Book Review: Finding Faith by Ellie Pulikonda

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Author, Catherine Lyon

The Page Turner

Finding FaithFinding Faith by Ellie Pulikonda

  • Paperback: 236 pages
  • Publisher: Applegate Valley Publishing (May 24, 2016)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0996756574
  • ISBN-13: 978-0996756570
  • My Rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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    A Fine New Author and Her ‘Steamy Romance.’ Meet A. Gavazonni, Our First Brazilian Author . . .

    Hello and Welcome Readers, Friends, and Visitors,



    You are all in for a “Fabulous Book Treat.” Please meet Author, A. Gavazonni (Adriana) and her new novel release; “BEHIND The DOOR” A Sensual Steamy Romance Suspense.  Amazon readers and reviewers are raving about this new Brazilian author who is a talented writer, beautiful, and smart (she is a Brazilian Lawyer).



    Here is just a little of what reviewers and readers are saying;

    Totally impressed

    “A well-written psychological thriller.
    Deep and complex, sexy and surprising. A real page turner from beginning to the end.”

    “Amazing, exciting, and super sexy.
    If you pick it up, you won’t be able to put down.
    Highly recommend this one!”

    Clever Plot. I couldn’t decipher till the end! Very mysterious and sexy! holds your attention from the first page to the last one.



    Mystery, Suspense, & Erotica(6)



    When Lara dies at the hands of a Manhattan lawyer during a sex game, his defense attorney, Carl, hires Simone, a psychiatrist, professor and author of books on sexual behavior to help him buttress his argument that Lara’s death was accidental. To help his defense, Carl’s client has written a detailed account of his steamy, year-long relationship with Lara. Carl gives the text to Simone for analysis. While evaluating the presumed killer’s writing, Simone continues to receive psychiatric patients with sexual disorders and unusual fantasies, to research strange sexual behavior for her next book.

    Meanwhile, Simone’s clinical partner, friend and research colleague, Edward, is working with the police to capture a serial killer who is torturing and killing women. From hot and unusual sex and interesting psychiatric patients to the swing houses of New York and Paris, this fast-paced page-turner is a blend of mystery, suspense, humor, romance and erotica.

    **Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!**

    A Mystery and Suspense Erotica story from Ellora’s Cave   . . . .

    #          #         # 


    ABOUT THE AUTHOR in HER own Words:




    “My name’s A. Gavazzoni and I’m a lawyer and professor of law. When I’m not practicing I enjoy spending my time writing novels and legal books and am a voracious reader. I’m a very active person and love to dance, exercise, and travel. My favorite countries are France, Italy, and USA. I speak four languages: English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, and I am currently studying Chinese. I hope to master it someday!”

    I did ask Adriana a few more details of other hobbies and interests. She also has a fabulous new ‘Author Interview’ you can take a read of over on the fine folks of  Awesomegang Where Readers Meet Authors.

    So here is more about Adriana,

    She enjoys painting and cooking and learning how to cook Indian Spicy food. She loves to travel, loves good wine, and has been studying astrology for fifteen years. She is an animal Lover and has two poodles -Gaia and Juno. She is an aunt of four nieces who enjoy to paint and cook alongside their aunt. She lives in Brazil and is in the process of writing her next novel.

    Here are just a few questions she was asked over on Awesomegang….



    How many books you have written?
    This is my first fiction novel and I am working on the follow-up to “Behind The Door.” I do have another law book published here in Brazil.

    What is the name of your latest book and what inspired it?
    Behind The Door is my first and latest novel –  I get inspired by human nature and I love to observe people and try to guess why they behave the way they do…it’s all about hidden motives and we all have ours.

    What authors or books have influenced you?
    So many marvelous writers inspired me to start writing, with the classical ones like Emily Bronte, Stendhal, Dumas, Saad Marquis, Margaret Mitchell and modern ones like Marc Levy, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, John Grisham and Colleen McCullough …but I could list a hundred here…the poems of Alisson Matos – a Brazilian writer – from Baudelaire to Allan Poe…

    Those are just a few interesting answers from Author, A. Gavazonni of her Awesomegang Interview. So make sure you go by and read the full interview. Personally, I can tell you Adriana is a very sweet woman with a big heart for animals. She has a wonderful “sense of humor!” ….  and working with her in promoting her first novel has been so much FUN! I just might have to add Brazil to my “Life Bucket List” and give her a visit some day! Lol.


