Nine Reasons Why Your Cat Loves You

Just read this and a Fabulous Cat Blog and to let Y’ALL KNOW I still love my Mr. Boots and we have no hard feelings toward each other after last weeks CRISIS! LOL.


The Cat's Write

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, cats love their hoomans. I totally even read about this study which proved that a cat’s brain undergoes some kinda chemical change (a.k.a love) when they see their owners. Don’t ask me for a link to the study to verify my statements, because I can’t remember exactly where or when I read about it, only that I did. Trust me, everyone, it was a real study!!

Now there are plenty of articles going on about how cats show affection, you know purring, blinking, gifting, kneading etc… but how many articles out there use cat GIFS to illustrate exactly why your cat loves you?

I thought I’d like to give it a crack and guess why your cats love you so much. It’s a no brainer to love me of course, but what exactly are your cats thinking??

Nine Reasons Why…

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