A Fathers Day Message To My Dad.

Many of you know that I live life in recovery. And you can learn more about my testimony and story here on my recovery blog: https://catherinelyonaddictedtodimes.wordpress.com

There are many recovery authors out here who may or may not have the recovery support from our family. I am one of those people. So the pain is sometime hard to handle on holidays like these. We work through those issues within our recovery.
But, .  .  .  . it still doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt any less.
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Happy Fathers Day to all Dads Today!

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Isn’t 9 1/2 years a long time to not talk to your Daughter? .  .  .


Dear Father,
Today these things you will know,

That I’m thinking of you today on this Fathers Day.

That I do love you even though you have no relationship with me.
That I know your another year older, as your 80 now, that doesn’t give us much time to make amends.
That you hurt me by just cutting me out of your life for what reason?
That mom would be upset that you don’t speak to me or your son Robert.
That you have a grandchild, Roberts son you don’t bother to see or visit.
That even when I was riddled with addiction? You were 930 miles away, and you where not a part of that drama.

That a daughter can turn here life around and be a better woman in Recovery.
That I feel YOU should give me a 2nd chance like my Father in Heaven has.
That you never accepted me for WHO I AM TODAY.
That I have accomplished so many blessing in my Life and Recovery we could have celebrated together and SO MUCH MORE.

That the pain of not having you in my life has been unbearable all these years .  .  .  .

Your Loving Daughter Catherine
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6 thoughts on “A Fathers Day Message To My Dad.

  1. Thank you for this, Catherine!! The most important Love we will ever have or need, comes from our true Father who is in heaven!! I have come to accept that God’s love, above all else, is not only all I will ever need, but all I will ever ask for and want. My reason for this is simple, people are human. Humans are flawed. Flaws lead to mistakes. Mistakes hurt other people. Hurt people continue the cycle of humanness. In such, I’ve found great peace in leaning on God’s perfect love, when people can’t show their own.

    In the same way you were once addicted to gambling and pain, so to, is your father addicted to holding onto that pain. No matter how much we change as people, those who are unable to let go of the pain we may have brought them, will never allow themselves to see us for who we have become. That makes them as human as we were, when we first hurt them. I am grateful for the blessed opportunity to read this and share in your recovery, yet again, as I continue to march forward in my own pain and confusion about my father.

    I wasn’t going to honor Father’s Day this year, as I usually don’t. For the pain of never having the father I felt I deserved, almost always reigns higher than the blessed joy of having so many surrogate father’s who stepped up, along the way. This year, because I prayed on it, God allowed me to open my closed eyes, to the fact that the true Father I always deserved, has been right by my side, every single day of my life. I know you know that, so I am only writing to make note of our shared understanding of the Love of God. Your continued forgiveness for yourself and your father, will be more of a blessing than any lacking conversation could ever be.

    In God’s will and blessing, I pray that while you both are in the land of the living, you may make peace with your past, if nothing else. And if God wills it to be otherwise, that your blessed soul may make that peace in Spirit, if not through flesh. Thanks for simply being you, Catherine!! Through it all, thick and thick, you’re just freaking amazing!! I am just so grateful to know you and call you a friend!! God bless you, my sister!! Peace & Blessings always!!

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    • Girl! You made me cry reading this! LOL.
      I was deeply blessed when you and I connected on LinkedIn! I appreciate your thoughts and deep feelings.

      All points correct. God had showed me the path to accept, respect, and move on in my life. Not to live in the past. I will always have those “treasured family memories” to call on, but just because family is blood? Doesn’t give them the freedom to continue to hurt you.

      So I respect my fathers silence and have moved on with God’s grace and love. My higher power is who I look up to. Thanks for being such a dear friend Shaquana!
      #OneLove you and I have!! BFF

      God Bless,

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      • Aww Catherine!! You’re making me tear up!! I truly love you and appreciate your beautiful and blessed presence in my life! I am grateful to offer any love and blessings to you, as you’re a blessing to me! S/o to a forever friendship, that will last long beyond our flesh and world does <3!!!!

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    • Right? I still scratch my head each Fathers Day is why that is????? *Cat*


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