Holiday Sale and Media Release for All Kim Carter Mysteries ~ Especially My Favorite One ~ “When Dawn Never Comes.”

All Kim Carter Mysteries Coming on Sale on Amazon Kindle ~ Begins November 21st, 2018 thru December 25th, 2018 …


Georgia Author Kim Carter And Raven South Publishing Release Suspense Mystery


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ATLANTA – Nov. 15, 2018 – PRLog — Georgia Author Kim Carter And Raven South Publishing Release Suspense Mystery – ‘When Dawn Never Comes’ …

Georgia author, Kim Carter is pleased to announce the re-release of her suspenseful mystery novel, When Dawn Never Comes. Released by Raven South Publishing in January 2018, the book is already receiving rave reviews from readers and reviewers.

All E-book Titles will be on Holiday Sale as follows:

Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle – Murder Among The Tombstones – And The Forecast Called For RainE-Books will list for $1.99 off the regular prices …

Deadly Odds – No Second Chances – Our Featured E-Book – When Dawn Never Comes – All E-Books will list for only  .99 CENTS!



Jordan Maxwell, a twenty-seven-year-old freelance journalist, ventures to New York City to make a name for herself. With both of her parents dead, she struggles to get by living in one of the worst neighborhoods in the city. In a twist of fate, Jordan finds herself the sole heir to her great-uncle’s estate in Solomon Cove, Maine. Packing her bags, she heads to Maine where she soon realizes that her rags to riches journey entails much more than she bargained for. Crime was unheard of in this small fishing village of Solomon Cove …

Book Details:
When Dawn Never Comes
By Kim Carter
Publisher: Raven South Publishing
Published: January 2018
ISBN: 978-1947140073
Pages: 298
Genre: Mystery, Suspense

Wholesale Information:
Raven South
Publishing – Kelly Keylon, Owner
2165 Cheshire Bridge Road
Atlanta, GA 30324
United States

About The Author:

Kim Carter is an award-winning author of suspense, mystery and thriller novels.

She was a finalist for the 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award and a recipient of the 2017 TCK Publishers’ Readers’ Choice Award for her book; Murder Among The Tombstones.’ This is the first book in her Clara and Iris Mystery series. The characters in this series are a couple of overly curious widows who become private investigators. These funny women were inspired by Kim’s mother and her mom’s best friend. She is also a recipient of a Gold Finalist – Book Excellence Award for her book; ‘And Forecast Called For Rain.’

Her other titles include Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle, When Dawn Never Comes, Deadly Odds, No Second Chances, and her latest, And The Forecast Called For Rain. 

Kim’s writing career started after she suffered an illness that made her housebound for a couple of years. An avid reader of mystery novels herself, she embarked on writing as a means of filling her time. She began to share those early writings with friends and family who encouraged her to pursue writing professionally. Her health struggles and successes have been chronicled on The Lifetime Television in early 2000, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Women’s Day Magazine, and Guidepost.

Prior to her illness, Kim worked in many different capacities in county government as her “Day Job,” but ultimately, it was her job as a correctional officer that provided her the opportunities to talk and interact with a diverse group of people. Her experiences ran the gamete of inspiring success stories to tragic endings, much like her mysteries.

She self-published her first book No Second Chances. One of the guest speakers at the launch party she had at the Performing Arts Center in Newnan, Georgia included her close friend retired Atlanta Police Chief Eldrin Bell. This connection would become helpful as she started doing more research for other books, this time working with a small publishing house.

Kim began networking and made connections with numerous homicide detectives, medical examiners, and prison officials. Her research has taken her many places including morgues, death row, and the occasional midnight visit to cemeteries.

Kim is a college graduate of Saint Leo University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She and her husband have three successful grown children and reside just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.



Deadly Odds by Kim Carter FACEBOOK and TWITTER TEASER


Kim’s books can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, and Indie Bound, and her website. Her book tour is coming soon! Come and connect with Kim on Social Media: Facebook – Twitter – and on GoodReads.
You can learn more about Kim and updates on new book releases and events by visiting her Official Author Website Today!

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New Book Release and FB LIVE Launch Party For This New One By Author, Joe Siccardi … Nov. 18th, 2018.

NOV. 18th, 2018 ~ 1 PM ET ~ New Release Book Launch Party Live on Facebook!

Please join us for an online Book Launch like no other by Author, Joe Siccardi…
FB Link to watch and tune in:





About The New Book:

“I’m just that ordinary Joe walking on the path of life … and sharing it with you. There are joys. There are tribulations. There are reflections.”

