My Chosen Path ~ A Poem To Ponder

A beautiful share of a poem from one of my favorite authors, and I call her my 2nd mom. She is always sharing her life wisdom with me and all her blog followers. Come meet Author, Marilyn Fowler and her wonderful blog. *Catherine*

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Hello Friends and Welcome All Visitors,

A Poem For Us All To Ponder . . . . .

I chose a path when I was young.
I saw it in my mind.
And the way was clear for me to find
The wonders of my world.
I saw the years that lay ahead
With eager arms outstretched.
And in my trusting heart was etched
The vision of my life.

But than, as I began my walk,
Clear and bright and sweet.
I felt strange boulders neath my feet
Begin to change my path.
I tried my best to stay on track,
To keep my footing true.
But then great strong winds blew,
And tossed me in the air.

I didnโ€™t know which way to go.
I got confused, and angry too.
What was a helpless child to do
On such a road as this?
I kicked and screamed, but Iโ€ฆ

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2 thoughts on “My Chosen Path ~ A Poem To Ponder

  1. I fell so deeply in love this poem, I had to comment and let Marilyn know! Thanks so much for referring this powerful poem and blog, to your fans out there, including me! Sending all the love, light and sunshine possible, your way today and always! Peace & Blessings friend, Shaquana <3!

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    • So good to see you come my beautiful friend! Isn’t Marilyn just full of “Wisdom.” I call her my 2nd Mom! I have been helping her promote both her books, and her first book, “Silent Echoes” is a fantastic read.

      I knew many would love that poem. It touched me deeply. Glad you liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      I send you back much love & blessings too! XOXO Catherine

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