwood Tugbottom. This was followed in 2015 by the 5-star-award-winning romantic fiction drama, Willow’s Walk. In 2017, I followed that novel with the second in the Derwood Tugbottom comedy series, titled, Derwood Returns.

In 2019 I released two titles, Derwood Goes Caribbean, the third installment in my ongoing Derwood comedy series, and my newest novel, The Perils of Autumn, another 5-star-award-winning romantic fiction drama. This novel brought two Finalists in Romance Awards from the 2019 International Books Awards, and The American Fest Best Book Awards respectively.

I am currently working on the follow-up to The Perils of Autumn, titled Return to Autumn, expected for release in 2020. I love animals, horses in particular, as you will see within the pages of Perils of Autumn. I very much enjoy walks in nature, art, music, and spending quality time with family, and friends.
Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor

What inspires you to write?
I can find inspiration in many places: the way a sunset appears, ripples on a pond, trees swaying in the breeze, a memory that touches my heart with happiness or sadness, life experiences that I have endured as well as grown from, and finally, the love of expression through the written word. Basically, if it moves me, I can record it in words or base a new piece of work on it.

Tell us about your writing process.
I suppose if I were to choose between being an ‘out-liner’ or ‘seat of the pants’ writer, I would have to say a bit of both. I choose to create my characters first and then create the scenarios I wish to immerse them into. I don’t block a book, but I do outline the story through key points and try to stay within the guidelines. However, characters often have an uncanny way of deciding where they are going, what they are going to say, and how those around them will react.

I also enjoy this pleasant distraction because I have found through the experience of listening to my characters, I create a much more interesting story than simply creating a cut and dry page after page journey that has no depth or colour. I have sketched my characters in the past, in fact, I did for Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary.

There are multiple characters in this story that interact with the two protagonists, and I found that by sketching them in the way my mind’s eye perceived them helped greatly to increase their impact in the story. What I have mentioned works for me. I believe any writer must find what best works for them in order for their story to blossom and flourish.

How do you develop your characters?
When creating a new story, I think about where I’d like to set it as well as the time period, I then develop my characters and bring it life. My characters often relate the story they wish to be immersed in. By this, I mean the history and background of a character, because to me they actually exist and have something to say, regardless of whether they are created as a protagonist, or an antagonist, in other words, good or bad, and how they will interact throughout the story.

I always have my main characters defined when I begin, but new or secondary characters can be introduced as the story progresses. My characters often speak to me as well as lend direction to the story. Characters often become friends, for they exist in the story I’m writing, and I have created many characters that forever remain present in my mind.

Who are your favorite authors?
I have great appreciation and respect for a few authors who are primarily known as authors of children’s books, and they are Canadian authoress, Lucy Maude Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables, plus the Emily of New Moon series and more) British author Anna Sewell (Black Beauty) and American author Laura Ingalls Wilder (Little House on the Prairie series of books). I also enjoy the workings of Mark Twain (Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, both classics).

Fav authors of adult works are Nora Roberts, Kathryn Stockett (The Help), Stephen King (numerous horror & psychological thrillers) and British authoress, Emile Bronte (Wuthering Heights). I also enjoy the work of fellow Niagara author, Gina IaFrate.
There are many talented, self-published local authors in your area; check them out, and give them a read. You might find yourself pleasantly entertained.

Bestowed By Love And Splendour Paperback


What genres do you write?
Romantic fiction drama, comedy, children’s short stories, and poetry.

What formats are your books in?
eBook, Print

Where can readers find out more about you and your books?

Rusty Blackwood Home Page Link
Link To Rusty Blackwood Page On Amazon
Link to Author Page on All Author

Your Social Media Links

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Multi-Award-Winning Author & Popular Life Coach, Maureen Scanlon Shares Her Well-Being & Happier Life Advice on “The Fit For Joy Podcast” With Host Valerie …

Podcast cover Banner 1600x400 Shorter.jpg


Inspired by Love In The Quest for Well-Being

We are writers, non-fiction authors, wellbeing and life coaches, healers, doctors, holistic chefs, artists, nutritionists, personal trainers, therapists, and spiritual teachers, among others in the health and wellness community.


Promoting Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health

IMG_1784 EDITED.png
My name is Valeria Teles aka Valeria Koopman. I am a Well-Being Coach, Author, and Podcaster.

I wrote the Fit for Joy book to start a conversation about the “true” meaning of health.

My other two books are on Love Awareness and Inner Peace.

