An Update From The Siccardi Family In Memoriam of Joe Siccardi. A Father, Grandfather, & Great-great-grandfather. Joseph Siccardi Sr. Memorial Fund.

Finally Reunited

Posted on January 3, 2021 by Deanna Kohlhofer

As you might be aware, on December 14, 2020, Joe went to be with the Lord. So many of you have asked about what happened and how you can help. We certainly appreciate your love through this difficult time!

Joe suffered a stroke on December 9, 2020 and lost his battle a few days later. This was unexpected to all of us. Though dad sure loved his peanut butter, he was generally healthy and none of us anticipated such a tragedy.

All hope is not lost, though. We, Joe’s family, are comforted by your prayers, words of encouragement, and, most of all, the knowledge that he is finally reunited with his wife, our mom, Karen. While we wait to be reunited with them, we will work hard to preserve his legacy and continue what he so diligently began.

You can read the details of his obituary here. Unfortunately, due to travel restrictions and the reach our dad had, we have chosen not to do a memorial at this time. Instead, we will be celebrating his life by carrying on his legacy through is blog and books. A memorial fund has also been set up in his name to help us cover final costs.

We hope you will continue to read Wisdom From a Father, which we have aptly nick-named Wisdom 2.5.  Each one of us five kids have learned a great deal growing up under Joe’s tutelage and it is our desire to continue to share, just like he would want us to. You can keep track of us here, of course, but you can also find us on Facebook and Instagram. We look forward to connecting with you all.

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Joseph Siccardi Sr Memorial Fund
By Scott Siccardi ~ For Memorial expenses

Author Joe Siccardi, Sr.

It is often said we wear many hats this side of heaven. Joseph Siccardi, Sr. knew how to wear his collection well as a husband, writer, author, friend and most beloved – father.

On December 14, 2020, Joe, age 73, set down his hats to join his wife, Karen, his dear friend, Sonni, and his parents, Joseph and Dorothy, in heaven. Joe poured his life into words, both spoken and written. His greatest desire was to be a light in a dark world. He enjoyed praying for and encouraging others – anyone and everyone in his path.

He so loved to make people laugh with his dad jokes and memes and he inspired us all to live full lives with no fear, worry, or regret. While there is a hole in our hearts today, we know our dad/grandpa/friend is happily reunited with the love of his life, mom, who passed in 2008.

Joe always knew his kids would write the next words… Through them, his legacy will continue.

In lieu of services, donations can be made to cover final expenses.

~The Siccardi Family ~ Blog Fathrer Say’s … One Dad’s Thoughts on Life ~

The Siccardi Family with Joe

Let’s Get Ready To Market Our Books Into The New Year With My Friends of ‘Dawn Hill Publications’…

What Are The Three Main Influencers of Book Purchases?
By Rauhall ~

Dawn Hill Publications in the UK

Most self-published authors spend the majority of their week in two ways, writing their next novel and marketing their current book.

Courtesy of Dawn Hill Publications Marketing Director

It’s no secret that we operate in a highly saturated market, with hundreds of sub-markets which are also highly saturated, take for example, the romance genre. In the era of saturated markets and heavy competition, it’s important for authors to know what makes the book buyer think ‘yes, I’m going to buy this book!’.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is statistically proven to be the most popular reason for book purchases. Word of mouth translates to recommendations from friends or family. It makes a lot of sense that the average book buyer trusts the opinions of their friends and family over the transnational publisher waving their promotions in their face.

Word of mouth marketing is also undoubtedly the hardest to achieve and execute because you’re essentially not in direct control of anything. Most major publishers have an army of reviewers, major newspapers and popular bloggers to spread the word about their books. As a self-published author you can still achieve word of mouth sales, you’ll just need to put in a bit of work into developing a base of reviewers and followers first, but we’ll address that in a different post.

Book Reviews:

You guessed it! Who would of thought that the main influencer of word-of-mouth marketing would be crucial in increasing your book sales?! Okay, we’ll stop with the sarcasm, you get the point. Book reviews are crucial. Firstly, they provide valuable social proof that your book is worth the reader’s time.

Readers are often inundated with a plethora of book choices on Amazon and as a result they have to make snap decisions on which book link to click on and during this snap decision, most readers take into account the number of reviews a book has. The more, the merrier. Tip: find the average amount of reviews in your genre on Amazon’s search results and make that your review target.

