The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging

Cat happened to stumble upon this amazing Book Blog community and give a big “Kudos” for this post that everyone should read! Both readers and authors… Cat

Let’s Talk Bookishis a weekly meme, hosted by Rukky @Eternity Books& Dani @Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.

This week’s topic is about the pros and cons of book blogging. I will say that the pros far outweigh the cons, and I think that I used to get more caught up in the pressures of blogging when I started then I do now. I think that I have found what works for me and have learnt how to maintain a passion for blogging.

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The Community

The bookish community is the by far the greatest thing about running a book blog. I am constantly blown away by the support that I have received from the community! I love being able to connect with others who think a lot like me as well as…

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For Immediate Release – Press Release – Author, Kaden James Releases New Book, ‘Coach Yourself’and Hits #1 Best Seller List.

Lyon Literary Consulting Announces Entrepreneur and Life Coach Kaden James Debuts New Book Titled, “Coach Yourself”

Author and Certified Life and Wellness Coach, Kaden James has released a new self-help personal growth offering for those to learn how to “Coach Yourself.” This new book features strategies developed by top coaches designed to spark individual growth.

Lyon Literary Consulting Announces Entrepreneur and Life Coach Kaden James Debuts New Book Titled,

Phoenix, AZ, October 06, 2020 –(– Amazon #1 best selling e-book upon release; author, life coach, and entrepreneur Kaden James and Lyon Literary Consultants now announce the official debut of brand new book, “Coach Yourself: The secrets used by Master Coaches that get Results” and its now available on Amazon online.

As a life and wellness coach, James inspires his clients to save time by discovering their passions while also providing accountability. “I take a heart-centered approach when it comes to coaching. I help clients place the mind in service to the heart. When we have this alignment, we become even more powerful in this world and can make a tremendous difference,” says James.

“Coach Yourself” has been designed as a workbook for driving results. “It doesn’t matter if you are new to coaching or are a seasoned life coach yourself; this book can help anyone willing and ready to do the work. It’s time to get the life you really want.”

Following in succession behind his popular books “REFLEKT,” “All I Have To Give,” and “The Daily Playbook,” James has created “Coach Yourself” as the ultimate self-help book for those who want to ignite growth within themselves.

James works diligently to help his coaching clients reach their dreams by equipping them with strategies for success. He has been offering proven life coaching to clients since 2017 and is forging ahead with new books and services. He is also at the helm of Spirlit, where people can connect with a coach that’s right for them based on which areas in life they want to focus on.

His “The Daily Playbook” series includes a course with more than 70 videos free on Instagram. The journal features a 90-day mindfulness journal and planner with check-ins, a quote of the day, and an action. “Coach Yourself” is now on Amazon with a limited-time price of 0.99 cents.

More information can be found and Link To Kaden James Page On Amazon
Kaden James Home Page Link and connect with the author on social media.
Facebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube and on Instagram

Certified Life Coach & Author Kaden James

Author Kaden James Awarded a Readers Favorite 5-Star Book Review For His Unpublished YA Fiction…

Seeking YA Fiction Literary Agent and Mainstream Publishers ~ Author Kaden James Awarded a Readers Favorite 5-Star Book Review For His Unpublished YA Fiction Fantasy/Sci-Fi Titled;
FLAWED: The Gift Within The Shadow

~Lyon Media Services & Literary Marketing

Temporary Book Cover ~ FLAWED: The Gift
Within The Shadow…

Kaden James, Author & Wellness Coach
Kaden James, Life Coach, Writer, Author
Successful Male Model and Former Singer, Song-Writer

Readers Favorite Book Awards Submission at OutskirtsPress Self Publishing

The 5-Star Readers Favorite Book Review ~ Unpublished Work

Subtitle: The Gift Within The Shadow
Author: Kaden James
Genre: Young Adult – Fantasy – Epic

Review: Mini-Critique

5- Plot: The characters of a book should be well defined with strengths and
flaws, and while they do not have to be likable, the reader does
have to be able to form a connection with them. The tone should be
consistent, the theme should be clear, and the plot should be
original or told from a unique perspective. For informative books —
those without plot and characters–this rating refers primarily to
your concept and how well you presented it.