    About Me


    Now, Author, A. Gavazonni new novel has only been released since mid-July 2016, but it sure has caught fire everywhere! Published by Ellora’s Cave Publishing.  Her book was currently picked and being advertised through Publishers Weekly Magazine’s Also, over on  The Voluptuous Book Diva! 

    And? Book Diva’s Review:




    “From the moment you start to read this well-written story you find yourself becoming captivated and eager to turn the pages. The story line seems so real that you just cannot stop yourself from falling head over heels with it all. This is truly a thrilling, sensual and erotic read, and trust me; you won’t want to put it down!!”

    #           #            #          

    You can connect with our Author, A. Gavazonni on many places throughout Social Media. Make sure you tell her Catherine Lyon sent you.

    Go Connect on  GoodReads Author
    On  Facebook
    On  Twitter
    On  her Amazon Author Page too!
    And  purchase her book on Amazon.

    “New Author and Book Release Brought to you by Lyon Book Promotions!”







    New Book Release and Author Interview With Nancy LaPointe,”Faith’s Illusions.”

    “It is not every day you come across a person that is bursting with joy, faith, and kindness. This is what you will find within my new friend and Author, Nancy LaPointe. You will also read this throughout all of her wonderful books including her new release, “Faith’s Illusions.”  .   .  .  




    About The New Release:

    Newspaper Reporter Laurel Kingston leaves everything behind to begin a new life in Phoenix, Arizona. Planning her wedding to fellow reporter Carter Bradley is exciting, but life in Phoenix is a big transition for this southern girl. The strong faith Carter shares in her bring’s hope and promise for wedded bliss.

    But questionable practices in the church arise to cause tension and a blanket of darkness that seems unexplainable. Conflict builds as each examines their own personal beliefs and realizes how strongly they stick to their convictions. Can their love survive the conflict? As family crises, wedding plans and career stresses challenge the couple, God steps in with interesting and inspiring solutions. A story that will encourage readers to examine their own personal beliefs and foundation of faith.


    About The Author:

    Nancy LaPointe is a pastoral counselor, certified life coach, and ordained pastor. She has written for newspapers, newsletters, blogs, and magazines for about twenty years, always with a focus on the power of God’s healing. Her books carry a central theme of spiritual growth, inspiring even through fiction. Leading women’s retreats and Bible studies, she is passionate about helping people find emotional healing and learning to walk in freedom. Nancy enjoys living with her family in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico.



    My Interview With Nancy .  .  .  .

    1.) How did come to writing and publishing books?

    I have always enjoyed writing, as far back as grade school. A few years ago I decided it was time to write more seriously. I had published magazine articles and newsletters with my different places of employment, including regular newspaper articles, but I wanted to write a book. I believe God was in it as He was continually putting ideas in my heart. Then I knew it was time to take the plunge and just go for it!

    2.) Are there authors or books that have influenced you and your writing?

    I have been strongly influenced in my writing life by Julia Cameron, whose books on creativity stir up the passion in me. Her book, “The Artist’s Way,” to me is a book all writers should experience. I’ve worked through the workbook portion several times. My spiritual life and writing are definitely influenced by Francis Frangipane and also Ann Voskamp’s “One Thousand Gifts.” There are more, but these are probably the top contenders.

    3.)  What is your “Motto about Life”?
    “Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. ”

    4.) How many books you have written?

    I have written three books. The first, “Living in God’s Rest…At Peace in a Chaotic World,” shares some valuable life lessons about slowing down and resting in God, which brings peace to all areas of life. My other two books are Christian novels which carry underlying themes regarding living the Christian life in a sometimes confusing world.