There are joys. There are tribulations. There are reflections. There is everyday life. In each essay, I try to convey a recognition of a greater Power who colors my perspective. My comments are always filtered through the lens of my Judeo-Christian values and largely based on 40 years of marriage raising five children.

About The Author:

Joe Siccardi has been an editorial writer, editor, and publisher for 52 years and publishes a blog at As he states, “I’m the ordinary Joe walking along this journey called life and sharing it with you.” He is the proud father of five children, 18 grandchildren, and three great-granddaughters. He currently lives in Dover-Foxcroft, ME, after life experiences in Paterson, Totowa, Newton and Ogdensburg, NJ; Belvidere, IL; Toledo, OH; Washington, DC; Laurel, MD; and Seneca Falls and Willard (Romulus), NY.




An Interview With Author, Joe Siccardi and His First Release – HEAVEN Shining Through … By Linda Parkinson-Hardman …



Our Author Interview, and today it’s the turn of Joe Siccardi, an “ordinary joe” from Seneca County, NY with his novel, Heaven Shining Through.


What is one thing people wouldn’t usually know about you?

I’ve been in the newspaper publishing business for over 50 years


joe siccardi


What did the best review you have had say about your work?


I want to first of all say that this book really plays on your memories and emotions I laughed and cried. I laughed because I hadn’t heard the phrase “the rabbit died” since our first daughter was born 37 years ago. I cried with the significant relationships that were introduced and the heart felt real life meaning that the author put into them. I could really identify with these characters. A good, quick read. I highly recommend it.



Have you ever wished you could be or do anything else instead of writing, and if so, what?

No. I love writing. I always did from grade school on. I was fortunate enough to find a career in newspapers.

Have you ever written naked?

No … but I have written in my underwear

What is the best excuse you have had for missing a deadline?

The game went into overtime.

What has been the best experience of your life?

My 40-year marriage.

What is the strangest thing you have ever had to do to promote a book? 
Do a local podcast … but instead of in person by phone 500 miles away

If you could commit the perfect murder, what would you do with the body?

Bury it in the foundation of a building or bridge.




You can find Heaven Shining Through in Kindle and Paperback format here: :

Amazon – Heaven Shining Through




You can meet Joe on his blog here:


For Writers Eyes Only ~ Write Your Way To Some After-Holiday Cash! Courtesy of ‘Two Drops of Ink’…

WHO Doesn’t Need Some Extra “After The Holiday” Cool Cash? Well, if your writer? Get your writing chops on over at “Two Drops of Ink” and  WIN you some cash! All The Details Are Below and HAPPY WRITING!


Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest

Note from the Editor-in-chief, Marilyn L. Davis:

The idea that a picture can convey what might take many words to express was voiced by a character in Ivan S. Turgenev’s novel Fathers and Sons, 1862: “The drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.”

But, is a picture always worth a thousand words? Not necessarily.

So, here’s the challenge for all of Two Drops of Ink’s ~ Cat Lyon’s Reading and Writing writers and readers.


Capture the Image Using the Power of Words




Many times, an image is captured without a backstory, and that’s where the writer has the advantage of using their words to give us context for that still photo.


As the writer, you get to describe the picture. But it’s got to be more than just a park bench in autumn, regardless of how beautiful the leaves are. Show us how this park bench gave relief to the elderly couple who walked that path for twenty years or sat forlornly waiting for the bulldozer so the city could have another parking deck, or how this bench and all it stood for united a community.

Now I See It!

Do you see how those words add meaning? See how those words evoke a feeling in the reader? That’s the power of words and images combined.

Let’s have a contest to see if the words don’t carry the message better than just the image or create a memorable story from a picture prompt.


Contest Rules

  1. For this contest, you’ll write at least 1000 words to tell a story, enchant us with a poem, or provide memoir-based problem-solving for the blogger or writer from the images.


  2. Our monthly contributors may enter as well. It gives them an opportunity to get outside of their comfort zones and entertain, educate, or enchant us.


  3. In the subject line of your submission, write, “Best 1000 Words for the Image Contest.” Send to


  4. Deadline for this contest is December 8, 2018


  5. Then, we’ll let the readers vote for their favorite.


  6. The post that gets the most “likes” is the winner. The “like” button is below …


    “Help us share” button. And do be sure to share!


    mail (3).jpg


    We’ll post the winner on December 24th, 2018.

    For this contest, any genre is welcome. Short fiction, how-to, memoir, essay, or poetry. And what do you get for your efforts? $100.