Favorite Author:

For the most part, book readers are a loyal bunch. When they find an author they really love, they’ll stick to them like glue, often choosing their new releases over other books which are also very enticing. Writing a fantastic book goes a long way to securing your place in the hearts of readers, but it’s not the sole factor.

Many successful authors have strong personal brands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, where they share aspects of their personal life and communicate with their audience. They’ve cultivated relationships with their readers, and this cannot be understated enough.

Once a reader falls in love with the personality of an author, as well as their writing, it’s a wrap. They will be purchasing their books until that author decides to stop writing.

Hope you enjoyed the read,
~ Rahull



Everyone is Welcome — Father Says…In Memoriam of my Dear Papa Joe Siccardi.

Everyone is welcome. That is what my late father would say. He was the kind of guy who opened his heart and his home to everyone. He shared his life, his struggles, his joys, and his stories…all in hopes that his words might help others find strength, inspiration, hope, or just provide a little comfort […]

Everyone is Welcome — Father Says…

THIS WAS ALWAYS the way Papa Joe treat each and everyone who visited his blog.

He made all of feel welcomed with his words, his humor, as he inspired all of us as one of the “BEST Storytellers” I’d ever had the pleasure of reading, knowning, and had worked for as he will be missed by all.
A beautiful literary legacy he has left us… ~Catherine Townsend-Lyon

Joseph Siccardi (@joesiccardi) | Twitter

Joseph Siccardi (@joesiccardi) | Twitter

A (Virtual) Evening with Author Joe Siccardi | Father Says…

Joseph Siccardi (@joesiccardi) | Twitter

Joseph Siccardi (@joesiccardi) | Twitter

Today is a Gift

I am very heartbroken to share this as our dear friend and one of the most caring and kind men I have ever been blessed to know and call “My Friend (Papa Joe)”…

Author, Joe Siccardi has been called home to the LORD…
He had a major stroke he could not recover from last week on December 9th, 2020, and was in the hospital for almost a week.

He had significant damage and was called home to heaven. Please keep his family in prayers of strength and comfort as they lay him to rest in eternal peace…I am utterly heartbroken and will share more at a later time. He surely will be missed and has left his FAMILY a beautiful Literary Legacy Joe had given up through all his BOOKS…

Catherine 💔✝💫😥😿😿👑📕📚📚🖊🖋

Father Says...

Our Words for the Week reflection come from Ray Lammie and his Thought for the Day.

I was given a most precious gift this morning when I woke up. It’s a gift I never received before. It’s one I can’t keep, can’t return, can’t save, and don’t know how well it will really work. I do know it’s a most wonderful and beautiful gift. I hope I value and appreciate it enough to use it wisely.

That gift is “this day!” Enjoy yours, and make it a very special one.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Put blinders on to those things that conspire to hold you back, especially the ones in your own head. — Meryl Streep


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Cat Welcome’s International Best-Selling Author & Writer Arthur Crandon. Writer of Gripping Political Fiction Suspense…

I am so excited to spotlight an amazing author, writer, and long-time friend of mine. Please, Meet Arthur Crandon.

I don’t think Arthur even knows how long we have known each other! But it will be almost 7-years now. We met through social media since we both had books published. I had learned so much from him as his website is a “must visit” for all writers. We had lost touch for a while. But he had reached out to me, and I have to apologize that I did NOT SEE HIS Email right away. (Sorry, Arthur!) 

He had sent it to an email I hardly check since starting my book promoting years ago. But we are now back in touch! So I wanted to share him and has a Brand New Release coming out in March or April of 2021, with all my readers and blog visitors. You can go and pre-order it right now on Amazon. I got my copy already. 

I had read his original book Deadly Election, but now he has it as a series with fresh new covers with books one and two out as a series. Now, he did a book relevant to “how to self-publish,” which is now unavailable called Publish For Free and was a great guide to self-publish through Amazon using all the free tools and learned so much from that book at the time. Well, we all know Amazon has made loads of changes since then.

So who is Arthur Crandon? 
Who is this man of swagger and intrigue?