    5.)  What are your Favorites:

    Favorite Books: Bible , The Artist’s Way

    Movie: Steel Magnolias

    Foods: Green chile, pecans, coconut and of course, chocolate

    Color:  Purple

    Animal: Dogs

    6.)  We know a little about you from your Amazon Author Page, but what are some hobbies and interests?

    I enjoy oil painting, reading, playing with my puppy and spending time with friends and family. I’m a flea market junkie, and DIYer so enjoy refurbishing old furniture. HGTV is my inspiration.

    7.) Lastly, how about family life? Do you have grown children? A grandma?

    I have one daughter, a talented writer and website developer, who is building a tiny house right now. She has one daughter, my only grandchild, who of course, is gorgeous, brilliant and a gymnastics star. We lost my husband to cancer in April so our little family has had much to deal with, but we are blessed with a huge extended family who brings lots of joy and support to our lives.



    Now we all know a little more about Nancy. I hope you will do yourself a big favor and visit her wonderful Author Website and Blog called;  Nancy’s View
    You may also connect with Author, Nancy LaPointe all over social media.

    Let her know Catherine sent you!
    Connect with Nancy  On Facebook  –  on Twitter –  on Google+  –  and on GoodReads
    For a list of all Nancy’s books, visit her  Amazon Author Page.

    Reviews: Ronald E Yates and The Billy Battles Trilogy Book One & Two.

    Nothing but Action and Adventure will be
    found in The Billy Battles Trilogy by Author
    Ronald E. Yates.




    The novel’s narrator is the great-grandson of Billy Battles, whom he meets for the first time when the old man is nearing the end of his days. The story unfolds from there, in this case. underpinned by letters and diaries as well as the old man’s recollections, taking the reader on a rollicking romp through the Wild West. There are smatterings of fact about the  historical characters who appear throughout this first volume of what is designed as a trilogy. The book conveys a real-life ambiance through the author’s diligence in whipping up authentic Kansas dialogue.

    The Finding Billy Battles trilogy tells the amazing story of a man who is born in 1860 and who dies in 1960. In between Billy lives an improbable and staggering life of adventure, peril, transgression. and redemption. Then Bill mysteriously disappears. For several decades his family has no idea where he is or what he is doing.

    Finally, with his life coming to an end, Billy resurfaces in an old soldiers’ home in Leavenworth, Kansas. It is there when he is 98 that he meets his 12-year-old great-grandson and bequeaths his journals and his other property to him — though he is not to receive them until he is much older.

    Years later, the great-grandson finally reads the journals and fashions a three volume trilogy that tells of his great-grandfather’s audacious life in the old west, as well as his journeys to the Far East of the 1890s–includingFrench Indochina and The Philippines–and finally, in the early 20thcentury, to Europe and Latin America where his adventures and predicaments continue.One thing readers can be sure of, wherever Billy Battles goes trouble is not far behind.


    Billy Battles1 (1).jpg


    5.0 out of 5 stars Mind-Blowing, August 15, 2016 ~ The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles:

    Book 2, Finding Billy Battles Trilogy (Kindle Edition)
    By KC Books and Music ~ Kevin Cooper, Book Reviewer:

    I normally find the second book within a trilogy or longer series somewhat lacking in comparison to first. In fact, I’ve come to expect it as a given rule and start reading every sequel with that same expectation. Then, every once in a while as I’m sitting there feeling quite smug in my conviction, A Ronald E. Yates comes along with a sequel every bit as good as his previous five-star work. It’s mind-blowing.

    Finding Billy Battles is a historical fiction series like no other and reads like a memoir making it all the more believable. The story quickly draws you in and doesn’t let go. There is so much going on, you’ll be riveted for hours.

    This particular work picks right up from where the first ended and it’s like you never put it down. Billy Battle’s journey from the Wild-west to the Orient becomes fraught with adventure and new dangers as he finds himself caught up in the middle of the Spanish-American war which is closely followed by the war of the Philippines. Not to mention his relationship with a German baroness whose character you cannot help but fall in love with. Another character I absolutely loved was Potts.

    Then there’s Yate’s affinity for languages and colloquialism. I do not know all the languages, but judging from the ones I am fluent and know a little of, I found the phrasing and expressions to be spot-on; their use added much credibility to the story.

