the Colors of Emotion

My good friend Kendall F. Person always has a post that “Make You HHHHMMMMM”…. Just Sharing The Neighborhood! Catherine

The Neighborhood

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Human nature flows from three main sources:
desire, emotion, and knowledge.
– Plato


 On April 5, 1968, an everyday teacher by the name of Jane Elliott would prove to the world how powerful color really was. After the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., many curious students inquired as to why he was killed. Jane Elliott proposed to the students, “Would you like to see how it feels to be a person of color?” the classroom agreed and the Racism Experiment was born. In an all white classroom, the blue-eyed children were made superior to the brown-eyed children. With a little nudging, it did not take long for the blue-eyed students to become bossy, arrogant, superior and for the brown-eyed students to become timid, subservient, inferior. It was a powerful experiment then and remains a landmark in race relations till this very day. However, beyond the racial aspect…

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