The Sun God’s Holy Mission

YES, . . . I know this is not about Books! Put as a CAT LOVER I just could NOT resist to SHARE!! *ENJOY* *Cat* Ha Ha!

Luna, the Little Chomper

Guys, is this thing on?

Luna stretching paws handling camera

I don’t see the blinking light.  There’s supposed to be a blinking light on this thing, right?

It is on?  We’re live?

Luna stretching both paws straight out

Meow, then!  Good job, guys!

*slow clap* Purr!

Luna stretching paws slow clapping

Okay guys, we’re ready to start!

Positions, everyone!

Luna waving hi on back with paw out

We’re set?  We are?  Meow!

Three… two… one… and…


Luna unconscious wrapped in blanket


*lights flip on*


Luna wrapped in blanket sideways with only head showing

Not waking up.  I don’t care who you are.


Meow? What? Who are you?

Luna closeup on blanket sleepy looking forward

I’m so sleepy.

Rrrr!  What is that glorious sunbeam I see streaming from the window?

I’m getting in position.  Wait for it…

Luna with side of head pressed down on blanket and eyes wide

Wait for it…


Luna near window in light, looking up

O glorious Sun God, what do you ask of me?  How may your furry disciple serve you?

Meow?  It can’t be!  Anything but that!

*faint* *thump*  Zzzzzz….

Okay, I’m awake again.

Luna on back with head tilted and hind legs up

Well, this is no good.

I can’t believe the Sun God would ask this of me.

Luna closeup leaning far to left looking left

I don’t know if I’m…

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