    “Billy ain’t in Kansas anymore!” Highly Suggest This One!

    #          #         #

    5.0 out of 5 stars Thought-provoking and intelligently portrayed., August 18, 2016 ~ by  L. Jenkins ~ Amazon Top Reviewer:

    I really enjoyed reading the first book, Finding Billy Battles, so I was excited for the opportunity to read this second installment of the series. The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles did not disappoint. The historical events were woven into the narrative in a masterful manner. William and his close friends were usually participants in the events of the day, sometimes unwillingly. I was fascinated by the events in the Philippines as my knowledge before reading this book was non-existent.

    I loved the way in which the story is told, it made me feel like I was experiencing those tribulations right along with the characters. Thought-provoking and intelligently portrayed, this exciting, action-packed book can be read as a stand-alone, but will be more fully enjoyed by reading the previous book before jumping into this one. I am really looking forward to the next book in this trilogy. For those who enjoy good historical fiction this book is highly recommended.

    I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.  :-)

    #       #        #        #

    5.0 out of 5 starsA Truly Amazing Tale!

    Finding Billy Battles: An Account of Peril, Transgression and Redemption (Finding Billy Battles Trilogy Book 1) (Kindle Edition)  Amazon Reader:

    It’s been decades since I read anything resembling a wild-west story/legend. This historical fiction is that, and so much more. I take my hat off to Yates for providing me with one of the most entertaining stories I have ever read.

    Yate’s is a truly gifted story-teller. He can take a well-known historical figures like Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and develop their characters in such a way that you feel like you didn’t know them as well as you thought, and you are left with the utmost admiration for them even though this story is not actually about them.

    The story is really about Billy Battles, who is but a scrivener/journalist and his unfortunate clash with the Bledsoe family/gang that sends his life into a spiraling adventure throughout the old west fraught with life threatening situations and confrontations with some of the most notorious criminals of the time.

    It is a truly amazing tale. I was captivated for hours. The penmanship is excellent. I did find some repetition in places, but this can be so easily amended, I found no issues with awarding the full five stars.

    I am looking forward to reading Yate’s second & third books in this series!


    #         #          #          #


    5.0 out of 5 stars The Adventure Continues, June 29, 2016 ~  by Martin H.

    The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles: Book 2, Finding Billy Battles Trilogy (Kindle Edition)

    In this the second book of the Finding Billy Battles trilogy the Kansas gunslinger sails to the Orient in an attempt to evade pursuing Pinkerton detectives. Grieving over the death of his wife, Billy hopes the mysterious East will provide the spiritual balm he desperately seeks. But it is trouble not tranquility that Billy finds aboard the S S China. A beautiful German baroness in distress enlists a reluctant Billy to join her on an adventure that transports the couple across three continents. Ron Yates’s knack for replicating authentic 19th century settings populated by intriguing characters both educates and entertains. This is a fun book, enjoy! Martin Henley.


    **Ok, now you have read the fantastic book reviews, so go grab both books one and two and be ready for action and adventure in book three! ***

    The Trilogy Book One and Book Two ~ by Ronald E. Yates, Author ~ On Amazon
    One:  Finding Billy Battles: An Account of Peril, Transgression, and Redemption
    Two:  The Improbable Journeys of Billy Battles: Book 2, Finding Billy Battles Trilogy

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    Authors, Meet Shawn and R.J. From Book Marketing Tools. A Must Website for Authors.

    Ok authors, do you know about Book Marketing Tools?
    They are a must for all authors to go join free and sign up for their newsletter. Why?
    Because it has fantastic book marketing article like this one I am about to share.


    Book Marketing Tools

    Now I have known these two guys of ‘Book Marketing Tools’ for a couple years now. Shawn and R.J. have even invited me on a regular basis to write articles and share some the “magic” of book promotions with their readers. Well, they actually invite many to write articles to share on their site as they both have “Big Hearts” and genuinely care about helping authors succeed in selling and promoting their books and teaching them how to do it.