As a podcast host, I explore meaningful truths, ideas, and insights about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

I am grateful for the wonderful experience of having meaningful conversations with so many AMAZING human beings! 🙂

Our Guest Today ~ Life Coach Maureen Scanlon

Maureen Scanlon widescreen.jpg



Take a Listen Now to Maureen’s Episode!
Have you ever watched your dog suddenly start chasing his/her tail? Out of nowhere, an urge strikes and they’re off in circles! I love this! It makes me giggle every time and I’m so envious of this unfiltered, undecided show of spontaneity. Do you think you’re spontaneous? Yes, you say? But are you THIS spontaneous?

As humans, we think we need to control and plan everything. This is the protection we have against the unknown. The fight-or-flight mentality. From the time we are children, we are instructed to prepare. From the Boy Scout motto to SAT exams for college, the theme is always about constructing a plan!

Let’s become more spontaneous. Be creative. Nothing is off-limits! – Maureen Scanlon

This episode is about positive changes, unconditional love, connecting body and mind and thoughts in between – and will be listening to Maureen Scanlon who is an Author, Relationship Expert, Motivational Speaker, Positive Change Integrator, and Spiritual Coach.

Maureen Scanlon is the founder and CEO of Maureen Scanlon Life coaching. She has successfully helped many people, from experienced professionals to young adults and couples. Maureen focuses her tools and techniques on overcoming past negative experiences and making positive changes in our thoughts and lives.

She has been featured on 3TV Good Morning Arizona, 3TV Your Life Az, ABC15 Sonoran Living, Voyage Phoenix Magazine, appeared on the cover and featured in Ultimate Women International magazine, USA daily times, as well interviews on radio shows like Mind Body Radio, Business Talk Radio, and Networking Arizona. Her book “My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am “ has won a silver award from Author Shout and Top 12 book pick list from Spirited Woman, with a 5 Star rating on Amazon.

To learn more about Maureen Scanlon, please visit her website www.lifecoachmaureen.com

For Intro-free episodes: https://www.patreon.com/aquestforwellbeingpodcast

Podcast Page: https://fitforjoy.org/podcast


Important Advice about Covid-19 from a pulmonary critical-care doctor — Why Evolution Is True…


Reader Rick sent me this video, which I’ve listened to in its entirety (57 minutes). It’s made by Dr. David Price, a critical pulmonary-care specialist at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City. Usually he deals with all kinds of respiratory ailments, but, as he says, now he’s dealing only with COVID-19 patients. Here Price […]

via Advice about Covid-19 from a pulmonary critical-care doctor — Why Evolution Is True

Presented By Lyon Media Services & Literary Consultants. A New Release by Award-Winning Author, Amy Bovaird.

Welcome Readers, Book Bloggers, and All-New Friends!

Who would have imagined in just a few short weeks, here we are, being sheltered at home due to a Virus Pandemic? I never saw this coming!  I’m sure many would have never seen this coming.  It has now changed a usually slower time for book sales and reviews to a huge literary e-book sales boom!

With many avid readers forced to stay home from work, colleges, and little ones from schools, not sure how long these bans and restrictions will remain,  I can at least help with some author news, new books, and updates to help you pass the time.

Just as this past week as most of our authors were giving back through their ebooks and offering them FREE or deeply discounted. Cat is still keeping them going with Podcasts, Author Interviews, and Amy Bovaird is no different.
She just released another new book!

So let’s see what Amy’s been up to and about her new book!  💞📚📚🐈🐈 Cat




Hitting A Home Run: Blind and Thriving by [Bovaird, Amy ]


It is 1988. After three years of teaching English as a Second Language in Latin America, Amy Bovaird is offered a position in Indonesia, halfway across the world. On this archipelago, Bovaird has the opportunity to learn about new cultures.

But there is a problem. In the break between jobs, Bovaird pays a visit to her local eye doctor for what she believes will be a routine upgrade of her glasses’ prescription. A lengthy examination with a retinal specialist follows. The news she receives turns out to be a challenge. She is losing her vision to Retinitis Pigmentosa, a condition she can’t even pronounce and for which there is no cure.

Bovaird faces a dilemma. Should she risk possible danger with her debilitating vision to pursue her dream contract abroad or stay at home near the safety of family?

You’ll need to give a quick read as it was picked as Amazon Kindles #1 Hot New Travel Short Read Release! And why Amy is a Medal and Award-winning Author! And she offers it for readers right now at just .99 CENTS …



“This past week was a big week for me, readers! I’ve been working on sharing more key experiences to encourage others, especially those with sight loss. But really everyone.

My new booklet just came out!

WITH the world has just been diagnosed with the COVID-19, an unprecedented pandemic, and our very lives feel, and have been, threatened by something out of our control. Thirty-two years ago, my security and life as I knew it felt threatened. Losing my vision was out of my control.

The pain of an unexpected diagnosis of any proportion messes with our mind. I’m sure you will be able to relate to the pain and fear I faced back in 1988. No one else I knew struggled with this problem and I didn’t want anyone’s pity so I kept silent about it. I felt isolated and alone as many of you do right now, physically.

