A Living Master Shares About The Road From Addiction Into Recovery. Special Featured Post By Master Genro Xuan Lou, Laoshi …

Sharing an amazing book and practical guide and read for a more “enlightened and happy” life journey and spiritual freedom. Learn to be comfortable and happy in your own skin This highly suggested GEM will help you get there! … Cat

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I am honored to share a special recovery post written especially for my recovery blog, my recovery friends and visitors to enjoy. Some true wisdom shared from a very special mentor. It is not everyday one meets and has the honor of being friends with a Real Living Master of our generation and time.

I also have the pleasure of helping him promote and market his amazing book as well titled; โ€œFind The Seeker! The Pathless Path to Fulfillment and Happiness.โ€ Truly a must-read and has enhanced my own recovery path! And with theirย E-book on sale on Amazon for .99 cents? You have nothing to lose and spiritual freedom from addiction to gain.

It is co-authored by another dear friend and Genroโ€™s pupil Clifford Stevens. They both reside in Austria and together have produced a very powerful and authentic practical guide that all who maintain recovery can surelyโ€ฆ

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