    They also have many excellent tools to help authors in submitting their books on many book sites. Like the E-book submission tool. Fill out one form and your e-book gets listed on a big amount of book promo sites. Now that is a time saver!!

    So, if you haven’t yet visited and signed up for their newsletter, I highly recommend you do so today right here Book Marketing Tools.  Now let’s see what they have to share with us today about book reviews. Enjoy!

    we hope your week has gotten off to a positive start!

    Recently, self-published author Jennifer-Crystal Johnson wrote a guest blog post for Book Marketing Tools entitled “How to Handle Negative Book Reviews.” In her piece, she really cut to the core of what it feels like to receive a negative review for something that you’ve spent so much time and effort creating. It sucks! But the way you handle negative reviews can set the stage for some real, significant growth as a self-published author.

    But what about positive reviews?

    Should you just take them for granted?

    What, if anything, should you do to maximize your favorable book reviews?

    As it turns out, not all authors know how to handle good reviews. Thankfully, if you’re a writer who isn’t sure what to do when the raves start coming in for your latest book, we have some great tips!

    3 Tips for Maximizing Your Positive Book Reviews

    Tip #1 — Be Grateful!

    Whenever possible, reach out to your positive reviewers to say, “thanks,” whether they are friends, family members or complete strangers who stumbled across your book.

    As a self-published author, you are running a business. And business is all about relationships. The more you can cultivate positive relationships with people who love your books, the more successful you’ll be in your career as an author.

    To write a review takes time and thoughtfulness, so if you’re getting good reviews of your work, it means that people are really connecting with your writing. As an author, there really isn’t a better feeling, so be sure to show your appreciation!

    Tip #2 — Start a Collection

    Chances are, if you get one good review, you’ll probably get several. Keep a list of your good reviews so you can link to them, post them on your author website or pull quotes from them.

    A selection of positive reviews can also be the subject of a “What Readers Are Saying” email to the people on your list.

    It’s also good to have easy access to your positive reviews for those times when you’re not feeling so hot about your ability to put words on the page — who doesn’t need a confidence boost from time to time?

    Tip #3 — Reflect on What You’re Doing Right

    You probably have a pretty strong sense of your strengths as an author, but good reviews can reveal some things about your writing that you may not have even considered. Negative reviews can challenge you to face your flaws, but good reviews can uncover hidden strengths that you can cultivate for your future writings.

    For example, maybe you’ve never thought of yourself as a gifted dialogue writer — perhaps your focus has been on plot and narrative — so when reviews appear that show appreciation for the ways in which your characters speak, it’s a chance to take notice of a talent you might not have known you have!

    Good reviews give you the opportunity to reflect on and respond to the aspects of your books that really resonate with readers, which can only help you grow as you continue your journey as a self-published author.

    Self-Publishing in the News: How an Airline Changed One Indie Author’s Life

    If you’re a self-published author, you’ve got to be open to opportunities no matter where they might come from. And you need to be able to think outside of the box when it comes to getting your books in the hands of readers.

    Indie author Stephen Holmes created The Great Hot Air Balloon Adventure as a bedtime story for his daughters. When one of his children suggested that he publish the story and turn it into a book, he realized he had the opportunity to do something special.

    The amazing part of the story is that Holmes — on a whim — decided that he might have a shot at making some new fans by sending the book to Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Well, the right people at the airline loved the book, and they promptly ordered 2,000 copies to be given away during night flights to parents and their children.

    In addition to the initial order, Holmes is sure to make many more new fans!

    One important takeaway: because Holmes wrote and published the book himself, he was able to get the ball rolling and catch the interest of the airline in a matter of days! Would this be possible in the traditional publishing world? Maybe, but it doesn’t seem likely.

    Check out the full story on The Guardian website!

    Have a wonderful week, authors!