5- Development: Development refers to how effectively you told your story or discussed your topic. The dialogue should be realistic, the
descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise
and coherent. Organization is also a key factor, especially for
informative books — those without plot and characters. The order in
which you tell your story or explain your topic and how smoothly it
flows can have a huge impact on the reader’s understanding and
enjoyment of the material.

5- Formatting: Formatting is the single most overlooked area by authors. The way in which you describe scenes, display dialogue, and shift point of
view can make or break your story. In addition, excessive
grammatical errors and typos can give your book an amateurish
feel and even put off readers completely.

5- Marketability: Marketability refers to how effectively you wrote your book for your target audience. Authors may include content that is above or
below the understanding of their target reader, or include concepts,
opinions or language that can accidentally confuse or alienate some
readers. Although by its nature this rating is very subjective, a very
low rating here and poor reviews may indicate an issue with your
book in this area.

5– Overall Opinion: The overall starred rating takes into account all these elements and describes the overall reading experience of your reviewer.

This unpublished book is a 5 and the official Readers’ Favorite review rating for your book.

“FLAWED” Receives 5 Stars!

Review: Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

Flawed: The Gift Within The Shadow is a work of fiction in the
science fiction and fantasy, adventure, and suspense sub-genres,
and was penned by author Kaden James. Written for young adult
reading audiences, the work is suitable for all ages under this
genre, and indeed for adult readers looking for an immersive new
fantasy experience.

The unique concept of this novel takes us to
Ilsanda, an island where we are first met with gorgeous tropical
beauty, and an even more gorgeous cast of perfect young people,
aesthetic and athletic in every way. But the people here hold a
violent secret deep in their genetic sequence, and it may be up to
the odd one out amongst them to crack the code.

Author Kaden James has crafted a highly original and accomplished
work of fiction that pokes a little fun at the typical perfectionist
approach to heroes and heroines of YA, turning them into literal
monsters with violent and unpredictable urges. This beastly beauty
translates into every element of the tale, making for a highly
suspenseful and action-packed series with a lot of thought in its
concept and plot.

The scenery and characters are also beautifully
described with dynamic imagery, which lays out a cinematic image
in the mind of the reader for them to see the sudden twists play
out. Ethan, as a central protagonist and everyman type, gives
fantastic contrast and a sympathetic, relatable hero to root for.

I would certainly recommend Flawed for fans of unusual and highconcept science fiction and fantasy everywhere.


Professional Life & Wellness Coach

Kaden James is a critically acclaimed Amazon best-selling writer and author of several literary works including soon to release,’Coach Yourself,’ and ‘The Daily Playbook, REFLEKT,’ all available on Amazon online in e-book and paperback formats. The author is currently seeking a ‘Literary Agent’ for his beautiful YA Fantasy unpublished fiction “FLAWED: The Gift Witin The Shadow,” now a 5-star awarded book review given by literary influencers, Readers Favorite.

Kaden always had a zest for writing and for life at an early age. After having a difficult childhood, as growing into an adult, he studied the most highly successful people he came across and applied their methods in his life and helped others reach their dreams. Through learning, Kaden became aware and understood that real success is feeling good about who you are and what you do, not about fame or money.

Born in California, he moved to a small town in Idaho at the age of ten. Once grown, he made his way to Los Angeles after graduating early to pursue his dreams. As Kaden says, “It’s not about where you come from, what you have, or what you have done; life is about who you become.”
When arriving in Los Angeles, Kaden quickly became a rising star as a recording artist, entertainer, and a passionate humanitarian.

As a successful male model turned famed singer-songwriter, Kaden frequently appeared on MTV, recorded the music for MTV’s ‘The Real World’ and writing and performing the theme song to both ‘The A-List: New York and Dallas.’ While the modeling and the music scene along with the fame was a fun ride, Kaden was ready and maturing into a new life direction and seamlessly transitioned into writing and life coaching. Writing several self-help, personal growth and career success books, his light begining to shine in the literary world.