    Pick Your Prompt

    In many cases, the image will dictate what type of post you submit. Poetry, short fiction, memoir-based, or helpful hints … So go visit my dear friend Marilyn Davis and this article here  “Two Drops of Ink” and pick which IMAGE calls you and the hints and get writing!



Tell your friends and families after you’ve submitted. Every vote counts.

Two Drops of Ink: The Literary Home for Collaborative Writing

News & Experts Is Back With Some New Tips Of How A Media Pitch Is Transformed to Help Authors and Branding…

My dear friend Marsha Friedman is back with News & Experts PR Firm with an exceptional article and inside view of just how a PR Media Pitch Happens! I really think this one will help to all who have wondered if they should use and hire a PR Firm and Why…    ~Catherine Lyon, Author/Writer


Image result for copy free images media pitch



If you’ve ever wondered how a successful publicity effort goes from idea to media pitch to publication, let me give you a little glimpse of the process behind the scenes.

Just recently one of our print campaign managers here at News & Experts . Ashley Pontius announced that she had something big to reveal about one of our long-term clients.  It turns out that, thanks to Ashley’s work, this client was included in a lengthy Wall Street Journal article!

I asked for a little more detail on how this exciting coverage came about and I’m sharing the story with you because I think it’s enlightening for anyone trying to gain the media’s attention.

To begin with, this is a client we have worked with for about five years, and during that time we helped land them in Yahoo News, Reuters, CNN Money and the Washington Times, among other media outlets.

They continue to come back to us, knowing that we can help them get their message out to the larger world. They also understand that publicity isn’t a one-off. You have to keep at it if you want to remain relevant.

This client recently signed on for yet another campaign and Ashley reviewed their material. She noticed that one of the topics they were willing to talk about involved Generation Z, which is the generation born from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. Ashley googled Gen Z and found that there seemed to be some interest in how Gen Z fits into the workforce, a topic that would tie into both the client’s message and one of its target audiences.

So she crafted a short pitch for print journalists, promoting our client as a source who could speak on a particular angle related to this topic. Nothing happened at first, but a couple of weeks later an email appeared in Ashley’s inbox. A Wall Street Journal reporter wrote that the idea fit perfectly into something the reporter planned to develop into a larger, in-depth piece.

Could Ashley set up an interview for her? She sure could!


Image result for copy free images  CNN

If you break down what happened in this situation, you’ll find that it holds lessons for you:

  • Hone your message. When you reach out to the media, it’s always best if you can give them guidance on just how your expertise could fit into a particular angle for an article. Remember, in this case, the angle involved how Gen Z fits into the workforce. If you’re a financial professional, you might offer four money-saving tips for easing retirement anxieties. If you’re a chef, you could suggest unusual dishes for the upcoming holidays. While suggesting a specific angle, it doesn’t hurt also to mention that you can speak on other issues related to the topic as well.
  • Keep up with what’s trending. Don’t hesitate to make use of the internet to learn what the media has written about in the past related to your topic. You’ll also want to keep track of the daily headlines to see if anything is being reported right now that would match your message. Are you an orthopedic surgeon who could comment on a new study about the most common sports injuries? Are you a small business owner with tips about staying afloat when the economy takes a turn for the worse?
  • Reach out to the media. Even if you’ve had contact with reporters or talk show hosts before, you shouldn’t sit around waiting for them to reach out to you. You don’t want to become a pest, but you do want to remind them – or let them know for the first time – that you’re available for an interview whenever something in your area of expertise pops up.
  • Respond promptly. Journalists are often on tight deadlines, so if you can’t provide them what they need quickly, they’ll find someone else who can.

Finally, what happened with our client is a marvelous example of why it’s important to stay on the publicity playing field and to constantly find ways to match your message with the latest trends in the news.

If you don’t keep current with fresh ideas that you can turn into pitches – and that the media can turn into coverage – then you’ll miss out on all kinds of publicity opportunities. And that would be a shame.

Get the idea?

Image result for copy free images marshaa friedman news & experts

~Marsha Friedman

About News and Experts

As an award-winning, top national public relations agency, News and Experts has been delivering highly specialized publicity campaigns for over two decades. Our specialty is creating angles we know the media will want to cover and will obtain quality media exposure for our clients.

Through the years, we have worked with clients spanning a wide array of industries from authors, publishing, health, food, music, software and finance, to politics. News and Experts customize its clients’ PR campaigns to focus on specific objectives and we only work with quality media to ensure the results meet our clients’ needs and expectations.