    -Shawn & R.J. from Book Marketing Tools

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    My Spotlight on Amigo Author, Rico Austin. His Book, ‘My Bad TEQUILA’

    Rico AustinPresentsMy Bad Tequila


    So, I walk into this cantina in San Carlos, Mexico and see this guy with all these women hanging around him  . . . .  Ok, not exactly how we met.
    The real truth about meeting my new buddy and fellow Author, Rico Austin is by way of ME being the Biggest FAN of the Discovery Channel’s show, Deadliest Catch and of Captian Wild Bill of the crab boat “Cape Caution.”

    Now I know what your thinking, what does that have to do with the book promoting right? Well, Rico’s wife is also a “Uge Fan of the show too.”  The only difference is Rico and his wife actually got to meet Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski while they were visiting in Mexico. Here is a picture to prove it. AND I am still SO jealous! Lol. I had left a comment on one of Bill’s posts and I think Rico noticed I do book promoting. We became FB pals and BAM! I’m helping him promote his books.



    If you don’t know Author, Rico Austin or have not read any of his fantastic books yet? Oh My,  you missing out. Start by picking up his current e-book promo book now only $.99 cents in the Amazon Kindle Store. It has over 60ish 5-star Amazon reviews. So here is part of a wonderful writer/author interview Rico did recently about his books, his writing, and life. Courtesy to and the full interview can be viewed here on Awesomegang .

    ( Author, Rico Austin)

    Now I know what your thinking, what does that have to do with the book promoting right? Well, Rico’s wife is also a “Uge Fan of the show too.” The only difference is Rico, and his wife got to meet Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski while they were visiting in Mexico. Here is a picture to prove it. AND I am still so jealous! Lol. I had left a comment on one of Bill’s posts, and I think Rico noticed I do book promoting. We became FB pals and BAM! I’m helping him promote his books.

    Tell us about yourself and how many books you have written.
    I have written eight books and am about to finish my 9th novel.

    Born and raised in Southwestern Idaho, Rico is the oldest of five boys, growing up in an area that was ripe for several adventures with his four younger brothers and numerous cousins. Rico grew up near farmland that produced potatoes, hay, hops, grain and corn. There were several fruit orchards and vineyards in the Snake River Valley as well, due to the extraordinary fertile soil.

    A few years out of high school he moved to (the big city) of Boise and enrolled at Boise State University as a student and walk-on football player. However, he could not escape the allure of traveling the world and began writing and storing his experiences in hopes of someday becoming a novelist and writer. He began reading every chance he had. From contemporary novels to classical literature, Rico’s love of storytelling was uncontrollable. He attended occasionally at Boise’s former Comedy Club as a stand-up comedian, retelling his stories of growing up in a comedic fashion.

    Rico earned an Associate Degree in Marketing and Sales from BSU. After a few years of low-level management positions, Rico moved to Hawaii for a short time, surfing the waters of Kaua’i and enjoying the outdoors. He then moved to back to Idaho. In 1991, Rico moved to the Phoenix/Scottsdale area and continued his education receiving a Bachelors of Business Administration in International Business at Grand Canyon University, named the “Outstanding International Business Graduate of 1995.”

    That same year he was also selected as “Mr. Future Business Executive” at the State Leadership Conference which included all universities in the State of Arizona. Rico finished his Masters, an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management with a focus on the Latin American Region and the Spanish language.


    Hollywood has even had an encounter with Rico. Those who watched Baywatch with the beautiful Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff might recall Rico Austin in a cameo appearance in the episode, “Night of the Dolphin” in 1997, where he played the role of a drug lord on a huge yacht with sexy chicks.

    He and his graduate classmates watched the aired episode in the “old clock tower hanger” in the TV lounge. He was invited back for another episode by casting director Susie Glickman but declined due to a conflict with finals at Thunderbird. Rico chose education over stardom; when questioned why he responded, “No one can ever take your education away. Everything else can come and go and, most likely will.”

    Rico is an avid fisherman and has traveled far and wide to cast his fishing line into many waters including streams, lakes, ponds, rivers, seas and oceans. He has worked for a few international companies as both a sales manager and a marketing manager. In his spare time, he has worked as a land developer and was a licensed Realtor in Arizona. Should you decide to visit Arizona, Rico would be more than happy to show you around his Great State of Arizona through his beautiful children’s book,  ARIZONA is where I Live.