Kaden’s New “Coach Yourself” E-book Release Oct. 4th On Amazon

Kaden chooses living a clean, healthy, and fit lifestyle which are some of his passions, in 2017, he began studying with “Robbins-Madanes Training” (the official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins). He became certified as a life & wellness coach with ‘Expert Rating.’ He began writing unique self-help motivational books and started his life coaching business. With the gained wisdom and the thirst to help others, his coaching business took off.

He continues some modeling and is an Instagram Star and influencer now sharing his coaching tips and advice for all, while using unique poetic thoughts and inspiring words to reflect on in many of his books. When the author is not writing or coaching clients, he enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, working out, cooking, and reading. His favorite authors are Gary Zukav, Brené Brown, and Marianne Williamson, to name a few. The author resides in Los Angeles, California. Keep an eye on this author as his literary star is still rising and Shining Bright.

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Trump Appointing A Supreme Court Nominee Late in The Election Cycle: Is This Legal?

This Cat Never Shares Much About Politics as many these days are SO Passionate about their choice of WHO should be running AMERICA. But this post caught my EYE and made me ponder a bit. I hope all my readers are Registered to VOTE in your STATE…
WHO TO VOTE FOR? Well, I’ll leave that up to you. I will say though before you vote?
I will offer this re-blogged post and?
Is this the AMERICA you want to continue to LIVE IN?…


Inverted logic

Photo by Colin Lloyd on

The Trump administration has drawn some controversy by appointing a Supreme Court Justice less than 90 days away from the presidential election. The president has declared Saturday he will publicly announce his replacement for longstanding Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Many pundits find this move distaste full for two main reasons. First off, this decision is being made only eight days after the passing of Justice Ginsberg. The other concern is Trump selecting a justice within months of an election. Public sentiment seems to be leaning towards allowing the winner of the 2020 election to fill this vacancy. The issue with public sentiment is that it seldomly considers the law of the land. Often is fueled by visceral passions more so than reason.

However, I would be derelict in my duties as an armchair commentator if didn’t voice some criticism of the Trump administration. Let’s…

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Cat Reccomends “Readers Favorite” For All Our Authors and Here’s Why…

FIRST? What author would say “NO” to a free book review from an influencer of books like Readers Favorite? It’s why when quoting or planning a custom marketing plan for a new potential client? I add Readers Favorite as part of their plan for both a free book review (they do offer paid express review options) and always suggest their book award program. The are book and literary influencers for 10+yrs.

They wouldn’t have the reputation they do without being successful. Besides, those amazing award-winner or a awarded 5-Star seals you recieve makes your book stand out. It’s a known fact that avid readers will buy a book that has won awards or reviewed by an industry leader like Readers Favorite.

If you believe in yourself and in the craft of being an author and writer? Then make sure you invest in that craft and enter award programs to have an overall solid marketing plan. Here is a little more about Readers Favorite and why many authors like actor, Jim Carrey and many others as RF is now celebrating over 10 years of serving authors, from new indie authors to bestsellers and iconic publishers...

Jim Carrey Gold Medal
Carrey sports his Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal


Authors Helping Authors

Readers’ Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers such as Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins, and have received the “Best Websites for Authors” and “Honoring Excellence” awards from the Association of Independent Authors.

We are also very proud to be fully accredited by the BBB (A+ rating), which is a rarity among Book Review and Book Award Contest companies. They also give back through “St. Judes Childrens Hospitals and Dare To Care Food Banks”...

Honoring Excellence Award

BBB A+ Accredidation

Readers’ Favorite is owned and operated by authors for authors. Our staff and nearly all our 1,000+ reviewers are authors who have come together to provide fellow authors with a valuable set of resources to help them succeed.

Authors need feedback and exposure, and we provide this through free quality reviews and a free feature rich review page, the opportunity to obtain recognition through our respected annual book award contest, and free Monthly Book Giveaway, Book Exchange, and Book Donation programs.

Authors also need information and support. Thus we have created an Author Forum in our Author Area where authors can communicate with each other, ask questions, and share ideas on writing, marketing and more. We also provide hundreds of free articles that we have created to answer questions and guide authors through today’s often difficult and changing literary landscape.

In addition, we provide professional, low cost proofreading, editing and critique services starting at just $1 per page. We add fast and friendly customer support by email, phone and text message to make sure authors get the help they need.