News and Experts was a pioneer in the field of public relations, offering pay-for-performance PR long before being joined by other agencies. Today, News and Experts represent all its clients on a performance and project basis.


Always Enjoy Having My Friend Marilyn L. Davis of “Two Drops Of Ink” Sharing Writing and Literary Advice.

Welcome, Everyone! Especially Those Who Love To Write!

I happen to be doing my Twitter book shares today for all my author clients and came across an amazing post by my dear friend and fellow writer, Marilyn L. Davis.  Not only is she a “writing expert,”  but I learn so much from her and her literary blog.  I have written a couple of posts for her but this past year has been so busy with my marketing business and co-writing another with a friend that the time has just gotten away from me to write more for both her literary blog, ” Two Drops Of Ink ” and her informative recovery blog where I also write posts on From Addict 2 Advocate.

That will have to be my ‘New Year Resolution’ going into 2019, writer more for others! Lol.  I am happy today to share her new post from her fabulous literary blog  Two Drops Of  Ink.  Even though this article is from back in 2015?  It is informative and has some amazing writing advice as to overcome that intimidating “Blank Page.” I hope all you writers who visit get something to take with you after reading this post. Make sure you take a visit to Marilyn’s blog. Some amazing and helpful tips there!


Related image

Overcoming the Big, Blank Page

By: Marilyn L. Davis

“Confront the page that taunts you with its whiteness. Face your enemy and fill it with words. You are bigger and stronger than a piece of paper.”Fennel Hudson, A Writer’s Year – Fennel’s Journal

Blank Page? Fill it Wisely

I have gotten emails from other writers asking how I continue to make my niches new and exciting. They perceive that I do not seem to suffer from Writer’s Block. The reality is that I do, from a different perspective, Writers Glut. I have too many ideas floating in my head, both forTwo Drops of Ink and my other blog, From Addict 2 Advocate.

One problem with brain overload is that we have difficulty focusing.

Sadly, for a writer, when we lose focus, we might end up in a situation like Gordon Comstock, the protagonist in George Orwell’s book, Keep the Aspidistra Flying. Comstock struggles to complete an epic poem, which disintegrates into fragments because the writing is not cohesive.

While information or links enrich our posts, when we use more than necessary to make our point, the post often becomes:

Just in case you didn’t know, the Megillah alludes to five books of the Bible read on certain Jewish feast days and considered by some as long and tedious, and frankly, long and tedious are the last things that people want in a blog post.

Too Much for Just One Page?

With too many words or ideas clamoring for attention, it’s often necessary to find ways to focus the writing. Certainly, you can free write and fill the pages with words, and in turn, move the random thoughts and ideas from brain to paper. Since it’s the first draft, you also don’t have to worry about how disjointed it might be.


  1. Are you passionate, angry, or saddened by the subject?
  2. Can you convey your emotions about the issue in powerful words?
  3. Has your viewpoint changed since you wrote about the topic last?
  4. Are you writing about an underdeveloped aspect of the subject?
  5. Does your site need updated information about this particular topic?
  6. Do you think there’s already too much information about your topic?
  7. Is this a worthwhile topic?
  8. Did you research to find correct, factual, and accurate information?
  9. Can you support your information with credible links?
  10. Can you add useful or valuable information about the topic?
  11. What are your qualifications to write about a topic?


Mastering the Blank Page


skill einstein expert Overcoming the Big, Blank Page marilyn l davis two drops of ink


After your point of interest, decide your level of skill in presenting the information. 

  1. Skilled

  2. Authority

  3. Knowledgeable

  4. Professional

  5. Expert

When you establish your skill level about the topic, approach it from the standpoint of the reader. Frame questions to help you narrow your focus.

What were you curious about when you didn’t have much information about the topic? What stimulated this interest? Write as if you’re discovering something beneficial and exciting, as this tone and sense of wonder will translate and engage your readers.

When we write from the standpoint of learning and teaching, we aren’t condescending nor pompous in our choice of words and tone. CLICK TO TWEET

Remember what you did not know and tell the reader about it. While you’re an authority on the topic now, there’s always a backstory about what you learned. These stories can also add some humor. “Then there was the time that I didn’t understand…” and let your readers know that you’re an authority or knowledgeable, but had to learn a lesson the hard way.

We’ve all made mistakes, in fact, mine was misspelling message with massage and trust me, that one change in letters made my piece unacceptable for small children, even though spell check let it pass. Thank goodness for an editor with an eye for context like Scott Biddulph.