    Rico is happily married to a graphic artist from Minnesota, Connie. They make their homes in the “Land of the Sun,” Scottsdale, Arizona and San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico. He and wife Connie enjoy snorkeling, hiking, hanging by their swimming pool and traveling to the different beaches of Mexico while sipping on a cold Cerveza or Margarita blended with Rico’s favorite TEQUILA.

    Rico Austin first began writing seriously as a seventh grader at age 13. He was elected as the reporter for the Eager Beaver 4-H Club in Marsing, Idaho, and started submitting weekly articles to the local newspaper. Rico then was elected reporter for the local FFA chapter his freshman and sophomore year, continuing to expand his writing ability. As a freshman, Rico took third place in the Marsing High School essay contest titled American Beef Farmers. He later would later become a professional freelance and feature writer for DAS TOR newspaper at Thunderbird Global School of Management from 1996 – 1998. Rico also won the first and only writing essay at DAS TOR in March 1997. The essay asked contestants to propose ways for Thunderbird to be improved. Rico used his humor, knowledge of several countries that he had visited and innovation to secure the winning essay.

    One of his most serious assignments and pieces of journalism was reporting on the Winterim class 97, “US Foreign Economic Policy” in Washington DC including the opening of the 105th Congress and the Inauguration of the President of the United States – Mr. Bill Clinton. Make sure you visit his full Awesomegang  Author Interview!

    #      #        #         #

    Here are a few of Rico’s Favorite Things!

    Favorite movie, “Gone with the Wind”

    Favorite comedies, “The Hangover” & “The Wolf of Wall Street”

    With Zach Galifianakis of “The Hangover” at Harrah’s in Las Vegas!


    ( Rico is freakin everywhere!)

    Rico’s favorite books are,  John Steinbeck’s “East of Eden”

    Ernest Hemingway’s  “The Old Man and the Sea”

    J.R. Tolkien’s  “The Hobbit”

    David Stuart’s  “The Guaymas Chronicles”

    Jack London’s  “Call of the Wild”

    E.B. White’s  “Charlotte’s Web”

    Wilson Rawls’  “Where the Red Fern Grows”


    Rico’s First Book Release, “My Bad TEQUILA”  published September 11, 2010. And is now available for only .99 Cents for the e-book through August 31, 2016, in The Amazon Kindle Store!


    MY BAD TEQUILA by [Austin, Rico]

    His first children’s book, ARIZONA Is Where I Live was published February 14, 2013. This was the same day as Arizona’s 101’th Birthday.

    Rico’s autobiography/memoir In the Shadow of ELVIS, Perils of a Ghostwriter was published April  2013.

    Son of the KING, an ELVIS paradox unveiled is Rico’s fourth book and is a biography published in February 2014.

    Amigo Rico is all over  Facebook Baby! & on Twitter  so go connect with him and know when his next book will be releasing and working over on GoodReads.


    I told you he had ALL THE Ladies Hangin around HIM! Lol.


    “Spotlight Presented by Lyon Book & Social Media Promotions”

    Addictions: What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic

    An Exceptional and Very Fair Book Review by Kevin Cooper who I know doesn’t read many addiction/recovery books. So I thank him for doing this one!

    And yes, this is a must read for all parents to be aware, be informed, and ready to keep your kids from The Drug Epidemic … Catherine Lyon

    KC Books & Music


    Addictions: What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic is a must have for individuals, residential recovery programs, out-patient programs, professional recovery coaches, aftercare professionals, counselors, therapists, probation officers, ministries, recovery retreats, sponsors, sober companions, and family members to help them to get a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, the solution to the problem, and the program of action that promotes change in the substance abuser. A Support system for family and friends of substance abusers that helps to provide clarity, understanding, education, prevention, and awareness.


    When I started reading this work, my first reaction was, ‘Cor-blimey this is a bit full-on!’ I was actually taken back by the no-messing; in your face approach. I was actually contemplating suggesting starting out with a compassionate message of hope.

    I changed my mind about halfway through the book when I finally admitted to myself that…

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