Here is more about my friend and about his new release coming in the New Year…

~Author, Catherine Lyon

* * * * *


Pandemic Resurgence: It was happening again, only worse... by [Arthur Crandon]
New Release Coming 2021 March/April

About The New Release

Sam Timmins must save his wife, and his daughter, and the world, but they’re all in different places. With a spreading Pandemic, and Chinese spies chasing him, he has a lot on his plate…

Sam did not set out to be a spy, but with a distinguished military career, and a later doctor’s qualification and virus expertise, it wasn’t long before the CIA were knocking on his door. Covid 19 did much damage to the international economy, impoverishing major nations, but China, the source of the plague was hardly affected, or maybe it was prepared.

      Covid was just about contained, but if it had not escaped early, if the virus released was as targeted, as deadly, and as contagious as is was supposed to be it would be a different story.

      Eventually, they get it right. The new version is carefully released, and monitored, at first by the Chinese Politburo, but soon after by the CDC and the WHO – and of course the CIA are thrown in to bring the Pandemic under control, this is why Sam is on his way to Hong Kong.

      What he finds there shocks and frightens him, and sends him rushing off to Afghanistan. The fragmented forces of Western countries seek to stem the scourge and find a vaccine and treatment, while the growing cohorts of agents, spies, and troops from China beat them to the chase. Whatever the outcome, the world will be changed forever. Sam may go home as a revered hero, or spend the rest of his life in a gloomy, windowless, cell learning to eat his food with chopstcks.

      If you like the style of Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ or William Forstchen’s ‘One Second After’ you will enjoy this book!

* * * * *

My Buddy Arthur Cradon


Arthur Crandon has been writing for many years and has four books under his belt, with a fifth to be released in March of 2021. He has received many accolades for his writing including more than 100 five star reviews and he has been voted No. 1 by Goodreads readers in their poll – ‘Little known authors worth reading’. His debut novel, Deadly Election, also topped the Amazon Best Seller list for Murder and Political for free books.

Once a lawyer, the boring office kind, not the exciting and much better paid courtroom type. He worked as a solicitor for a while before embarking on an interesting life overseas. He has spent most of his time in recent years in South East Asia, and lived in Hong Kong. Before that, Arthur lived and worked in the Philippine Islands (particularly Luzon and Mindanao) for a number of years. During these years, his experiences of political life and the realities of doing business and living in the Philippines became all too apparent. These experiences are vividly portrayed during the course of writing his book ‘Deadly Election.’

He continues to write political crime/thrillers, suspense and intrigue novels mainly set in South-East Asia. He also writes a blog where he comments on Asian politics and social matters – and his own work. Arthur is a former lawyer who worked in the UK, Hong Kong and the Philippines specializing in visas and immigration – another great source of inspiration for his stories. His time as a warden for the British Embassy in Manila also provided insight for his writing.

In between writing and blogging, Arthur has gained an M. A. in creative writing and plans further study. In his spare time he enjoys music (he is a keyboards player) and cooking. Arthur is married with five children. He and his wife, Lynnie, divide their time between the UK and Asia.

Courtesy of Arthur Crandon’s Website ~


Award-Winning International Author


CAT highly suggest readers, writers, and authors to visit his Amazon Author page: to see his amazing list of reads.

Then, visit his blog on his website here: as he is very generous with sharing advice and tips in the areas of writing, blogging, and self-publishing.

Now that I think back, we actually beens friends a wee bit longer! I was still living in So. Oregon and then moved to Arizona and at that time he was still living in Hong Hong around 2012!

We have come a long way together on different literary paths, but, again, Arthur is an amazing seasoned gripping writer of political fiction and storylines take place all around Asia and South Asia and others. He exposes gripping and thrilling murder, corruption, vigilante justice at its best!

Come connect with Arthur Crandon on Social Media

GoodReads Author:
Amazon Author Page & Books:


All Of Arthur’s Books Are Reader Worthy and Would Make Great Holiday Gifts too!

~Catherine Lyon ~ Lyon Literary Consulting

Plot Twist

Sharing a new Merry Christmas Book Release by my dear friend and fellow author, Joe Siccardi as he has met The Real Jolly Ole Elf himself and a FB Live Santa Saturday Events too! The book cover for his new Santa Release ia also in the running for “All Author’s Book Cover of The Month” and cat would for you to go and VOTE for Joe’s amazing cover here:

Thanks, Readers & Visitors…
CAT 💝✨🎉📕📚📚😺

Father Says...

A writer in my writing class last year was getting frustrated. She had outlined her mini story, but as she started to put words on paper, the story started to drift from her original intent. I remember the angst on her face when she asked, “Is that normal?”