What to Leave In and What to Leave Out

As you learn and write about your topic, you may understand the subtle nuances of it. Elaborate on them. Remember, you’re not writing this as a new topic. You’re writing this with a skilled eye and can expand on the obvious facets of the topic. However, your readers may just be learning about the topic, so teach them. It is not redundant to explain the basic aspects of the topic.

If you have professional or expert knowledge about a topic, you need to let readers know that while any post is your opinion; you back it up with years of experience, your education, or current research.

Qualifying your information or credentials is not bragging. You’re doing this so readers learn to trust your posts.  CLICK TO TWEET

Your readers know that you’ve worked in a field, have advanced degrees, or you can let them know where you’ve been published. Letting them know that other sites value your writing goes a long way in establishing this trust.

Even for an expert, it’s not enough to write about the technicalities, subtle nuances, obscure facts learned over the years, or minutiae of the topic; you still have to write new insights, interesting content, and provide original thoughts. Whichever skill level you have about the topic, it is your writing that will make it worthwhile. Your distinct tone, style, and phrasing can and will make it original, which allows you to produce a stand-out piece.

How you convey your information might be:

  1. Repeating sage wisdom of the ages with a new twist.
  2. Reforming someone’s thinking with persuasive facts, passion, and your point of view.
  3. Revamping one of your old articles with updated information.


Taming Block and Glut

Some days, we simply have to accept that we can’t produce and publish a piece. We’re either too distracted to narrow the focus, too uncertain about our skill level of the subject, or we can’t think of a perspective that isn’t saturated. On those days, unless you have a deadline, give yourself a break.


Overcoming the Big, Blank Page marilyn l davis two drops of ink


Adopt the Scarlett O’Hara mentality, “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow”, or  remember the words of Ann Lamott, “The word block suggests that you are constipated or stuck when the truth is that you’re empty.”

When you think you’re empty, then reference the following:

  1. Have you taken a reader’s comment and expanded on it?
  2. What grabbed your attention today?
  3. What piques your curiosity?

I think writers are often too hard on themselves. Writing is one of the few professions that it’s hard to walk away from because it doesn’t need an office. Furthermore, I’ve never seen any mention of traditional writer hours. For most of us, it’s when we’re awake.

Too Tired or Too Much Going on to Focus? 

Writers are always writing, even if it’s just in our heads. We read signs on the road, imagine character’s conversations, or a great title pops into our brains while at lunch. Those are the creative ways that we think. But sometimes, all those great ideas don’t go anywhere.

Unlike most professions, we’re never without the tools necessary to write. We’ve got electronics to record our thoughts, and even with a power outage, our phones still have Evernote. Not to mention, paper and pen.  CLICK TO TWEET

So sometimes, we’ve got to let our brains rest.

  • Jot a few good sentences down.
  • Put the writing in your Darling file
  • Review it the next day.
  • Drink some tea, meditate, take a nap, or call it a day and go to bed and read.

After all, glut and block will undoubtedly pass by morning.



Here at Two Drops of Ink, we also believe that how something is said is just as important as what is said. In this spirit, we invite you to submit your writing.

Two Drops of Ink
 is accepting submissions for all genres except “R” rated romance or anything politically partisan.

We are proud to collaborate with our montly and guest contributors.
We hope you consider submitting to an award-winning site.


Weekend Featured Article That Cat Couldn’t Have Written and Shared Any Better! Book Marketing 101 by Strong Social.

How to Be Cost-Effective With Your Digital Marketing Plan ~ Strong Social.


Image result for free images of marketing 101

Before the Internet, the advertising industry had a monopoly over media. If you wanted to advertise your brand and products/services, you needed to pay for an ad in your local or national newspapers, buy radio or television airtime, place ads on billboards, and so on. Now, anyone can advertise online for just a fraction of the cost of these traditional marketing techniques.

When it comes to brand promotion, both small businesses and large corporations have the same tools and strategies available to them. However, small businesses and startups have less money and fewer staff members they can rely on, which is why they should find ways to make their digital marketing plan as cost-effective as possible.

1. Social media

From startups to corporations to authors – everybody has a social media marketing strategy in place. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are an integral part of every digital marketing strategy as they offer a large pool of potential prospects and tools for targeting specific market segments and demographics. Social media allows you to reach out to, stay in touch, and interact with your customers. This can significantly increase your brand’s visibility and requires just a portion of your marketing budget.