We truly are looking out for our fellow authors. In fact, we were the first book review company to not post negative reviews and provide authors with constructive criticism instead, which has now become an industry standard. We were also the first to offer Review Exchange and Book Donation programs to help authors receive more reviews and recognition.

If you are an author looking for a great book influencer and reviews done by many professionals in the literary world? Don’t hesitate to explore and read all about the amazing work does to help all authors! Just CAT sharing some of my inside marketing and promoting tips with you! And READERS can also find some amazing books and become a Reviewer and read new free books!

Free book reviews for your authors

We review published and unpublished (ARC and manuscripts) books in any of our 150+ genres. Reviews will be posted on our site, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also post our review in Amazon’s Editorial Reviews section.

Reviews will be indexed by search engines like Google, who recognizes our reviews and formats them with their starred rating just like reviews from Amazon. In addition, our reviewers often post reviews to their blog, and social sites. We do not post negative reviews. (If a book receives a poor rating, we provide private constructive criticism instead.)

Penguin Random House

We have enjoyed working with Readers’ Favorite these past years. They provide timely and honest reviews and go the extra mile by posting reviews on social media sites like Facebook and trade sites like Barnes & Noble and Google Books.Laura T., Publicist for Random House Publishing. We work with many in publsihing, agents, editors, and many more!

Books by indie, celebrity and iconic authors

FOR READERSBooks by indie, celebrity and iconic authors

We have a detailed review page for tens of thousands of books in 150+ genres. And because we only list premium books (4 and 5 stars), reviews and reader comments are primarily positive, which creates an enjoyable community for book enthusiasts.

Discover a new indie author and let them know what you thought about their book by adding your comments as tens of thousands of other readers have! You can even contact the author directly or visit their social media sites. So stop by RF today and meet your next READ!


pet insurance vpi

Since I am a CAT Lover of three FURRY Babies…I wanted to share this informative post by a new blog I am now a big fan of and following! I hope if you have animals you visit them too!

**Da Literary Cat**


Top 10 Items Surgically Removed from Pets

According to Veterinary Pet Insurance, socks, underwear, and panty hose top the list of items that must be surgically removed after being ingested by household pets. In a release issued today by VPI, the California based pet health insurance company lists the top 10 most common surgically removed items based on reports from its claims adjusters. They are:

1. Socks

2. Underwear

3. Panty Hose

4. Rocks

5. Balls

6. Chew Toys

7. Corn Cobs

8. Bones

9. Hair Ties/Ribbons

10. Sticks

While these are the 10 most common, the complete list of ingested items that have required surgical removal is broad and seemingly limited only to what a pet can get a hold of and has an interest in. Some of the other items adjusters have seen include rubber bands, batteries, pagers, nails, needles, and baby-bottle nipples. The cost to the pet…

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We Welcome Author, Harvey Castro MD, His New Release Titled “Success Reinvention” and a Book Review Spotlight.

Meet Author & Dr. Harvey Castro who’s been voted “Best Doctor” in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas of Texas. His new book release is garnishing ‘Rave Reviews’ on Amazon and GoodReads from readers while they are learning just how to reinvent their lives and career within SUCCESS!

So, who is this Medical Media Expert, Amazing Writer, and Business Entrepreneur? Let’s Meet Dr. Castro and learn more…

About The Author:

Dr. Harvey Castro is a critically acclaimed author and writer as well as a sought after medical media expert & speaker who shares his experiences and knowledge nationally and locally in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Born in Patterson, NJ, raised in Queens, NY, his first job was delivering the New York Times. At the young age of 16, Dr. Castro started his first business selling vitamins. Later he joined the US Army and became a dental assistant to help pay for his college education.

He attended Texas A&M and graduated with a BS/BA in Biomedical Science and Political Science. Castro went to Medical School at UTMB, Galveston, Texas. He began writing books for other medical students as a way to pay for his medical books. He went to Emergency Medicine Residency in Bethlehem, Pa., and started his own Heart vitamin company.

When arriving in Dallas/Fort Worth TX area, his first job was to create over 30 iPhone Andriod apps in health care, a speaker for ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) for health care applications. Then as a consultant for health care companies, he founded the ‘Trusted ER in DFW.’ Dr. Castro has always had a passion for helping others and is currently working on his MBA and looks to graduate in December 2020.