Yes, Virginia, it is normal. In fact, it might be more normal than you think. I assured her — whether it’s a short story or a novel or even a journal or blog entry — just about every writer has experienced it. I often refer to it as a “plot twist.”

Your plot is the heart of your story. Without a plot, be it predefined or just an idea, the story stops beating. If your story stops beating, your audience is going to stop reading.

That being said, the soul of your story is your characters. They drive the story, especially the…

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New Novel Release ~ Dark Secrets of The Bayou By Multi-Award-Winning Author Kim Carter. Kim’s Seventh Haunting Historical Mystery Novel. . .


Author : Kim Carter
Publisher : Raven South Publishing 
Pages : 514 
GENRE : Historical Mystery, Suspense, Murder Thrillers, Serial Killers
ISBN : 978-1947140127 – Paperback
ASIN : B08NDVZ755 – E-book


“To Avenge The Past, One Must Unearth Its SECRETS”…

Catherine “Tink” Mabry, an up and coming attorney, is shocked by her recent inheritance from her estranged family on the bayou. After her mother died during childbirth, Tink’s father had quickly relocated them to the big city of Atlanta, Georgia. With no memory of her mother, she is determined to learn more about her lineage and decides to visit the bayou town of Kane, Louisiana. Candace, Tink’s co-worker and best friend, agrees to make the trip with her.

Before she has time to explore her family’s history or decide what to do with the declining property, local murders plague Tink’s homecoming. She quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a multiple murder investigation—and quite possibly, the prime suspect. When Candace retreats back to Atlanta, Tink finds support among an unlikely cast of characters and sets out to discover clues that have haunted and tormented her family for generations.

Could a concealed crime from the 1800s, or the family’s estate itself, harbor keys to unlocking the past?

The more they learn, the more they question whether some secrets are best left buried.


Author & Writer Kim Carter


Kim Carter is a multi-award-winning author of gripping suspense, chilling thrillers and haunting historical mystery novels.

She was a finalist for the 2018 Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award and a recipient of the 2017 TCK Publishers’ Readers’ Choice Award for her book Murder Among The Tombstones. This is the first book in her Clara and Iris Mystery series. The characters in this series are a couple of overly curious widows who become private investigators. These funny women were inspired by Kim’s mother and her mom’s best friend.

Her other titles include Sweet Dreams, Baby Belle, When Dawn Never Comes, Deadly Odds, No Second Chances, and her latest, And The Forecast Called For Rain.

Kim’s writing career started after she suffered an illness that made her housebound for a couple of years. An avid reader of mystery novels herself, she embarked on writing as a means of filling her time. She began to share those early writings with friends and family who encouraged her to pursue writing professionally.

Her health struggles and successes have been chronicled on The Lifetime Television in early 2000, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, Women’s Day Magazine, and Guidepost.

Prior to her illness, Kim worked in many different capacities in county government as her “Day Job,” but ultimately, it was her job as a correctional officer that provided her the opportunities to talk and interact with a diverse group of people. Her experiences ran the gamete of inspiring success stories to tragic endings, much like her mysteries.

She self-published her first book No Second Chances. One of the guest speakers at the launch party she had at the Performing Arts Center in Newnan, Georgia included her close friend retired Atlanta Police Chief Eldrin Bell. This connection would become helpful as she started doing more research for other books, this time working with a small publishing house.

Kim began networking and made connections with numerous homicide detectives, medical examiners, and prison officials. Her research has taken her many places including morgues, death row, and the occasional midnight visit to cemeteries.

Kim is a college graduate of Saint Leo University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She is an avid reader, has raised three successful grown children and resides outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Kim’s books can be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM, and Indie Bound.

You can learn more about Kim and updates on new book releases and events by visiting her Official Author Website –

* * * *

Let's Keep the Written Word Going

Let’s Keep the Written Word Going ~ A Blog Post From Kim

My mother instilled in me early on the importance of a handwritten thank- you note. I’ll never forget how proud I was to receive my first set of monogrammed stationery.  I would give anything to know where she’d purchased it now.  It was a lovely shade of pale pink and looked very hoity toity!  Long story short, I was all that. Lol. Read The Rest → Let’s Keep the Written Word Going

E-book on Sale at $4.99 or Read Free With KU!

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Dark Secrets of the Bayou by [Kim Carter]
Now Released On Amazon and Kindle