However, not every social media platform will help you maximize the benefits, so choose it wisely. Facebook has the largest pool of users and excellent targeting system, so it’s always best to start there. On the other hand, if you’re a B2B company, then LinkedIn should be your social media “weapon” of choice.

Use these platform’s analytics to understand your campaign’s performance, and engage with social media influencers. For choosing the right social media platform for your business, check out this guide on

2. Content Marketing

A well-designed content marketing process requires a content strategist, planner, creator, and editor. But if you don’t plan to post large amounts of content, this can be handled by one or two experienced content marketers.

When creating content, it’s important that it resonates with your audience. You can write informative and educational blog articles, engaging website copy, infographics, white papers, case studies, ebooks, or produce engaging video content. Whatever you want to go for (or your analytics point out that you should), remember that content marketing won’t give you any instant results. On the other hand, it is beneficial in the long run because it can help you build brand reputation, establish yourself as an authority in your industry, connect with potential customers, and build a trustworthy relationship with them.

Quality content can also help you rank higher in SERPs (Google loves the quality and relevant long-form content), increase your social media engagement (if your fans like it, they’ll share it), build your credibility, and help you generate and nurture leads.

3. Organic SEO

Paid search costs a bit more so you can go with the organic ways of improving website search engine rank. There are many ways to do it and prove to yourself that SEO doesn’t have to cost a lot. First, assess your website’s search engine optimization with Google Webmaster – register, verify your domain name, follow the steps, and the tool will give you some tips for your organic SEO, tailored to your specific website.


Image result for free images of google seo.

Because SEO targets people who are actively looking for products/services like yours, the website traffic you get is more qualified than in other marketing strategies, which will save you a great deal of money. Check out Neil Patel’s guide to SEO to get a better understanding of the concept along with some tips to get the maximum effect.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. It’s alive and well. It remains to be one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there. Even though it may seem to be lagging behind the latest digital marketing trends, email marketing can provide significant value to your customers. Email is a behavioral marketing tool, and thanks to personalization, segmentation, and behavior-triggered automation, you can boost customer engagement and turn them into your loyal brand advocates. Email marketing delivers the best ROI (in the US, for every dollar spent, it brings back $44), while the developments in machine learning will allow us to use email to predict what the customer does next.

5. Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the essential, cost-effective techniques for growing an audience. What is retargeting? It is known as remarketing. A form of online advertising that can help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they leave your website. To be able to recognize a brand, people need to be constantly reminded of it. They may not remember it from when they initially visited your site, but you can re-engage them through retargeting, and many marketers see it as a sure way to drive repeat sales. With retargeting, you can ensure that they will come back to your site rather than go elsewhere to consume their content.

6. Mobile focus

Don’t forget about mobile marketing! There are billions of people around the world walking around with a smartphone in their pocket. Mobile ads get you more bang for your buck because they cost less than desktop ads. On Facebook and Google, it is possible to set up mobile campaigns and allocate your marketing funds to run only on smartphones with full browsers. This way, you can significantly stretch your budget.

To effectively advertise your business, product, and target your ideal customers, (readers) take your time to research and find out what will and won’t work for your company or brand as an author. By adopting some (or all) of these digital marketing strategies in your marketing plan, you will make your digital marketing plan more cost-effective, without sacrificing your ROI.

In case you need any help, reach out to Strong Social for help in blog writing, social media marketing, and lead generation. As a business leader, the chances are that you can do all these things yourself, but limited time and staff often make it challenging.


Jason Gordon – Founder

Cover Reveal: Wisdom From a Father

Hello Readers and Happy Weekend!

Just had to share Cat’s Weekend “Special Author” new release coming and Cover Reveal! Please go visit Author, Joe Siccardi and learn all he does as a writer, author, and Publisher and his new book coming soon! This cover as I told Joe went straight to my HEART! xoxo

Catherine Lyon *Cat*

Father Says...

Wisdom From a Father.

Wow, that’s a high bar. But the project — my second published work — is moving along quite nicely, albeit it with some curves and challenges. Still, I am anticipating a mid-November hard launch at West Fayette (NY) Presbyterian Church Nov. 18 and a repeat Dec. 6 at the Thompson Free Library, Dover-Foxcroft, ME, for my friends and followers from the Pine Tree State.

Wisdom From a Father is a reflective look at life, segmented into chapters. The words are updates of posts made right here on my blog. I’ve chosen 52 so readers can use the book as a weekly devotional if they so choose.

The cover features a photo I took of the Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde, ME. The long planks hopefully invite readers to the lighthouse and, in turn, to open the book and choose their own path and pace. The…

View original post 274 more words