With his entrepreneurial spirit, the author has released a new self-help book titled ‘Success Reinvention,’ July 2020, and is available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and GoodReads and shares many of his struggles and business lessons on how to be successful in both life and within one’s professional career.

When he’s not working, he enjoys traveling, cooking, reading true stories, non-medical books about business, and self-help improvement books as he’s intense about learning. He loves spending time with his family, especially with his four beautiful children, and his new pup, a french bulldog. He resides in the Dallas/FW area.

About The New Book “Success Reinvention”

No matter where you are in life, or what obstacle you are facing… Now Is The Time To Reinvent Yourself Within SUCCESS!

Success Reinvention will take you behind the scenes of one of the foremost thought leaders of our time. As an innovative entrepreneur, brilliant medical physician and visionary leader, Dr. Castro’s recipe for success will allow you to break through even the most difficult obstacles and set backs in life.

When you read this book and take action, you will find that your dreams manifest into reality, and your success is always in your control to invent and reinvent at every stage of your life.

Harvey Castro MD

Success Reinvention Coming Soon In AudioBook

Amazing Amazon Book Reviews: Now with 16 100% all 5-STARS, you know this book is well worth a read!

5000 years of wisdom / direction – get a copy immediately
Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2020
Verified Purchase — Fantastic book by a real person who had to achieve success without it being handed to him. He acknowledges the wonderful blessing he had of a determined mother and their faith in the Lord to shape his life. This book can help you get on ,or back on track, help you find what’s important to you, and hopefully leave a legacy you will be proud of.

Don’t hesitate- buy this book kindle or better yet hard copy now – you will not regret it.
Dr Barry Ungerleider
Emergency Physician
Inventor / Developer – Healthcare Products For Human Safety (USA)


 Remarkable Lessons with Impeccable Timing
Reviewed in the United States on August 8, 2020
Verified Purchase
The timing of the book launch was impeccable. It came at a time when I was feeling the effects of a series of life altering events. The tears flowed as I read through the chapters that unveiled the trials that Dr. Castro and his mother experienced.

I was intrigued as I learned how they both persevered using their struggles as the driving force to find and fulfill their purpose. This to me is the true definition of success. Reading this book and working through the lessons taught me to dig deep revealing my “why”. I now feel that I can infuse my goals with passion providing clarity for my vision.


Now Cat’s Review!

 An Inspiring and Moving Read!
Reviewed in the United States on September 10, 2020
Was happy to Beta-read the ebook for the author and was very moved by his stories …Don’t let the MD behind the author’s name fool you as this is not a medical book, but a beautifully written and well laid out step by step guide to living authentically and gain confidence while you accomplish your goals.

From humble beginnings, Dr. Castro shares his personal experiences and, at times, heartbreaking obstacles to overcome to get where he is today. Sharing some of the lessons learned and the wisdom gained, Castro has it all in this gem of a book for anyone to be motivated in reinventing your life! He shares the strategies and plans to attain them while achieving success!

It is the perfect time for this book during a pandemic as many may not be going back to the same jobs they had, so now is the time to use this book to make the changes necessary to move forward into something better.

If you read and follow what’s in this book? I’m sure Success Reinvention will GET THERE!


Another Special Book if you are a Med Student also by Dr. Castro MD and Jeffrey Gould MD now on Amazon!

Neurology for the Non-neurologist: Rediscovering Neurology
Are You a Med Student?

This book is intended to be a fun, short read of neurology, with the goal to present the many facts of the subject in an easy and relatable manner. The idea came to me during my morning rounds as a medical student, whereby I envisioned the ability to utilize a quick reference guide for neurologic exams and differentials.

The book points out some great pearls and unlikely “zebras” that we may not have heard of since medical school. It is basically cliff notes for fun and not for diagnosis, and a great review for medical students, residents or physicians. Medicine changes so often that this book should not be used for medical reference but rather as a medical review of the amusing facts from medical school days.

You can connect with Author, Harvey Castro, MD on social media and a visit to his website is must for all!

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