Let’s Chat Recovery Lifestyle! Do You Just Live IN Recovery? Or Live an Amazing Life While Maintaining Recovery?

Many of my readers and book bloggers know I maintain recovery from gambling addiction and alcohol and thought I would share we little bit about that and an amazing day I had last month as I was one of the Guest Speakers here at the state capitol event for The Bike Ride Around America 4 Addiction Awareness. It Was My BEST DAY in LIFE EVER! LOL…LOL! Blessings All,

**Cat Lyon**

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Now that summer is almost here; many get outdoors, plan vacations, and LIVE LIFE. So, how do you still put your gambling recovery first?

See, there was a time I could never do that. What I mean is, when I was still active in my gambling addiction, it seemed even in the summer or vacation time, it always had to have some form of “gambling venue” or option attached or nearby. How sick is that? It made me begin to think? How do others maintaining recovery from gambling put their recovery first and a balanced healthy Lifestyle?

I felt and have seen my own recovery go through phases as we begin to live life again while keeping mindful of our recovery journey. We don’t “LIVE IN Recovery; we “LIVE LIFE while maintaining it” …I hear too many people who only work 12-Step…

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