I had a choice to make, like all of us today.
How are we going to live our lives in the middle of a challenge?
Which emotion will rise to the surface?

Although my dilemma seems opposite to what we are facing right now, in which we are told NOT to travel but to stay at home, it was scary.

I hope you will take time to read Hitting a Home Run: Blind and Thriving, if you didn’t take advantage of it a few weeks ago, you can still read it now on Amazon.

Get Your Copy today!  >> https://bit.ly/HittingHomeRun

In the spirit of giving back to my readers, I am making my other memoirs in eBook available for 0.99 cents... If you have not yet read them, I would love for you to check them out!”

Ebook: Mobility Matters

Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith (The Mobility Series Book 1)              Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility (The Mobility Series Book 2)      AND  Cane Confessions

You can connect with Amy Bovaird throughout social media and stop by her informative blog as well! WebsiteJoin Author’s NewsletterFacebookTwitterGoodreadsAmazonPinterestLinkedin


So? Who Is Amy Bovaird? She Is An Amazing and Humorous Dear Friend!

Amy L. Bovaird


Award-winning Christian Author and Speaker, Amy Bovaird is a memoirist and writes about sight loss using humor. Amy enjoys writing about international travel and adventure, and faith-inspired devotionals. She has three published titles to her credit available on Amazon online, Barnes and Noble, and many online bookstores.

She is a world traveler, ghostwriter, two-time bestselling author and inspirational speaker who thrives with vision loss. She educates and entertains her readers with humorous anecdotes of coping with ongoing vision loss.

Ms. Bovaird earned her M.A. in Bicultural – Bilingual Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio and is a lifelong learner, whether it is vision, writing or language-related. She has written three faith-based, often humorous, memoirs. Bovaird lives in northwest Pennsylvania. Every day she negotiates for the upper hand with her kitten, Sophie Socks, and, on most occasions, fails.

She has received the “Medal of Honor in Literature” for her memoir, Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith from Ohio Valley University in 2016.

Her second memoir, Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side of Mobility and third memoir devotional, Seeking Solace: Finding Joy After Loss, each reached No. 1 Bestseller status in various categories, including Biographies and Memoirs, Eye Problems, Grief and Dying, and Spiritual Healing…


promotional copy of three booksAMY



Lyon Media Services Award-Winning Author & Popular Life Coach Maureen Scanlon Was Invited Back on The Price of Business. Hosted By Kevin Price and What An Informative Interview…

All authors are savvy business people, we just don’t see ourselves in that light. Our featured self-help life and relationship coach Ms. Maureen Scanlon sure does. She is a multi-faceted award-winner and is the CEO and Founder of Maureen Scanlon Life Coaching. She is a certified life and spiritual coach and relationship expert with training in cognitive behavioral therapy and NLP techniques.

In her book, My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am, Maureen offers tips on how to take inspiration from animals to make the most of your life and nurture your relationships. She shares, “Take time for yourself and find peace. Understand others’ beliefs and perspectives to learn compassion. Find the joy and happiness we all seek. All with the help of the animals in your life.”

Maureen was invited to come back on “The Price of Business,” which is hosted by Kevin Price and is a syndicated business radio show. This time around, Maureen and Kevin discuss the importance of Self-Awareness as you seek a Life of Happiness as this empowering businesswoman shares with Kevin and helps others learn how to live the life one can only “Dream” about! There is no doubt through her inspiring life coaching, Maureen will surely get you there …By the way, Maureen will be appearing at the Barnes & Noble in Tempe, AZ as they are hosting her for a book signing on Saturday, March 21st, 2020 and the begins at 1 PM. We hope to see there!



Life Coach Discusses the Importance of Self-Awareness in the Pursuit of Happiness.


Recently Kevin Price, Host of the nationally syndicated Price of Business Show, interviewed Maureen Scanlon.

Price interviewed author Maureen Scanlon. According to her website, “Maureen Scanlon is a certified life and spiritual coach and relationship expert with training in cognitive behavioral therapy and NLP techniques. In her book, My Dog Is More Enlightened Than I Am, Scanlon offers tips on how to take inspiration from animals to make the most of your life and nurture your relationships and as Maureen says; “I help people find the best versions of themselves BY GUIDING THEM TO UNVEIL THE POSITIVE TRAITS THEY NEVER KNEW THEY HAD …So they can stop holding back and start feeling excited about life.”
My Dog is More Enlightened Than I Am



The Price of Business is one of the longest-running shows of its kind in the country and is in markets coast to coast. The Host, Kevin Price, is a multi-award-winning author, broadcast journalist, and syndicated columnist. If you are looking for a great book on Financial Education? Grab a copy of Kevins’s book!

~Cat Lyon